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Repellant в предложении (на )

  1. It’s a mosquito repellant.
  2. And yet—somehow repellant to me at the same time….
  3. High in anti-oxidants, garlic is also a natural mosquito repellant.
  4. Bringing the hand to his mouth he tasted the bitter mosquito repellant he had.
  5. It was found breast cancer has a relationship to the water repellant lithium compound.

  6. The smell of smoke and fire is a universal repellant that keeps them all away from the area.
  7. Don’t tell me you’re carrying around some croc repellant in that bag of yours, I snapped.
  8. However, between my insect repellant, bed net, and anti-malarial medication, I felt relatively safe.
  9. It was a great idea, not that I’d be trading in my mosquito repellant for squashed bugs anytime soon.
  10. As we waited for the results, I couldn’t resist pulling out my insect repellant cream and nearly bathing in it.
  11. Still, the same could be said of an equally repellant Earthly beast, the swine—and I had nothing against the typical pork roast.
  12. Later that afternoon, Manda sprayed herself with mosquito repellant, put on her broad sunhat and a pair of boots, and strapped her big red bag across her body.
  13. Coming up with a can of insect repellant she let out a long sigh and began applying the mist to her arms, hands and neck; rubbing her face with repellant moistened hands.
  14. He might be spending the evening agreeably with his charming family, yet he goes on sitting with this brute!—will go on doing so, too, until it is too late to go down to the drawing-room! Here I glanced at him over the back of my chair, and thought the general look of his attitude and appearance so offensive and repellant that at the moment I could gladly have offered him some insult, even a most serious one.
  15. It’s found in ammonia, anesthetics, antihistamines, artificial limbs, artificial turf, antiseptics, aspirin, auto parts, awnings, balloons, ballpoint pens, bandages, beach umbrellas, boats, cameras, candles, car battery cases, carpets, caulking, combs, cortisones, cosmetics, crayons, credit cards, curtains, deodorants, detergents, dice, disposable diapers, dolls, dyes, eye glasses, electrical wiring insulation, faucet washers, fishing rods, fishing line, fishing lures, food preservatives, food packaging, garden hose, glue, hair coloring, hair curlers, hand lotion, hearing aids, heart valves, ink, insect repellant, insecticides, linoleum, lipstick, milk jugs, nail polish, oil filters, panty hose, perfume, petroleum jelly, rubber cement, rubbing alcohol, shampoo, shaving cream, shoes, toothpaste, trash bags, upholstery, vitamin capsules, water pipes and yarn.

  16. He not only disliked family life, but a family, and especially a husband was, in accordance with the views general in the bachelor world in which he lived, conceived as something alien, repellant, and, above all,.

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