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    1. Hopeful comics rehearse jokes, careful not to say anything above a whisper in case one of the enemy nicks a punch line

    2. That ride gave him plenty of time to rehearse what he would say in his mind

    3. They were there to rehearse the night’s grand larceny and to look for any possible problems that might occur during the operation

    4. to rehearse your presentation several times and modify it as necessary

    5. from destruction; that he may rehearse your glories in all his times, and may praise your great name: (5) when you have delivered him

    6. 7 Rehearse not another that which is told you, and you shall fare never the worse

    7. you need to build and rehearse your new strategy for finding lost things

    8.  when you've decided what you want to do, you can rehearse how that will be until you feel really

    9. 14 And the Lord said to Moses, Write this for a memorial in a book, and rehearse it in the ears of Joshua: for I will utterly put out the remembrance of Amalek from under Heaven

    10. rehearse it in the ears of Joshua: for I will utterly put out the remembrance of

    11. had the will or energy to rehearse a clever follow-up to it

    12. 7 I will rehearse the decree; * the LORD hath

    13. He began to rehearse how he would say that everybody else was doing it, and being new, he did not know it was against the rules

    14. Would you rehearse and practice the questions or would you just show up, keep your head down, and read from

    15. We didn't rehearse enough for a route march, nor for a mass attack at close quarters

    16. This will separate you from the rest, so rehearse your presentation

    17. Rehearse in front of your colleagues, who are more critical than any client will ever be

    18. ✔ Rehearse is a must

    19. ‘You have to check the latest enseemats and wireless terminal placements, then rehearse the Emperor and Empress in their role—they’re as thick as a couple of mattresses, so if anything goes wrong you’ll pay for it!’

    20. Joe who had heard them rehearse was amused at the stage Irish accents they adopted to sing Irish songs

    21. Suraj and Musafir picked up the steps well, considering that they didn’t have much time to rehearse

    22. rehearse our actions for the evening

    23. How can man go to school, talk with the traditional old-men of the past, put on their shiny clothes, rehearse their weekly sermon, draw their pay check and think that they have come up with a way-of-life that’s actually going to change others in a Godly direction? If I’m seeing right, then is not the Holy Spirit that knows all things, and teaches all things, anointing men to expound on the things of God? Again of course, it wouldn’t matter what type of clothes we wear, or if we have a Rolex watch, some institutionalized seminary training, or maybe just a gift of gab, since the people world-wide have been trained through the centuries to accept the status-quo

    24. Job candidates should study what employers are looking for, rehearse interview skills, and maintain high grade point averages to play the system before the system plays them and they end up digging ditches for minimum wage or

    25. A fifth man in the crowd turns to a group of 10 kids around 10 years old and says to them, “Okay kids! I guess we have to come back in three weeks too! That means we have plenty of time to rehearse! So are we gonna be ready to audition for Diane D’s parents and grandparents in three weeks?!”

    26. Him and I can rehearse together

    27. “The Dianettes don't want to rehearse with us! They keep saying they want the dancers from Africa! Are the dancers from Africa that important to them?!”

    28. “The show starts in another month! We have to rehearse!”

    29. “The girls already know that! Now come on, you guys have to rehearse with us!”

    30. “Diane D, you and your girls can rehearse, but not with any of us! I'm sorry, but we're out of here!”

    31. “And I don't appreciate any of you suspecting me of doing something like that! We're being investigated because we dance too perfect?! Have you guys ever heard of the term 'practice makes perfect'?! We dance well because we practice and rehearse at it just like anybody else would do! What the hell is wrong with that?!”

    32. “Yeah! We‘re here at this dance studio to practice and rehearse some dance moves for our concert

    33. “The Dianettes don't want to rehearse with us! They keep saying they don't want me for their partner!”

