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    1. meant a little bit of exercise before scoff

    2. Inland meant up hill and that meant a little bit of exercise before scoff

    3. He heard Millicent scoff beside him, but the audience seemed pleased with his modest answer, smiling warmly at him, some even issuing scattered applause

    4. “I told you this wouldn’t work,” said Nicole with a scoff

    5. When they become the minority there is no reason to scoff at them or return the negative energy in which they shared it onto your beliefs

    6. 10 And they shall scoff at the kings, and the princes shall be a scorn to them:

    7. There are millions who scoff at this theory

    8. It wasn’t very big either, definitely not on the scale of Noah’s, but perhaps he had wanted to scoff at

    9. 39 And he answered and said, Now that the children of Israel know that I am ill, they turn and scoff at us, now therefore harness my chariot for me, and I will betake myself to Goshen and will see the scoff of the children of Israel with which they are deriding me; so his servants harnessed the chariot for him

    10. I scoff and shake my head

    11. I resist the urge to scoff

    12. with a machine gun and everyone would still scoff away at

    13. 39 And he answered and said Now that the children of Israel know that I am ill they turn and scoff at us now therefore harness my chariot for me and I will betake myself to Goshen and will see the scoff of the children of Israel with which they are deriding me; so his servants harnessed the chariot for him

    14. He knows big-city newspapers scoff at so-called “chicken-dinner journalism,” but it doesn’t bother him

    15. crew, looks that were intended to scoff at my nervous reaction

    16. Then Harek would shake his head, scoff with a sad laugh,

    17. The fool will say in his heart there is no God and they will say where is God? And they will scoff at God’s spoken and written Truth in His written Word

    18. He often giggled with her, scoff at her casually, and

    19. They would scoff at the clothes I wore because they weren't designer label, and would always comment about my hair being too dull and not having any highlights

    20. There are things to do, and faces that open their mouths and release words of acknowledgement and some praise, though mostly blandness except when the opportunities to scorn, scoff and criticize present themselves to others, mostly girls and women, who resent her for her appearance or the rumours about her

    21. scoff and ridicule the concept of the Rapture

    22. managers would scoff at), the next example will show the mirror relationship between the

    23. I pushed my full plate to the end of the table and before the busboy could scoff it up, Jamal pulled it over in front of him and started to finish my burger

    24. That only made the leading cavalryman scoff at her

    25. “I could hear Senator Hardin scoff under his breath, but Keller continued: ‘I have seen the fundamental truth of our situation

    26. Teach them to scoff at cynics and

    27. Why are we so exited about having wealthy neighbors who refuse to share and who scoff at equality out of fear of economic collapse, moral responsibility, and just plain selfishness? Who cares how much wealth a country possesses, if it does not share it with its people? A country is never rich unless all share the wealth

    28. Stedder would scoff at that suggestion, wondering what exactly it was that they graduated from, and more to the point what they ascended to

    29. mystery to anyone, because he knew his peers would scoff at him for

    30. The warden said, “Twenty is nothing to scoff at

    31. A hint of a scoff erupted from the judge’s lips

    32. “You're a serious man, Johnny,” said Caesar with a scoff and a flick

    33. She normally would scoff at any preferential treatment due to her gender, but the fatigue let her accept it willingly

    34. Some humanoid Seconds are, thus, comparatively old, though the reptiles would scoff if they heard any of us lay claim to that adjective

    35. that she would like nothing more than to scoff at

    36. Pine lifted his head in a regal manner that made Elm want to scoff

    37. Scoff: Showing contempt by insulting words or actions; it combines bitterness with ridicule

    38. Those who scoff at the idea of giving up all of the technological progress and the advantages of using fire and tools and oil and electricity do not understand that there is no such thing as an endless one-sided progress: technology is not progress

    39. And if one will scoff at this let me tell him that being in love, falling in love, has no explanation

    40. Modern historians scoff at such legends; deeming them total superstitious nonsense

    41. So people throw up their hands at such questions and issues and scoff at those who even bring them up

    42. All of the superstitions of the ancient world make sense, everything which people today scoff at, which ancient people believed implicitly is a product of the machinations and cunning deceptions of these unseen undead things

