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Roster в предложении (на )

I think there’s a roster.
He brought the roster over by.
Starchild listed on the employment roster.
Would you like to review the roster?
Draw up a roster and give it to my secretary.
One was one, not two, it said so on his roster.
Michigan? Mahmoud said he would check the roster.

Your roster of skills will grow bit by bit without.
I barely remember his last name from the initiate roster.
She hadn't been able to fill a roster of housekeeper's either.
In this cold weather, their duty roster scheduled two hours on.
I'm sure it's nothing, Chevalier turned back to the roster.
The list of speakers was a roster of the liberal wing, including.
If she could pull this off, he would definitely like to put her on his roster.
The only thing she found was a sheet of instructions and a duty roster, for Dr.
Unions also want to increase their membership roster to gain more influence and.
The man’s name on the personnel roster did not match the name on his transponder.
I will work out a duty and vacation roster tomorrow and publish it as soon as it is ready.
I was one of a rotating roster of big men who took Scout for the walks he so clearly needed.
Berkley and Mathews Advertising Agency was the diadem in Madison Avenue's roster of agencies.
Back in the office, Jenna had disappeared and Beth was pinning up fresh copies of the roster.
Elizabeth will set up a duty roster that has each of you rotating through the four positions.
He also knew from the meal breaks roster that Mark would have to go back to work before Eddie.
Seeing Wren’s name on the roster of available pilots, he took advantage as quickly as he could.
The regents of the coliseum were quick to enter your names into the roster of entrapped citizens.
Because the Japanese had never registered him with the Red Cross, his name wasn’t on the roster.
As soon as she and I have gone over the crew roster, we’ll start handing out assignments and positions.
She had been inserted into the roster after Crusher vacated his post, and all he knew of her was her name.
Captain, we are effectively a very small organization, with less than ninety field agents on our roster.
The officer on duty looked her up on the roster to confirm she was working on the case, then checked her ID.
A Dynasty league is configured in such a way where players are kept on the same roster from season to season.
By 1976, Jake had become the cofounder of Stiff Records and the co-manager of a growing roster of misfit acts.
It’s small and unconventional, championing local authors, and has an interesting and quirky roster of clients.
Should I put him on the roster for the day or do we ease him into it Brent ask Billy as he walked up to the office.
According to the class roster, many of you are new comers to Tai Chi, so I figured I would begin with questions and answers.
Few of the current agents on the roster could appreciate how tough it had been to just survive during the height of the Cold War.
These new reinforcements were going to do a lot to help relieve some of the pressure on her equally tired surviving pilots from her pre-war roster.
The authors listed the roster of the WLB Class Cutters, their categorization into Class A (Cactus), Class B (Mesquite), and Class C (Iris) vessels.
To win consistently and finish first in your division, you need a roster of the very best players available—those with proven records of excellence.
Here, a row of sound-proofed cubicles, with a piano in each, allowed girls registered with the music school to practise for a fixed time on a roster basis.

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