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    1. The rains marched through as if they were iron instead of water, and when in an hour or two the wind abated enough for me to look around, my wagon had floated off, the horse had bolted, and I was knee deep in a stream of runoff where my tent had been

    2. mastiff - flaps of flesh that superficially look comical but in reality are runoff channels for

    3. Yet the runoff from the poison killed other crops and wildlife

    4. The terrain was the result of the gullying effect of spring runoff, each little side valley taking hundreds of years to erode

    5. ” If a catastrophic runoff from the northern ice cap deglaciation had favored a western direction, it could have caused the Mediterranean to rise rapidly enough to breach the Bosporus in the north through some earthquake-caused crack in the narrow, eighteen-mile isthmus of hills that separated the Sea of Marmara and the Dardanelles from the lake-land (Black Sea) area

    6. There is a particularly vulnerable area that needs something to restrain the damage of the expected runoff

    7. They planted during the rainy season to take advantage of the runoff water from the mountains

    8. “So where does the runoff go?” asked Suzuki

    9. It was said that, in addition to polluting mothers milk, runoff from fields or ponds treated with DDT was causing eggshells of some birds to be too thin to last until the bird could hatch

    10. Now, partway through they’d come upon a watering hole where a catchment basin could be seen, constructed to trap the occasional surface water runoff, augmenting the small springwater supply at the bottom of a deep cistern

    11. seen, constructed to trap the occasional surface water runoff, augmenting the small

    12. It leads to my father’s wine cellar and exits atop the glacier’s runoff scree

    13. You create runoff which you care not where it ends up and many are unaware of where it ends up

    14. Sheepishly with head lowered he came from behind the rock, I don’t know what he did next because Gled punched me in the stomach and I folded over, the wind knocked out of me, she could certainly punch when she thought you were making fun of her, gasping for breath I grasped Jodas’s hand and congratulated him, Gled threw her arms about my neck and hugged me almost bringing me to my knees, when we arrived back at home there was no sign of Coatl so I left Gled and Jodas, who were oblivious of my presence anyway, and went in search of him, I found him deep in conversation with two tradesmen, one was a potter, the other a metal smith, without interrupting I sat next to Coatl, he was talking about rocks, yellow rocks, black rocks, silver mines, shale, the conversation became animated when the potter mentioned that he had found a large volcanic vent further down the valley with outcrops of a yellowish rock, Coatl then went on to explain that the yellow rock should be heaped on a rocky slope wood heaped over it, a channel cut down the hill to collect the molten run-off, ignite the wood and wait for the result, he told the potter that he was in charge of collecting as much of this yellow runoff as he could, any labour that he needed would be supplied by Wedon, as many people as it would take, turning to the metal smith he then asked about the nearest silver mine or granite outcrop, an abandoned mine would serve the purpose, it was not silver that we were after he explained, but a black mineral called pitchblende this they should find in the tailings of any worked out silver mine, an oil bearing shale was the next item Coatl discussed

    15. Grayson designed the water catchment system to collect the rain runoff from the roof and from the sandstone rock faces around the house

    16. Runoff from the road

    17. There ain’t been any runoff

    18. developed as a result of the runoff from the glaciers

    19. contaminated by the crop runoff

    20. Every river at its beginning starts as from either a trickle of runoff water or an underground spring

    21. Their only drinking water came from a reservoir fed by runoff from rice paddies fertilized with human excrement, and to avoid dying of thirst, the POWs had to drink it, leaving 90 percent of them afflicted with dysentery

    22. By the time he reached the faucet, runoff had snaked across the sloped floor, under the door, out into the hallway

    23. Ben had a theory that all the chemical runoff from all the farms rolled into the ground and was sucked up by these mean, greedy plants

    24. Denied access to capital markets to refinance maturing obligations, the GMAC business was effectively in runoff in October 2008

    25. The dry conditions could be attributed to a spring season that left the runoff from the mountains at 41 percent of the average

    26. Takes an hour for the runoff to get here

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