    34. “We can rehearse the demonstration here until we’re happy with it,” concluded Rupert, “stopping short of actually getting into a bank’s treasury system

    35. Time too, for Tony to rehearse how he would approach the President with such a monumental proposal as he had in mind

    36. There was too much to think about, churning over in his mind all that had happened during their walk through the grounds this afternoon, and too much more to rehearse for tomorrow’s fishing trip

    37. I shall briefly rehearse the reasons for this, which I hope will put to rest much of the wilder speculation to which we have been treated recently in some sections of the media

    38. Bet the Gay Symphony Orchestra are not coming in here to rehearse

    39. ‘Oh, yeah, I’m trying to rehearse

    40. We Live Out What We Rehearse

    41. If you rehearse something in your mind, it will play out in your mind

    42. If you rehearse something in your heart, it will play out in your heart

    43. When we begin to think about and rehearse a situation,

    44. We can rehearse in our minds or we can rehearse in our hearts

    45. Remember , you will live out what you rehearse

    46. this would be the sort of mantra he‘d rehearse

    47. The morning after their return to Manchester the band was booked into the church hall in Edgeley to rehearse their set for the Albert Hall gig

    48. A floor manager who appeared to have literally torn out all his hair told them they were late and added that five other bands also had to rehearse that morning

    49. Two hours after their first attempt at a rehearsal the band's equipment was again assembled on stage (pissing off a Norwegian rock act who had been due to rehearse) and the members of Diamond Head Crater gathered nonchalantly

    50. Rehearse certain things

    1. I hold my stomach, ready to repeat my rehearsed lines

    2. There was a very noisy week when we rehearsed to the sound of carpenters constructing the set, which made it very difficult to concentrate, followed by a weekend papering and painting the result of their labours to make it look like the interior of a house

    3. the arguments rehearsed and versed,

    4. Roman thought the statement sounded a bit rehearsed, like the promises of

    5. As he waited he rehearsed what he was going to say and remembered how he had to get invited in before he made the first accusation

    6. Klowa had already rehearsed what he was going to say

    7. They had planned this the previous evening and rehearsed it over and over

    8. The Nord rehearsed what he would say when he did finally come face to face with the DRAFT

    9. Torbin rehearsed in his mind what he would say to her; but it all sounded preposterous, like some weak ploy designed to get her to leave with him

    10. Each man in the wiring party had a job to do and we had rehearsed these till we knew our roles backwards

    11. and rehearsed joke and the kudos would satisfy his non-assuming

    12. Raven glared at him, hating his rehearsed, smooth moves, resenting the loss of her attention

    13. The walk up the aisle seemed longer than when we’d rehearsed it, or perhaps it was the long train that slowed my walking

    14. Using well rehearsed hand-signals, Mai Bell told her husband to search the rooms downstairs, while she explored the upper floor

    15. Now, with everything that happened to you, I see that I can’t use my carefully rehearsed speech

    16. He hadn’t mentioned the Holiday Inn, but where Dearling encountered him and started demanding money hadn’t mattered and wasn’t included in the story he’d rehearsed: it was the gambling debt and threatened violence that was important

    17. He wanted to avoid an ugly scene and the words he had rehearsed a dozen times on the long drive from Chauita were the perfect approach, but standing there, they all just slipped away

    18. Elizabeth was speaking in a formal and precise manner that Colling was not used to hearing her use, and he had the impression that her speech might have been prepared ahead of time, perhaps even rehearsed

    19. He regarded them in a long moment of silence, biting back an ugly little speech he’d mentally rehearsed a few times

    20. He mentally rehearsed the choices as he followed after Nisaba

    21. As they had rehearsed, Hermann first handed over his identification as a police operative, then the general safe conduct pass that Tomek had prepared from the template that Colling had provided

    22. Was it the desperation of an embattled individual searching for anything that might postpone the violent end that had suddenly confronted him? An end that he had always had an elemental fear of turning into reality with every nightmare that had rehearsed the probability, since his kind had emerged into an awareness of the consciousness of self?

