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    1. responsibility for what you have done

    2. Creating your life is your responsibility

    3. is our responsibility to observe and keep them

    4. responsibility that God gave us

    5. She felt some responsibility for things of YingolNeerie, being one of the few people on this planet born under its light

    6. ” That’s a big responsibility to live up to and I hate it

    7. The world was counting on him, there would be no surrender, no throwing away his responsibility

    8. We have also the responsibility to help our less fortunate brethren, at least in their old age, to be exposed to spiritual thoughts and service to others instead of self-preservation

    9. doostEr hadn't really signed up for this responsibility with Estwig, in fact the boy did crimp his style at times, but he couldn't help feeling the responsibility

    10. " Theo worked for both agencies with direct responsibility to Europol and the Interpol hierarchy above that

    11. Then I realized that God takes responsibility for His every word

    12. Stephen hovers anxiously in the background, happy to hand responsibility over to me but keen to be around

    13. must do it all will never delegate responsibility to others

    14. The responsibility was now his, and what a great challenge he was faced with

    15. Since there remains such an urgent need for more qualified elders in the Lord's church it behooves all of us as preachers to realize more our responsibility in teaching and training these men

    16. gave the congregation a responsibility for looking out among themselves to choose men to

    17. Often good works are not completed because no one had the direct responsibility of such

    18. have no concept of the spiritual character, or makeup of the church or their responsibility to watch over the soul of every member in the congregation

    19. They have the responsibility to work together in peace and harmony with each other and with every member of the congregation

    20. of responsibility and attend only one hour a week

    21. Too often the men of the congregation think the only responsibility is to hire, fire the preacher; count noses at the assemblies, lock and unlock the building, and count the contribution

    22. There is some work of the local church that is the responsibility of each member who is physically

    23. Each member must understand the responsibility he or she has to the eldership

    24. wrote which places a great responsibility on the individual Christian: (YOU) Study to

    25. work of an eldership includes the responsibility to place before the congregation a vision, of things the congregation should set out to accomplish

    26. Before he could do anything about it, he … he died … passing the responsibility to me

    27. released and absolved of the “burden of responsibility

    28. "I hadn't planned on taking on that much responsibility when I offered to teach you to read

    29. Now the land is in your possession, and it is your responsibility to not lose the family land

    30. We all have a responsibility to behave in a

    31. flight, especially with the responsibility of carrying folk

    32. You are charged with the responsibility of bringing

    33. and responsibility that is late home growing up

    34. When Wiesse arrived, she’d been pathetically relieved to see him … handing over responsibility for my welfare to her brother gratefully

    35. Just be aware that with money comes responsibility

    36. You're less of a responsibility when you're my nephew

    37. Alan taking the responsibility for his own tasks and also being considerate of others, Nuran shirking her own tasks, taking others for granted and pleading with others to shirk theirs for her own selfish reasons

    38. This was mostly to sign papers exempting them from any responsibility for my state

    39. I don't expect her to be your responsibility"

    40. Maybe part of me was scared to leave, as many ill people depend on the system to bail them out of responsibility for their entire life

    41. dating someone who has their responsibility on her/his head without making them feel

    42. 'And your treasured responsibility is

    43. we’ll explore two popular ways to apply the inversion of control pattern to achieve this responsibility

    44. It’s household policy that homework is the responsibility of the individual concerned, but sometimes a little encouragement is required in order to achieve this

    45. He tried to persuade me that he would be okay here on his own with Katie, but I’m not having that responsibility

    46. Travelling with a twelve-year-old, and two other grownup kids, this responsibility

    47. responsibility for their actions

    48. Kelvin went for his comm panel to call Glayet, this kind of thing was her responsibility

    49. It is the responsibility of each Oppositionist to control and

    50. that is dependable is given greater responsibility

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