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Primp в предложении (на )

  1. Andrew smiled, and he’s such a handsome man that she couldn’t help but primp a little more.
  2. I saw how her Words made Lancelot primp and preen; I saw, when she fell upon her Knee, how her Breasts were large as Tropick Melons (and loosely held within her Stays) and how Lancelot lookt at ’em! I fancied she had no scarr’d Belly, no Children at all to stretch her Breasts, and O I coveted her Hair—so like my former Curls—and O, O, O I coveted her Ship as well! More Sail I could forgive, more Cannon e’en, but more Hair, ne’er! I wisht her dead with all my Heart and Soul, yet I smil’d and took her Hand when introduced, and fell before her in a Curtsey so profound, you’d think I’d met the Queen herself!.

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