    23. 31 And when the words were heard which David spoke, they rehearsed them before Saul, and he sent for him

    24. Wynne and Cinder walked slowly as rehearsed to meet him in the middle

    25. M: The play was written, planned and rehearsed

    26. He divided his family up in a certain way and rehearsed with them what to say when they encountered Esau's men

    27. Time passed in a well rehearsed way

    28. Most people when they hear an objection immediately jump into their rehearsed reasons for defending their point

    29. He settled into a state of light meditation and mentally rehearsed what he was going to do

    30. Sometimes, though, her grandmother was merciful and the two of them would walk through the theatre region of the city towards the lines of elms and wind-poplars where the actors rehearsed their dramas in fine weather

    31. his eyes, I felt my long awaited chance, the one I had rehearsed in

    32. rehearsed song, not knowing how it was supposed to sound or if he

    33. Sari seems to have come under the same spell as I did with the old man, Moshe thought as he watched them depart, remembering again what scant urging she had needed to agree to his well rehearsed proposal that she go where her safety would ensure his peace of mind as he played out the part that he was called to

    34. well rehearsed proposal that she go where her safety would ensure his peace of mind as he

    35. seemed he’d rehearsed what to say again; “Stand up and turn

    36. amazing choreography of a dance often rehearsed but only being performed this one

    37. “I've rehearsed this a bunch

    38. appeared almost as if rehearsed

    39. They had rehearsed and rewritten their act several times

    40. A script is a well-thought-out, rehearsed statement that best communicates a response to a

    41. At Swann's insistence, next day they rehearsed despite continuing rain and wind—an altogether nasty day

    42. She'd rehearsed Frankie on her duties, and the child sat down in the kitchen—none too happily—opening a library book

    43. During the period that followed her meager description of the treasurer's office and what she did, two or three children would ask questions evidently rehearsed for them by their teacher

    44. In a flat voice, as if she’d rehearsed it, she announced to the whole bus: “I need to use the rest-room

    45. Father seemed to have rehearsed what he was going to say

    46. That is another story I do not want rehearsed again

    47. During the day, the play for the following week was rehearsed in a stuffy rehearsal room upstairs

    48. I stayed with Alwyn and Edgar in Chiswick in the week preceding our trip north, and we rehearsed in their parlour – a hell of a squeeze! Positive audience reaction to the nudity in Apollon and Sweeny, and the London performances we’d given of Tempest, gave Alwyn the impetus to pull out all the stops in the costume department

    49. I had mentally rehearsed this murder many times

    50. As though it had been rehearsed, everyone grabbed their bags and filed up the stairs, leaving me alone in the stinking little cabin

    1. Chapter 14 : Jo rehearses with Alastair for gig - Terry

    2. In Chapter 6, Micah rehearses some of the grate things that God did for them in the

    3. She rehearses the skit in her mind, knowing exactly what she’ll do, while waiting for her cue to come floating down the river

    4. The pastor spends all week preparing a sermon, certainly doesn’t want to look stupid on Sunday morning, maybe even rehearses it a few times, but what if God had a different plan for that particular service? What are the people to do? How can we stuff in all those songs, and get people caught up on the latest infirmities, upcoming weddings and anniversaries, and still have time to squeeze God in, especially if He wants to start an hour late? Some will say that they are open to the things of God, and would go with the flow, but in the many years I too attended these structured systems, I sure never saw anything like that happen

    5. to distract the pupil while he rehearses by playing a different

    6. He rehearses in his head the argument he will present to his sister

    7. While all the world rehearses

    1. Act 2 starts with Jim and Molly in a clinch which, Andy informs me in a whispered aside, he is looking forward to rehearsing

    2. A common problem in business meetings is the rehearsing of old news or trying to

    3. The girl visibly gathered her courage together, fiddling with the spoon in her saucer for a moment as though rehearsing the words she wanted to say

    4. The noise hits us as we enter the hall; the chorus is in the middle of rehearsing one of the big showstopper songs

    5. Having got through the audition without a problem, I volunteered to help with props for the show they were rehearsing – ‘Showboat’

    6. For much of journey back he had been imagining how Deanna would react to what he had seen at the institute; rehearsing the words in his mind

    7. The whole, horrible scene was rehearsing in her mind when, just prior to boarding, Sal handed her two tins of tuna

    8. Whitey knew this, rehearsing the blitz with Shorty days

    9. Colling also went over Hermann’s role with him, rehearsing and quizzing him regarding his new identity

    10. nothing would be served in rehearsing any of the circum-

    11. Shortly before Easter, we were rehearsing Vier Vroue by die Kruis (Four Women at the Cross)

    12. It’s not difficult to see what role this Justice is rehearsing to play in the outsourcing drama

    13. Sadly, because of finals, both of my friends were busy with their last project and rehearsing for the play they needed to perform at the end of the semester

