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Rootless в предложении (на )

  1. From being homeless or rootless, you.
  2. But instead he props up the bars around Stureplan and seems rootless.
  3. And he’s turned out on the streets with a hundred other wandering, rootless men.
  4. In our post-web world, to be rootless – disconnected – is to be orphaned from the meta-social Self.
  5. Gillenormand, and now leaves fallen from all these rootless branches, and swept over the ground by the wind.

  6. Oeaohoo is the Rootless Root of All; hence, one with Parabrahman (The Secret Doctrine, 1, comment for the Stanza 3.
  7. Without the depth of untold secrets selectively shared around the intimate table of family and friends, people become internally rootless, e.
  8. I’ve been pretty rootless over the years, spending a few years here and a few years there, and since the parents died, there hasn’t really been anywhere that is home.
  9. Even given that, we are sure that we would rather die here on the planet we call home than wander around the cosmos rootless and homeless as your people, the Jews, have done for thousands of years.

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