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    1. He could see swathes of missing roof tiles, and the ridge itself

    2. I’d not realised just how close the lane is to the ridge of the hill, but now we’re the other side of the hedge, I can see that the land drops down quite steeply to the road below

    3. I could touch it without whimpering, and somehow found comfort in the strangely skewed ridge that had formed at the top of my septum

    4. Grabbing what she needed, they began the climb to the ridge top

    5. Kate climbed on Jake’s wing and made her way to the sixth ridge and Steve followed her and settled himself behind her

    6. As is the case with all roads out of this town, the track leads up a hill, steep in places but coming out after half an hour or so onto a ridge of hills

    7. The valley between this ridge and the next is wooded and deep; in the distance, I can see rolling hills, green for the most part although some of the trees are now showing autumn colours very clearly

    8. Daniel was in heaven, he was holding on to Kate, and also to the ridge on Jakes neck

    9. Lady Beth is where she always is, on the South Ridge

    10. Kate passed thru the camp and headed for the South Ridge

    11. She headed up the pathway that lead to the South Ridge

    12. Beth sat on a large boulder over looking the south ridge

    13. The men then climbed aboard Jake, each one finding a seat and a ridge to hold onto

    14. The entire ridge was covered in ash and blood

    15. The track climbs steadily coming out onto the top of the ridge of hills … the view is breathtaking but Berndt doesn’t linger

    16. She had Ash and Lady Ariel stretch a large white sheet of canvas tenting across the mountains between the ridge and the Riders Hall

    17. When this was in place, they set up very large speakers on each side of the ridge

    18. The wild dragons came over the ridge, lined up and descended for their final run

    19. Just as they had planned, the Queen with Kate on her back was waiting on the ridge for him

    20. There were substantial homes along shady plazas all the way up the gentle side of the inner island, with larger structures high on that ridge

    21. Multistory wings of apartments with balconies graced the top of the ridge

    22. An hour later they crested a ridge that hid them

    23. For the first time in all the years that he has owned Sillick Farm, he notices the ornate ridge tiles that run along the apex of the barn roof and he tries to smile, but none of his facial muscles seem to work anymore

    24. The road stretches out in front of me, winding along the ridge of the hill – I’d forgotten how much I like this road

    25. Yet even as she stood before the second story window and witnessed the sunrise in just the right location above the small dimple in the mountains ridge directly behind the house, she knew there was still something missing – Mike!

    26. castles! Najac – strung out along a wooded ridge with its

    27. towers and rooftops strung out along a ridge above the

    28. pass the artificial boundary of a parish, than an arm of the sea, or a ridge of high mountains,

    29. As he began climbing the ridge towards the great

    30. sides and the sheer drop from the ridge was terrifying

    31. " Grandpa stared straight up to the ridge, "I would hazard a guess and say that the tarmac will have to reach the edge first

    32. By mid afternoon when most were sleepy from Granny's lunch and the Innkeepers ale, Rosecare sudddenly came alert and clutching Lemoss's hand pointed to the ridge

    33. But she could pick at it as she made her way back down the ridge to the cave, assuming and hoping that Mercer had limped his way into it by now

    34. They followed the same route by which ships were hauled on sledges over the ridge to the port of Isthmia on the Saronic Gulf

    35. ship was sledged across the ridge from Korinthos

    36. Leopard is the ridge of the hand, which is formed by folding the fingers towards

    37. The ridge was actually higher than he’d remembered

    38. The ridge to his right was approximately ten feet high

    39. He sat down against the banked ridge

    40. ideal (the top of that ridge) and remembered that

    41. Kurt could see above him the first bank of high dark clouds in a tight ridge coming into view

    42. The town of Adelaide was above the ridge and he could still see the town’s old brick buildings

    43. Kurt spotted a grove of trees behind the back of a ridge that protected the trail

    44. Josh pointed to a figure on an upper ridge

    45. Scott backtracked towards Josh who’d now got to his feet, heading in his direction, hobbling along the ridge at a desperate pace