    43. Many will scoff at this assertion, so please contemplate the

    44. We should scoff at the fool who would judge his master and honor the master who would teach the fool

    45. Dogs– Those with their faces in the dust and who bark (argue and scoff) stubbornly and incessantly

    46. I've now demonstrated things that many would call miracles, magic, or simply scoff at without

    47. scoff at this analysis have simply failed to do the math

    48. come as a thief; this is no time to scoff or cling to your opinions, faith in false prophecies, and other

    49. Letting out a scoff, Damien rolled his eyes

    50. drinks those stagedoor johnnies drink with the opera hats I tasted once with my finger dipped out of that American that had the squirrel talking stamps with father he had all he could do to keep himself from falling asleep after the last time after we took the port and potted meat it had a fine salty taste yes because I felt lovely and tired myself and fell asleep as sound as a top the moment I popped straight into bed till that thunder woke me up God be merciful to us I thought the heavens were coming down about us to punish us when I blessed myself and said a Hail Mary like those awful thunderbolts in Gibraltar as if the world was coming to an end and then they come and tell you theres no God what could you do if it was running and rushing about nothing only make an act of contrition the candle I lit that evening in Whitefriars street chapel for the month of May see it brought its luck though hed scoff if he heard because he never goes to church mass or meeting he says your soul you have no soul inside only grey matter because he doesnt know what it is to have one yes when I lit the lamp because he must have come 3 or 4 times with that tremendous big red brute of a thing he has I thought the vein or whatever the dickens they call it was going to burst though his nose is not so big after I took off all my things with the blinds down after my hours dressing and perfuming and combing it like iron or some kind of a thick crowbar standing all the time he must have eaten oysters I think a few dozen he was in great singing voice no I never in all my life felt anyone had one the size of that to make you feel full up he must have eaten a whole sheep after whats the idea making us like that with a big hole in the middle of us or like a Stallion driving it up into you because thats all they want out of you with that determined vicious look in his eye I had to halfshut my eyes still he hasnt such a tremendous amount of spunk in him when I made him pull out and do it on me considering how big it is so much the better in case any of it wasnt washed out properly the last time I let him finish it in me nice invention they made for women for him to get all the pleasure but if someone gave them a touch of it themselves theyd know what I went through with Milly nobody would believe cutting her teeth too and Mina Purefoys husband give us a swing out of your whiskers filling her up with a child or twins once a year as regular as the clock always with a smell of children off her the one they called budgers or something like a nigger with a shock of hair on it Jesusjack the child is a black the last time I was there a squad of them falling over one another and bawling you couldnt hear your ears supposed to be healthy not satisfied till they have us swollen out like elephants or I dont know what supposing I risked having another not off him though still if he was married Im sure hed have a fine strong child but I dont know Poldy has more spunk in him yes thatd be awfully jolly I suppose it was meeting Josie Powell and the funeral and thinking about me and Boylan set him off well he can think what he likes now if thatll do him any good I know they were spooning a bit when I came on the scene he was dancing and sitting out with her the night of Georgina Simpsons housewarming and then he wanted to ram it down my neck it was on account of not liking to see her a wallflower that was why we had the standup row over politics he began it not me when he said about Our Lord being a carpenter at last he made me cry of course a woman is so sensitive about everything I was fuming with myself after for giving in only for I knew he was gone on me and the first socialist he said He was he annoyed me so much I couldnt put him into a temper still he knows a lot of mixedup things

    1. Seventy-year-old aunties who come for kirtan will want willow bats?' Ish scoffed

    2. ‘Not likely,’ scoffed Matt

    3. He scoffed at the looming

    4. During that year of frustration she went back to trying to figure out if the conscious entity Delos scoffed at but she suspected was still present in the logic

