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Roller в предложении (на )

It had been a roller.
Wheel type and roller type.
It was like a roller coaster.
April and I love roller coasters.
A total roller coaster…but still.
She had a small roller bag with her.
I was on quite a roller coaster ride.

Start roller at the top of the door.
That’s where the roller coaster is.
Recently I saw a child on roller blades.
Nani went head to head with a steam roller.
It was like holding on to a roller coaster.
But the roller coaster ride was to continue.
A38 Installation of the roller shutter door.
She figured she had a high roller on the hook.
Jill’s emotions had been on a roller coaster.
A longer roller seemed to come in from the north.
It's been a huge whirlwind and a roller coaster.
My stomach sank like I was riding a roller coaster.
I’ve had smoother rides on a roller coaster!.
It has been a roller coaster of emotions and activity.
I disarmed my body and put it through a roller coaster.
It has plastic strings, fixed pickups and roller pitch.
THIS is the emotional roller coaster I was referring to.
One image is me, at age five on a pair of roller skates.
David was playing high roller while I was living in the.
I was too tired to cry and numb from the emotional roller.
Notwithstanding the emotional roller coaster, Helga intu-.
He could not, however, stop the roller coaster to disaster.
The last man in the back of Node’s roller entered as well.
Oh brother! I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster.
The roller shutter door can also be installed at this stage.
She turned and skated down the hall to the roller derby rink.
See that little roller thing there, Darlene? Put it in my.
Next she went into the warehouse and unlocked the roller door.
It was like we were on roller blades and my wheels were stuck.
You would think if the roller coaster would go off the rails.
Patty moved across the room and pulled down a roller wall chart.
I thought of asking why the canine didn’t have roller blades.
There are spray roller attachments that go on airless sprayers.

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