    46. The ridge forked off into a narrower section, and soon he was having to use his hands to stabilise his descent towards the base of the waterfall

    47. In a few minutes he was on top of a ridge, which looked down onto the confluence of the river and the creek he had just left

    48. It’s over that next ridge

    49. The plateau was gradually lifting up towards the rocky ridge with the chunk missing

    50. Chris did not even want to think about crossing that ridge, he just hoped that the terrain was friendlier on the other side

    1. In profile he had a slightly aquiline nose, slightly ridged in the middle, and I couldn’t help noticing that his shirt strained a little around his mid-riff

    2. Today, laying flat and ridged in the box under the bed

    3. Ridged tires dug in to carry them over pine needles and around a mossy boulder

    4. Her ridged leather armour had absorbed some of the impact but it was no match for the iron-tipped point that had punched its way several inches into her chest; she knew it was bad and from the location and pain it was definitely life-threatening

    5. Their horned skulls and ridged spines were one with the turbulent, tea-cup-sized typhoons, there one second, gone the next

    6. Only the ridged muscles of his calf saved the bone from being splintered

    7. But even as the hosts cried out, the wizard stepped in, too quick for the eye to follow, and apparently merely laid an open hand on Conan's left forearm, from the ridged muscles of which the mail had been hacked away

    8. Ask the question, "which way is yes", then hold your hand still but not ridged

    9. there with a very ridged, angry stare on her face

    10. and ridged hollows between the emerald mountains

    11. whilst we stand about so ridged and proud!

    12. The exit was locked, as ridged as the metal bars

    13. Stubborn in their attitudes, and don’t see a need to change, ridged behaviors; been doing this too long for change

    14. The truth that was taught to us as a child, by our parents, school teachers, Sunday school teacher and such, it is earthen, ridged

    15. complicated ridged bolt on it

    16. a ready, ridged stance waiting for the worst

    17. ridged stance peering out into the storm ahead

    18. I reach to trace my fingers across the ridged oil painting, but instead, and to my astonishment, my fingers go beyond the canvas and paint and into an unknown territory

    19. except that it substitutes a pipe for the I-bar and is less ridged

    20. The fluorescent bulbs behind their square of ridged plastic gave a bleached, insistent thrum

    21. ” The shadows of the mountains were like the ridged backs of dinosaurs

    22. Green bonnets of cotton peeked from the ridged dirt; soon they’d be the size of medicine balls

    23. what county I have lighted; a north-midland shire, dusk with moorland, ridged with mountain: this I see

    24. His lean face was ridged with tight muscles

    25. The disgusting wrinkles of suffering that ridged his old face were patched up and painted, and on the smooth surface, wrinkles of good-nature and laughter, and of pleasant, good-humoured cheeriness, were laid on artistically with fine brushes

    26. Her eyebrows, which, in spite of her fair hair, were black and thickly ridged, were arched high in the mocking expression that he hated to see upon her face

    1. Ridges of crumbling stone and cement bit into the thin skin covering my knees and I waited, letting the reality of this simple and basic reaction to the physical world wash through me

    2. Before me was this huge massive head, black as night with silver stripes on the ridges of its nose

    3. She held onto the box with the kitten and set it between two ridges on Jakes neck in front of her

    4. She's all sliver with black around the ridges of her eyes with purple mixed in, her eyes are gray in a pool of gold

    5. He had the same silver on the ridges down his back and around his eyes accented with the purple

    6. Two small ridges later, his thighs insisted he stop for lunch

    7. along the sharp mountain ridges

    8. The bark ridges running up the trunk were as thick as Brice, and though leafless and rotting, the tree reached the apex of the tower's interior, nearly bursting through the arched rib shaped trusses well over twenty stories up

    9. began to crawl along the ridges until it reached the

    10. The bark-like ridges on Ostedes’ face warped into what could almost be interpreted as a grin

    11. He also remembered the Administration was attempting to revitalize a dormant wind farm sector up in the higher ridges

