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    1. the reckless young Bimal

    2. Life on the edge may seem reckless, but there's no harm in trying out things outside your

    3. She clapped her hands together, dreaming of DJ Reckless, the wizard mixer of trance and acid bass at the student union, with whom she was madly in love

    4. She clapped her hands together, dreaming of DJ Reckless, the

    5. Titania was quick, reckless and loud

    6. reckless of the Inn’s trouble-makers

    7. The first reckless attack by the Belmarsh boys had been repulsed with ease but, Axel was pretty sure, the next attack would take place in a very different fashion

    8. They attacked him with reckless abandon, pounding on him long after his body was lying flat and motionless on the ground

    9. The Dead Gods fought amongst themselves, and in such a reckless abandon that their actions seemed akin to suicidal

    10. That would be reckless and thoughtless of us as perhaps the first ship after our beneficent salvage proprietor to encounter this

    11. There’s still never any reason to be that reckless, girl

    12. Therefore, when young souls are given the opportunity to assume important roles such as leaders of countries, the citizens of those countries might suffer from reckless decision making

    13. The reckless flying

    14. Perhaps Zardino wanted to prove a point by not being there, not on standby to rescue his reckless charge

    15. They were both flying! Oh well! But it was reckless

    16. Naively he'd wondered how those people could be so reckless as to allow themselves to be killed when shelter was available to anyone who was prepared to make the effort

    17. astonishment that one of their own kind was so reckless

    18. My reckless driving and natural aggression provided me a transfer to the Flying Squad within months

    19. Of course I had not considered my driving reckless at all

    20. Citing traffic violations, unless they were serious and reckless enough, was not our job

    21. But how do you prove the difference between a rash business decisions and a reckless one? What generally happens is the Government hammer them with tax evasion and other laws but that does not assist you to get your money back

    22. the reckless children with their drums and dolls, their guns and toy

    23. That driver was really reckless and certainly had a fatherly talk after we got him out of the car through the window or that’s what he said anyway in court

    24. By having surrendered our inherent right to make personal decisions considered appropriate to our own particular lifestyles and needs, we have summarily relinquished our customary right to appeal such decisions made on our (own) behalf by government institutions that we‘ve provided with (reckless) authoritative powers far exceeding their intended scope and purpose; institutions that no longer pretend to be our servants but the masters, rather, of our own determined way of life

    25. It will be a rather hopeless case for the terrorists if you stop destroying your economy with reckless spending and bring your troops home

    26. How else does one explain his abysmal record on Immigration, lack of Social Security and Energy reform, reckless spending, expanding deficits (despite enjoying majorities in both Houses of Congress) while engaging the nation in a politically correct war that has clearly lost its momentum?

    27. McCarthy was really only carrying out in a more reckless way what Truman had already begun

    28. Increasing municipal and state government budget deficits, occasioned by reckless spending by both political parties at a time most could actually boast a budget surplus, (no saving money for a rainy day) has government officials marking time exploring imaginative ways of speeding up the process so they might obtain the money faster

    29. I hoped I wasn’t being reckless, but I couldn’t make decisions based on what I didn’t know

    30. Except perhaps for a few brave and reckless souls who prefer to die “with their boots on”

    31. Clinton's own words show a history of being a neo conservative, an empire builder and reckless warmonger the equal of GW Bush

    32. Joseph snatched his bow from Ruby's hands, annoyed at her reckless actions

    33. He flew into the Fairies with reckless abandon

    34. The tail was of total and reckless 72

    35. And he is right—the thought that my reckless behavior could force someone else out of a faction makes my chest ache from fear

    36. It was Leftist led by President Bill Clinton who became so reckless and minddead that they killed over 40 children in that Compound

    37. They may be very heedless and reckless, Mrs

    38. “He chased a car for reckless driving and he used those dancing headlights

    39. He never darkened a church door; he was a hard drinker and a reckless man, but as long as he sent those herring up to the manse every spring, as his father had done before him, he felt comfortably sure that his account with the Powers That Govern was squared for the year

    40. The Ordu have been busy shuttling grain up from the coast, but they have recently turned their attention to the bandits and should soon wipe them out so that a reckless boy like you can explore the dangerous country

    41. Some of the more reckless of the club’s members are all for carrying out another murder in a few days, although the more sensible among the members are able to accept that the sensible thing to do is to wait, perhaps until the end of the month

    42. They never told anyone of such an event fearing they might get scolded by their families for doing such a reckless thing

    43. What would have happened if you would have disappeared forever? Would you have me spend an eternity looking, trying to find out what happened to you? Do you think of me as so insignificant as to not consider how your actions would affect me? Don’t ever do something so reckless!

    44. They are not this reckless, but now the shadows must be losing their reason because they are so weak

    45. Reckless, that is what you have been and this recklessness is what brought us here

    46. Toward this end some of the nastiest, most reckless, and divisive politics in Washington is played out over judicial nominations

    47. I was getting reckless

    48. He roared his fury and defiance as he blasted through their opponents with his hellish spell, pouring his rage and his magic into the continuously blazing bolt in a reckless use of power

    49. He hugged the children with the long reckless smile I always

    50. His very weakness and despair keep Duncan in control and, thus far, that despair is not enough to drive him to the reckless acts of courage he’d shown spasmodically throughout the wild journey to Gathandria

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