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    1. Sprawled in a corner was a group of sleeping, travel-weary Romanies, their timeless faces seeming familiar, like those in my books, but they weren't familiar at all, I just wanted them to be

    2. of the Romanians, it is mere ignorance and

    3. The dictionary of Romanian language

    4. Romanian traitors accepted it

    5. About the Romanian

    6. is far greener than in Romania and there are

    7. Romania and to place it instead of the USSR,

    8. old Romanian delegate had been replaced with

    9. arrive here, like the Romanians fleeing the

    10. his clothes are the colours of the Romanian

    11. Romania and explains why they were extended

    12. The Greeks, as the Romanians too, have resisted for

    13. something during this time, while the Romanians

    14. between Greeks and Romanians hardly could be

    15. That's why we, Romanians,

    16. So the Romanians

    17. seems to be the true brand of Romania:

    18. according with the Romanian thieves have

    19. defaming of the Romanians is caused by

    20. “Lefter”, instead, there is only in Romanian

    21. Waves of Danube” by the Romanian composer

    22. same with the blazon of Romanian prince

    23. Greece-Romania I have read that, on

    24. interest the Romanians living in Athens

    25. seems that, in some respects, Romania is

    26. A mischievous said about Romania that it is

    27. This gives me the feeling that Romania is

    28. We could understand now why the Romania's

    29. In Romanian television, there is not a single news

    30. not speaking about the thieves from Romania

    31. The Romanians are

    32. who said me that Romanian embassy lays on a

    33. And there is something more: Romanian politics,

    34. perhaps even more than in Romania, but those

    35. He says that Romania was wrong

    36. He is correct when says that Romania has no

    37. It is only polite when praise the Romanians talent

    38. His mistake lays in assuming that Romania could

    39. the USSR, we know what Romania assimilated

    40. even those from Romania of 50 years ago

    41. Today, the national day of Romania is

    42. advancing the idea of a Romanian State recently

    43. consider themselves Romanians and only political

    44. even further than Romania

    45. more inhumane conditions than those in Romania

    46. summer, it will be reversed: in Romania the days

    47. world, either on the territory of Romania, on

    48. His father was Romanian and

    49. Now Flesh’ailer was moving the torch so that the flames could be kept lit, ready for the moment of pyromania they had set ready and his pet watched very carefully where it went

    50. The people here are not well mannered and the Romanian family that live next door behave like animals

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