    12. He looked beyond the trees and could see the high ridges of the mountains

    13. He knew there were shortcuts over the ridges, but he had no idea where they were

    14. At about one thousand feet they were still well below the tops of the mountain ridges

    15. After that, the terrain is very rough going up the ridges

    16. it was all ridges and furrows; the balls were live hedgehogs, the mallets live

    17. Kurt looked out the window and followed the ridges of the whitened mountain ranges

    18. His face developed metal ridges

    19. It needs the horseshoe ridges of a frenar band, about half way down,

    20. "The ridges on a circumcised penis are in

    21. a different place to the ridges on an

    22. Siege had to be laid to a considerable city, well garrisoned, naturally entrenched with steep ridges, and with a powerful fleet to assist in its defence

    23. A few hours shelling would have demolished the blockhouses and cleared the trenches along the ridges

    24. Ere twenty of “ours” had clambered over the ridge, “Old Glory” fluttered proudly on San Juan hill, the cavalry pennants were planted on the ridges to the right, and many a stricken and dying soldier raised his bleeding body to give a cheer of exultation and defiance

    25. As I crawled along the ridges, I was surprised to find so few of the enemy's dead at San Juan, which had cost us so terribly to capture

    26. In taking the ridges our aggregate losses had been 1140 officers and men in a battle that artillery alone could have made untenable

    27. Major Dillonback's batteries opened well, but every Spanish rifle was soon directed against the guns, which were barely entrenched, and in great confusion the pieces were dragged from the ridges, that were absolutely untenable at such a range

    28. With Armstrong and Bengough I rode out to the advance ridges, to witness the effect of the bombardment

    29. Another eternity passed, another endless series of tripping over ridges in the floor, slamming her head into low jutting outcrops, scraping her elbows and knees and temples on every manner of rock she could imagine

    30. He heard a noise like the crackling of twigs in a fire…he couldn’t breathe, and he couldn’t even see; beyond that last impression of hard ridges inside

    31. Over the last few ridges they had caught an occasional glimpse of something different in the distance

    32. Ahead of them the land seemed to fall slowly away, and the ridges didn’t run all the same way anymore

    33. He leads me up and down, across small gaps and over angular ridges

    34. Our four cats enjoyed the new garden that merged into this woods, part of a nature reserve encompassing the upper reaches of our hill and the surrounding ridges

    35. 10 You water the ridges of it abundantly: you settle the furrows of it: you makeit soft with showers: you bless the springing of it

    36. On many such mountain ridges as well as other locations, it would be necessary to blast into the bedrock, as Enxco's New England representative, John Zimmerman, has confirmed, possibly disrupting the water sources for wells downhill

    37. a plan of the ridges, gable ends and valleys and

    38. “We’re in a spherical enclosure that has curved ridges in the walls that radiate from the apex

    39. To the right of them you will see several silver bars with ridges in them

    40. Halfdan looked away from that painful sight and looked west, at the brown-and-white ridges of mountains marching in rough lines to the horizon

    41. jagged ridges that notched the skyline

    42. Today he wore his distinctive gladiator’s helm, as he liked his opponents to see what was coming after them and its long spiked ridges let all who faced him know they were about to meet with a champion of the arena

    43. Then she remembered something else, a recollection of running her hands down his back feeling ridges and scars

    44. You hold his hand to your face, the callus ridges static cling make the tiny fuzz on your face come hither

    45. Ten minutes tramping through tree filled gullies, lantana clad ridges and scratchy re-growth, brought us to my boundary with the State Forest

    46. Pride was perhaps the dominant emotion as they retraced with their eyes the ridges and valleys they’d tramped over and through to get here


    48. Conan dismounted the archers and ranged them along the ridges, with the wild tribesmen

    49. Its edges are near the outer flanges of the ridges

    50. The hillmen held the ridges, and the mercenaries, gripping their dipping pikes, bracing their feet in the bloody earth, held the Pass

    1. your ridging where it will sit center of the roof

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