    5. " Theodorous scoffed, looking at the figure

    6. suspect anything?” Lucius scoffed

    7. Both his friends scoffed at that, and Wil cut him off saying, “We would never abandon you, Adem

    8. He scoffed with annoyance

    9. “I scoffed at his stories of conquests in London

    10. “I wouldn’t lie to you, Major,” I scoffed

    11. “Of course they are,” scoffed Dawley

    12. "Are you trying to tell me that you have free will?" I scoffed

    13. Nicole shook her head and scoffed

    14. ” Ethan scoffed, cringing his face and looking disgusted

    15. Moments later he scoffed, “Where are the pictures of the breakers?” But I didn’t say anything

    16. We are being laughed at, and scoffed by the

    17. Miranda Drew brought the story home from the Methodist Sunday School this afternoon and I simply scoffed at it

    18. ” he scoffed dismissively

    19. “Look, it’s a nice story,” he scoffed derisively, “but the Don ain’t

    20. “After all these years,” scoffed Heidegger, “it was mine and not

    21. Sephiroth scoffed, brushing the long

    22. “What are you, five?” He scoffed

    23. “What happened to me?” He scoffed

    24. “Of course not!” Nicolas scoffed

    25. ” He said, and I scoffed at him

    26. I scoffed at this notion because at that time, I could not

    27. Lucy, who’d scoffed at the idea of marijuana as a

    28. “Wow, no more monitoring of calls,” Number One Fan scoffed

    29. 14 The Pharisees who were lovers of money also heard all these things and they scoffed at Him

    30. The rulers with them also scoffed at Him saying "He saved others

    31. 12 And when the Pharisees heard all this because of their love for wealth they scoffed at him; And Jesus knew what was in their hearts and said to them you are those who justify yourselves before men; while God knows your hearts: the thing that is lofty with men is base before God

    32. 39 What then think you? They all answered and said He is worthy of death; Then some of them drew near and spat in his face and struck him and scoffed at him; And the soldiers struck him on his cheeks and said Prophesy to us you Mes- siah: who is he who struck you? And many other things spoke they falsely and said against him

    33. 5 And Herod when he saw Jesus rejoiced exceedingly for he had desired to see him for a long time because he had heard regarding him many things; and he counted on 6 seeing some sign from him; And he questioned him with many words; but 7 Jesus answered him not a word; And the scribes and chief priests were 8 standing by and they accused him vehemently; And Herod scoffed at him he and his servants; and when he had scoffed at him he clothed him in robes of scarlet 9 and sent him to Pilate; And on that day Pilate and Herod became friends there having been enmity between them before that

    34. He who relies on God let him deliver him now if he is pleased with him for he said I am the Son of God; And the soldiers also scoffed at him in that they came near to him and brought him vinegar and said to him If you are the King of the Jews save yourself; And likewise the two robbers also that were crucified with him reproached him; And one of those two malefactors who were crucified with him reviled him and said If you are the Messiah save yourself and save us also; But his comrade rebuked him and said do you not even fear God being yourself also in this condemnatione And we with justice and as we deserved and according to our deed have we been rewarded but this man has not done anything unlawful; And he said to Jesus Remember me my Lord when you come in your kingdom

    35. "Yeah, I saw it," she scoffed

    36. "Just like a man!" he scoffed

    37. "As if that's going to work," he scoffed

    38. ‘How desperate must you be?’ I scoffed at her

    39. I scoffed at him

    40. "A daughter of Aphrodite does not wish to be looked at," Zoe scoffed

    41. At last Thoth disengaged his hold and scoffed

    42. Mason scoffed, but felt obliged to honour her request

    43. The three women drank coffee while Amanda scoffed at each of their suggestions

    44. “And you, sir,” scoffed the Dangler as he hooked the petal and sent it into the water, “are a fraud of a frog of a fisherman! Now close your mouth and pray you do not come to the same end as your brethren

    45. Ortega scoffed, ―Why don‘t you call it what it is, bodies,‖ he said

    46. his seat, the pilot nearest her scoffed in reply

    47. He scoffed at those who believed emotionalappeals were all that mattered


    49. “Is there something your trying to tell me?” Matthew scoffed

    50. “Does this mean it was written four thousand years ago?” I scoffed

    1. With the result that people are scoffing and ridiculing the information contained in the Bible and even God Himself

    2. He ate several of both, scoffing them down in a hurry, probably worried the kids would come get him and he would not have enough time to eat his fill

