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    1. The physics Ava spoke of never explained the connections of what should be random odds in strange ways that favor one person over another

    2. Men are exposed to more acts of random physical violence

    3. He placed the box over the alarm keypad, completely covering it, and then started entering random number combinations on his own keypad

    4. Nothing occurs at random

    5. Bolt stands to one side, ignoring the laboring men, taking seemingly random shots of something on the other side of the highway that only he can see: click, whir, click, whir

    6. It had gotten to the point where the generals were so desperate they were always planning to wipe out entire towns just to stop the random bombs and mayhem

    7. She drove around in meandering random patterns throughout the city for more than an hour, and got nothing

    8. So, I draw a card at random for the category I need each time, I develop the respective item into one or more paragraphs, and I gradually form a full story

    9. I was alone again with new friends who seemed to mix a general amiability with random psychosis

    10. The sensor readings turned out to be filtered random numbers

    11. I almost began to believe that it was the others, that I would be spared, that maybe there is something in the universe other than random chance

    12. This evidence of death, of random nature in the raw, undermined these brittle constructs of hope

    13. Ernesto's expression said he wanted to get back to the business at hand and not random signals from the gonads

    14. Either it was a random attack in which case it had no bearing whatsoever on who she was … or it was deliberate and everything to do with who she was

    15. Her first rendition of how it worked was 5, attn#, 5, 4 digit session id, 5, 4 digit address modifier or subsession id, 5, 1 digit random data, in groups of 2 or 3 at a time, every 1000 – 5000 packets, 5, 0 to about 1 million digits of data

    16. that there’s anything very random about change

    17. immovable object sits out the random

    18. From her walls hung decorative plates scattered at random around the panelled and polished saloon

    19. We have to know the truth, are these state changes conducting information or just random noise like energy produces? Or was Thom doing just what he had done, generating a false universe and pretending it is real data? Or was he generating a false universe and believing it was real data? Without understanding how those signals actually originated, there was no way to tell

    20. My aunt was guiding us out of the wind, taking us somewhere special, this was no random meander

    21. Random thoughts circulated in my head, like oiled fingers in hair

    22. What a random guess

    23. I knew I’d been left for dead or buried alive, but then I found I was in a drawer that I slid out of in random panic

    24. Most of the regular clubbers hit the queues outside around eleven and the punters on the early shift are still thin on the ground and coalesce into random groups

    25. Then, when something happens, when some random action catches Billy's attention, the hands on the clock sneak forward in five minute increments

    26. He was going to babble on with random excuses wasn’t he?

    27. He guessed Jorma was probing at random as Ava had

    28. couple of things from random people in the hallway that morning

    29. lucid, with none of the twisted surrealism and random jumps of

    30. It takes a moment or two for him to assemble his thoughts and turn the random instructions flashing through his head into a coherent pattern of command

    31. She actually did socialize at Noonmeal with a few random guys

    32. He is left to stew in the perverse juices of random fate while the detectives consult their superior

    33. The melody is gone and his head is full of random lyrics divorced from their arrangements

    34. but this seemed too random and relied more on luck than

    35. We're here because random biological forces caused evolution to

    36. Theresa said, “and even if there was, how would a random rock stop them?”

    37. “That's strange; what's a random green bollard fence doing out here in the

    38. He hoped there was no floating debris in the black water between barges as he sliced between them by the light of a few random lanterns on the nearby docks

    39. Unlike their usual topics for debate, the emergence of the random acts of pranks and such had forced their need for action

    40. “It would be all random cuts though, they aren’t up for that much effort

    41. She ran off through the forest at complete random

    42. parking lot but the busy time had passed, and with it the random foot traffic that

    43. seating, so the boys and I chose one at random, while

    44. , division of Random House Publishers

    45. New York: Vintage Books, division of Random House, 2008

    46. So it was pure random chance that you're here?"

    47. At the front of the line a pair of men in red-stained leather armor picked through the crowd at random, pulling travelers aside and questioning them at knife point

    48. She chose a house at random and walked down the short driveway to the front door, her shoes crunching on the gravel as she did

    49. ’ Then the marine chose one of the worshippers at random

    50. He just fed random sounds to the lexanalizer to create the language

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