приговаривают Примеры

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Projection в предложении (на )

This is only a projection of you.
This projection will be in touch.
The affair is still in projection.
The projection changed to show the.
Or are you reflecting a projection?
We could get a big projection tel y.
Deanna ordered the projection to stop.

Maggie Botwin’s in Projection Room 4.
Maybe it was only a projection on her.
Kosmo says it’s another projection.
The entire world is your own projection.
Maybe the projection system went down.
The pictures up in that projection booth.
What is going on is a projection of your.
Lye is an outward projection of inner lies.
It’s an example of the Law of Projection.
Where did the reflected projection come from?
Rigler theatre for the projection of the movie.
You are only a physical projection of your own.
Everything you buy is the projection of an idea.
These activated projection neurons send effer-.
I couldn’t tell if he meant sleep or projection.
The worst-case projection was a 120 percent gain.
Or perhaps, more simply, a telepathic projection.
Twining's Projection of the Path of a Meteor, Nov.
She couldn't touch her, she was only a projection.
The human brain works by reflection and projection.
They watched the live feed on a projection screen.
Fritz was waiting with Maggie in Projection Room 10.
Phil stuck his head from the projection booth above.
You’re not trained for mass telepathic projection.
Vampires, inscrutable librarians, astral projection.
It is a classic case of reverse cultural projection.
This projection is called the measured price target.
How true is the reflection to the actual projection?
The most recent projection is that Medicare will be.
How true is the projection to the actual reflection?
As a projection of inner reality and outer normality.
Not that it meant a precise projection could be made.
We have been prisoners of the Limbo Projection Mode.

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