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    1. They’re both of an age that has shared the vicissitudes of the Three Day Week, the Winter of Discontent and New Labour's protracted birth pangs amid Thatcher's dose of social realism, but the horizons on view throughout their shared histories have been very different

    2. teaching contributions are not protracted or do not

    3. It was now close to the end of April and we were due to go back into the front line this time for a protracted stay as we moved up I noticed for the first time some old graves off to our left on the corner of a woods

    4. Holland, settling down for a long and protracted call, was forced to use all his wiles and persuasive ways as he explained the reasons for his request

    5. breakfast was a protracted meal, to which the "children" came down

    6. During the protracted truce the formation of our lines completely changed, and nightly, the troops closed in, drawing the cordon tighter

    7. Wood‘s enormous talents have ―suffered‖ a recent set back, his ―denial‖ is merely defensive posturing common among many successful athletes whose skills have diminished and are no longer able to perform on a level many have grown accustomed or who simply find themselves in the throes of a protracted slump

    8. The report gave me the impression Nigel would try to avoid a protracted court battle over the third CD

    9. Tucker had the financial resources to withstand a long legal siege, but I thought it only fair that I make the other members of the band aware of the repercussions of a protracted court battle

    10. Chofsky laid out Terry’s plan for a protracted legal battle that would have shut down your cash flow for the next three years, and you asked him what you could do to get the deal done

    11. “Don’t you see it John? The case is watertight against me, I can’t let my family and friends go through with such a protracted case as this, the bank will suffer from the bad publicity too

    12. nor a protracted process; earnestness is the only condition of

    13. Q: Can I avoid this protracted battle with my mind?

    14. repetitive and protracted, while the way of Yoga is deliberate

    15. There were no protracted

    16. Obviously, the decline was protracted over centuries

    17. 1835 The USRCS joined other military services in the protracted Seminole Indian wars

    18. They heard a low mournful sound, slow and protracted

    19. often causes a more painful and protracted mourning period for the family

    20. His rehabilitation treatment went on for a protracted period until he was able to be discharged with medication to keep him calmed down

    21. The transformation of the inner man is often an intense and protracted struggle

    22. The good and bad sides of the force duke it out in a protracted and violent series of battles where we are not really sure who is going to win, though eventually the good guys come through in the end

    23. next few centuries, we waged a protracted war with the organism, killing it in order to pave the

    24. Finally, after a protracted wait, Marsellus spoke to his friend

    25. After relaying protracted often heated negotiations, the satellites reported a brilliant flash that could only be the detonation of a hyper drive

    26. There was a protracted silence as all three of them looked at each other

    27. small victory in this protracted affair

    28. Even Yamamoto, the architect of Pearl Harbour, knew that Japan could not win a protracted war and had hoped for a compromise peace with his country’s great Pacific rival

    29. Certainly the inexperienced forces that took part in Torch were fortunate that the French did not put up protracted resistance

    30. Hitler saw the Channel as Britain's salvation, not his own failure to plan for a protracted war

    31. But if the Germans chose to fight in the rugged Italian terrain, they might provoke a protracted campaign that would probably require the Allies to increase the resources in a theatre relegated by the Combined Chiefs to subsidiary importance

    32. Thankfully, such a sordid and protracted imbroglio could be avoided; however, it was questionable why a member of the local government would conduct business with an as-yet-unidentified individual at a rather secluded bed-and-breakfast

    33. America’s will or cripple the navy, virtually gauranteed a bloody, protracted affair

    34. protracted period of time (meaning years), have a body mass index or BMI of more than

    35. At least in that respect, the protracted wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had taught the wrong lessons to too many people about the proper place of drones in the American military arsenal

    36. In one of his films there was a protracted struggle while Cary Grant aided by his leading lady killed a Russian agent

    37. Kierd then launched a retaliatory expedition and, last we heard, were still in the middle of a protracted siege of Narad�s capital

    38. After a protracted discussion, they agreed with his plan on one condition

    39. iteration, and that the revisions become, if not always less deep, at any rate less protracted

    40. Hence, when engaged in a protracted process,

    41. protracted sabbatical would soon end, and that devoting himself to spreading his knowledge

    42. Bernhardt was stoical –she knew she had no choice– but she had a protracted

    43. On to a journey as tiresome but not as protracted as the one of two decades

    44. How can you have a corrupt political system if there are no issues you can successfully lie about for any protracted amount of time, eh? If a politician is found out to be corrupt they should be fired

    45. In both England and America: the middle class is already been half-destroyed by a steady, protracted, systematic attack by the rich that is now over 100 years old

    46. Because they were the only ones that stayed in any area for a protracted period of time

    47. The conflict to establish new borders lasted ten days in Slovenia, but Croatia and Bosnia were subject to a protracted Serbian attack, administered and controlled by the communist Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic

    48. Make attention deficit disorder a common disease of young minds so they will not be able to focus on anything for any protracted length of time

    49. die, but be kept alive in indescribable torments, protracted to the greatest possible extent? Would

    50. suffer, however protracted his calamities were, and were likely to be, he had the utmost confidence

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