    14. presentation and hours rehearsing your speech in front of the mirror

    15. “We should spend the remaining time mentally rehearsing what we will do, and say, and when

    16. whenever we were rehearsing the bullshit they fed us

    17. The musicians had been rehearsing for three hours with only short breaks for

    18. When rehearsing (for a wedding, or a public function, or a

    19. Exhilarated at having broken my land-speed record I jogged to the centre of town, rehearsing a speech that would convince any interviewer I was deadly serious about acting

    20. While rehearsing me, Edgar had told me to be subtle and not too fast, like Gypsy Rose Lee who could trigger male orgasms merely by the seductive manner in which she removed a glove! I’d wrapped a bit of semi-transparent curtain netting around my cods, under my pouch, under my swim suit, under my shorts, under my trousers; and a singlet under my shirt under my jacket

    21. There’s a training session this afternoon rehearsing the operating parameters of the new condenser on the SL-one (Stationary Low Power Reactor), fairly simple material, really

    22. Earlier in the day, they had all been filled with hopefuls, some rehearsing their opening lines in a bid for a shot at the silver screen

    23. 4 During this week of rehearsing, Jesus many times repeated to his apostles the two great motives of his postbaptismal mission on earth:

    24. Jesus had therefore decided to spend some time in retirement rehearsing his apostles and then to do some quiet work in the cities of the Decapolis until John should be either executed or released to join them in a united effort

    25. while rehearsing the delivery of his plea for leniency

    26. The girls were in the midst of rehearsing in the bottom flat, when their routine was interrupted by a knock on the door

    27. rehearsing my every move, ensuring that my mother wouldn’t find

    28. ” Miles Davis heard him rehearsing and said to Brown, jokingly, “Clifford, I hope you break your chops

    29. I kept rehearsing his death over and over again; thinking

    30. for you this morning, they've been rehearsing for weeks

    31. I’ve been rehearsing that speech for a long time

    32. trip but in rehearsing with the band

    33. When I finished rehearsing, I

    34. A Rehearsing of Peter’s Experience with the Roman Soldier Cornelius

    35. “For you, there is no longer a need to anoint facts with your experiences or bless the world with your extended points of view, let alone attempt to explain concepts like stalking to those who will insist on rehearsing their self-image in every possible circumstance

    36. In one event, as walking close to his quarters, I saw and heard him rehearsing to the wind his next day sermon, shaping each word to look as if what was being preached about, was true, but in fact, when God gives, the words come as if natural from the Spirit

    37. The pastor was rehearsing the words he would say by the graveside, and he thought back to the events of the last two days

    38. rehearsing in his mind the entertainment he was going to conjure for the

    39. Perhaps Jerry was rehearsing his

    40. On the stage two people were rehearsing a sword fight

    41. It was shot while me and the Dianettes were rehearsing for ‘The Illusions of Zero Gravity’ performance

    42. “You and the Dianettes were rehearsing for the ‘The Illusions of Zero Gravity’ performance in that photograph?”

    43. Rehearsing this over and over back in her cell, she’d practiced ex-

    44. They jump out at me at any moment, and lure me into compulsively reiterating my plans, rehearsing different scenarios and developing my megalomaniac strategies

    45. “I won’t bore you by rehearsing all the facets of the case, as you are familiar with the facts surrounding Professor Barclay, and the reasons that you tasked Section 11 to look after his security

    46. For negotiators, too often time spent in planning is in rehearsing the arguments to defend a position and attack the other side

    47. And so it is that many buyers and sellers, admiring the way which the local community activists win, spend their preparation time before a negotiation rehearsing the facts, and their presentation of them; reviewing the priorities and the priorities of the other side, looking for advantage or common ground

    48. But just in case, she’d been mentally rehearsing her defense

    49. He was mentally rehearsing the lines he was going to tell her as he nervously pressed the bell to her home

    50. She started rehearsing the lines of the song that she was about to sing

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