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Rebuff в предложении (на )

  1. Nor rebuff the seeker.
  2. He is barely aware of the rebuff.
  3. N the camera that most society ladies rebuff.
  4. His attempts to give her a mild kiss had met with rebuff.
  5. Caris did not rebuff her, but she held back from responding.

  6. His tone sided with the rebuff, and brought a flush of color to her face.
  7. George was a little hurt by her rebuff, but he thought she was probably justified.
  8. Gavin ducked his head at the rebuff of his faith, How can you be so hopeful? He is dead!.
  9. He could not have said that she was rude, but every word was a rebuff and a disclaimer of intimacy.
  10. However he soon gave a rebuff, that laid us all on our backs in a state of the greatest mortification.
  11. The child rebels against the parent at about the same time the parent begins to reject and rebuff the child.
  12. I imagine it would have been tough for her to ignore him or rebuff him because, after all, he was a powerful man.
  13. Startled, at first abashed, Charles blushed at the rebuff and then, seeing how her eyes were fastened on his sister, he smiled.
  14. When we left school he made advances to me; I did not rebuff them, for I was flattered, but we soon parted and quite naturally.
  15. Subsequently, upon any occasion when she would in the slightest rebuff his attentions he would threaten: "I am going to eat a tomato!".

  16. And she could understand his shrewd caginess, so like her own, his obstinate pride that kept him from admitting his love for fear of a rebuff.
  17. Striving for some control, and to mask the pain Joel’s perceived rejection was causing her, Kathy responded to his apparent rebuff, in a low, monotone voice.
  18. Somehow, I managed to rebuff them, not because I have no feelings for them but because I felt that it would amount to irrationality on my part if I should allow another woman to have it.
  19. He paused and I said, "But will not the Count take his rebuff wisely? Since he has been driven from England, will he not avoid it, as a tiger does the village from which he has been hunted?".
  20. Camilla brightened when Miss Pocket met with this rebuff; and she murmured, as she plaintively contemplated Miss Havisham, Poor dear soul! Certainly not to be expected to look well, poor thing.
  21. I almost expected a rebuff for this hardly well-timed question, but, on the contrary, waking out of his scowling abstraction, he turned his eyes towards me, and the shade seemed to clear off his brow.
  22. The expression on Tommy’s face was identical to the devastation she felt with every rebuff; the swelling anger of unjustness; the primal, yet silent pleading for someone to look into her heart and see her pain.
  23. The rebuff he had met with in his first attempt to win Lydgate's confidence, disinclined him to a second; but this news of the execution being actually in the house, determined the Vicar to overcome his reluctance.
  24. Would she laugh? Would she take it as a joke? All eyes met her with a glance of eager curiosity, and she met all eyes with one of rebuff and coldness; she looked neither flurried nor merry: she walked stiffly to her seat, and took it in silence.
  25. But no man of the time would have braved the ridicule of looking young at his age, even if he did or thought he did, and none would have dared to confess without shame that he still wept in secret over a rebuff received in the previous century.

  26. The difficulty was that time passed and the letters continued to arrive, one every three or four days throughout the year, and she did not know how to return them without that appearing t o be the rebuff she no longer wanted to give, and without having to explain everything in a letter that her pride would not permit her to write.

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