    3. She reddened slightly at the imprecation contained within his scoffing remark

    4. “Such big concerns you Americans have,” she said, scoffing

    5. She sat on the floor in a Yoga position and made scoffing sounds

    6. Now I'm not scoffing at automation and streamlining a work process

    7. Tobias made a scoffing sound and leered at her

    8. No scoffing or dismissal as less capable but the patience and love expressed to all mankind should be shared on to these individuals as they too are souls in a physical existence

    9. Moose was scoffing a sandwich, drinking a cup of tea and studying a map of the island, when the sound of approaching footsteps were heard and there was a rap on the door

    10. A mug was filled and handed to an archer who scoffing the lot before saying it was no good

    11. She is revenging herself, as only the dead in their utter resentfulness can revenge themselves, for every hard and scoffing thought I had of her in life

    12. real try, not a scoffing challenge, but give Him a real

    13. Skye was scoffing and rolling her eyes to her friends

    14. So, here's a little more proof for those still scoffing

    15. Here's further proof that scoffing in the

    16. Remember, scoffing is

    17. ” Zoleka made a scoffing sound, and turned to put down a dish cloth

    18. As for me, who am of the whole blood of the whites, it is befitting that I should die as becomes my color, with no words of scoffing in my mouth, and without bitterness at the heart!"

    19. He had arguments which should have appeared solid enough if we, members of old, stable political and national organizations, were not startled by the mere idea of a new State evolved like this out of the head of a scoffing young man fleeing for his life, with a proclamation in his pocket, to a rough, jeering,

    20. I do not expect you to understand my grounds of action—it is not an easy thing even to thread a path for principles in the intricacies of the world—still less to make the thread clear for the careless and the scoffing

    21. “Don’t you?” he asked in a scoffing tone

    22. My courage and perseverance were invigorated by these scoffing words; I resolved not to fail in my purpose, and calling on heaven to support me, I continued with unabated fervour to traverse immense deserts, until the ocean appeared at a distance and formed the utmost boundary of the horizon

    23. “But could anyone possibly eat sixty monks?” objected the scoffing listeners

    24. But what was worse, besides the theft a senseless, scoffing sacrilege had been perpetrated

    25. As I said in my book, I have during the course of many years had frequent opportunities to remark the ridicule and rude jests that have been applied to Christ's words and doctrine, and the ecclesiastics not only failed to condemn it, they even encouraged this scoffing; but let a man venture to say one disrespectful word of the ugly idol called the Iverskaya,[7] sacrilegiously carried around Moscow by intoxicated men, and a groan of indignation will rise from these same Orthodox ecclesiastics

    1. She scoffs at him, "Don't be a fool, Solomon

    2. Connie shakes her head and feigns clearing her ears as she scoffs, “Jonathan, haven’t you been paying attention for the past eight years? We don’t have a ‘relationship’

    3. Glacia scoffs and raises her chin

    4. "Are you insinuating that my father cheated on Maureen with a Lightálfar, and then had me?" Layla scoffs

    5. "Of course," she scoffs

    6. While America scoffs and ignores the hundreds of gold medals the Germans won

    7. “She normally scoffs down more than anybody but she said she was full that evening

    8. No one scoffs at another's opinion, or condescends to their ideas

    9. They flouted at his efforts, and told him, with bitter scoffs, that his feet were better than his hands; and that he merited wings, while he knew not the use of an arrow or a knife

    10. Everly scoffs and turns back to the syrups

    11. What have we learned? The market scoffs at Graham’s principles in the short run, but they are always revalidated in the end

    12. These beings also lived with shorn heads, with downcast eyes, with lowered voices, not in disgrace, but amid the scoffs of the world, not with their backs bruised with the cudgel, but with their shoulders lacerated with their discipline

    13. All this she frankly tells Blacklock, who scoffs at the idea that he is in sore straits financially, though in his secret heart he knows that his position is indeed precarious

    14. Let those who by their acrimony, sneers, and scoffs, have thrown away this chief defence of our nation, be held responsible for the compulsion they have imposed on us to take this dire alternative

    15. It was not in the scoffs of the epaulette gentry, who, for any service they have seen, are the rawest militia, to degrade them in his eyes

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