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    1. error of your ways, you will be removed from your presidency of the student

    2. Interestingly, Jeff Davis had never sought the Confederate presidency and never wanted the job, but

    3. presidency, as it articulated the ultimate outcome of the war and the Reconstruction

    4. successors to the presidency, and it could have caused a great

    5. of previous vice presidents to the presidency in two prior cases

    6. To wit: In the first year of John Kennedy"s presidency he hosted a group of intellectuals in various fields at a White House dinner party

    7. Went on to buy JFK"s congressional seat in 1946, leading of course to JFK in the Senate, and then the Presidency

    8. And please let"s never forget Schlesinger"s obsequious history of the Kennedy presidency, „One Thousand Days

    9. Hillary Clinton, presumably not realizing that she"s in completely over her head as Secretary of State, made the following peace-destroying blunder last week: „We believe … that it is in the interests of the United States to engage with all parties that are peaceful and committed to nonviolence, that intend to compete for the Egyptian parliament and presidency

    10. And wasn"t it joyous to behold, to see and hear her tell us that for first time in her life, with the nomination of her husband for the presidency, she was proud of America? Think about that: For the first time in her life, she was proud of her country

    11. He recently expounded on the United States Constitution, regarding the separate branches of the federal government, to wit, and here I paraphrase: There are three branches, which are the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the Presidency

    12. In the 1980"s, Haynes Johnson of the Washington Post put pen to paper and came up with a book he titled „Sleepwalking Through History," an appraisal of the Reagan presidency

    13. But, and this is a very big but, when the presidency descended upon, him, he did more than a creditable job

    14. Essentially invented the two-party system during the presidency of Andrew Jackson

    15. He resigned from the Office of the Presidency once impeachment proceedings appeared imminent

    16. The American People have historically supported the argument that in the event of a national or catastrophic emergency, the Office of the Presidency should be vested with unusual or extraordinary powers or, in time of war, (―unlimited‖) wartime powers, in order to facilitate effective leadership unencumbered by political (party) partisanship

    17. Carter‘s endlessly quixotic ―peacekeeping‖ overtures to autocratic regimes throughout the Third World in a transparent attempt at redeeming his failed presidency; this is not to imply, however, that our ex-president does not (otherwise) share a certain sympathy with such leaders as evidenced by his fawning indifference to human and civil rights abuses routinely evident in many of those countries

    18. Reagan‘s supply-side initiatives who sought to distance himself from these policies after he (Bush) assumed the office of the presidency and that arguably cost him a second term in office

    19. Dean‘s distorted reasoning and outrageous assumption makes me shudder to think that the former Democratic front runner might have been this (_) close to the presidency had this loose cannon not self-destructed during the Iowa Primary

    20. New York State‘s political traditions did not prevent Conservatives like Ronald Regan and other National Republicans from (occasionally) carrying the State during their run for the presidency or statewide office

    21. This section is on the roles all American presidents played on war crimes during the time of their presidency

    22. Drone killings began in Yemen in 2002, but they were relatively rare for the first seven years of GW Bush’s presidency

    23. Dwyer‘s letter was well-meaning although it raises a very important question: To what extent should the American People be willing to compromise the ―Character Issue‖ as it relates to the Office of the Presidency, or any other political office for that matter? Americans are a forgiving people

    24. Nixon, who did surprising well among blue-collar voters in his (own) run for the presidency

    25. Bush‘ presidency (mercifully) winds down, I am reminded of the wasted opportunities squandered by this Administration over the years including Social Security and Healthcare reform and advancing a Comprehensive Energy Program design to reduce our nation‘s (habitual) dependency on foreign oil

    26. In the US-Vietnamese War, for example, there were four separate actions each requiring their own criticisms of a presidency

    27. Fearing a popular uprising, he quit the presidency, but stayed head of the army and an honorary congressman to avoid prosecution

    28. More than a few historians call Jefferson's presidency a failure

    29. The military dictatorship did not end until five years after Carter's presidency

    30. Camp David was the high point of Carter's presidency, peace achieved almost entirely from his strenuous efforts, over the hardened objections of two dedicated enemies

    31. Bush has secured his place in history as one of the three presidents who have won the presidency consolidating the electoral vote and losing the popular, and the only one to win reelection

    32. The magnitude of that triumph amounts to a sweep if one considers that the president has carried along with him other Republican candidates in the Senate and the House of Representatives, so that since 1900 when republican McKinley was president, neither party had succeeded in reelecting simultaneously the Presidency, the Congress and the Senate, while at the same time adding seats in both chambers of congress

    33. Many tend to forget that, except for the most ideological conservatives, most of the anger or derision aimed at Carter came late in his presidency

    34. While it was begun early in his presidency, it did not receive much attention until well after his re election

    35. Much like Carter, it is difficult to imagine Obama could win the presidency in any other election except after another president's disastrous failures

    36. GW Bush's angry statements got nowhere with North Korea for the rest of his presidency

    37. At the start of his presidency, Obama proposed an end to all nuclear weapons worldwide

    38. After losing the presidency, he became a congressman and campaigned against slavery for almost three decades

    39. The Vice Presidency was vacant, as it had been for three years

    40. At that time most Americans thought even less of the Vice Presidency than most do now, and so no one pushed for the vacancy to be filled

    41. An America with a weaker presidency is one less likely to go to wars, better for both America and the rest of the world

    42. A Wallace presidency also likely means that over $7 trillion spent on a nuclear arms race is unlikely

    43. An earlier Jackson presidency, without four years of Adam's cushion, could lead to more conflict with France and Mexico

    44. Had he won a victory, or even anything that could be portrayed as not a defeat, there was enough public admiration for him to win the presidency

    45. A Custer presidency means more Natives cheated of their meager supplies

    46. The body count under a Custer presidency thus would be more deaths in the last war against Natives and an earlier Spanish-American War and brutal crushing of the Filipino independence movement

    47. Ford had been badly weakened by his association with Nixon's unpopular presidency

    48. If Perot had won, what kind of a presidency would this peculiarly conspiracy minded man have had? His main focus would have been on issues like term limits, campaign finance reform, and the deficit, as that is what he promised while running

    49. Keep in mind that the presidency is an enormously stressful job

    50. Cheney's presidency would be a nightmare for any but the most hardened of neo conservatives

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