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    1. The track leading up to The Centre isn’t wide enough for three to ride abreast and, taking advantage of the narrowness of the trackway, Berndt sets a more sedate pace as we turn off the main way

    2. which contrasted sharply with his previously sedate style of driving

    3. The ensemble was ideal for one of those sedate portraits so frequently adorning the halls and mantles of the genteel

    4. Just the sedate activities each or several together of the company enjoyed during the hiatus from their on-going mysteries

    5. ” Without another word he bowed again, rose, mounted the horse and set off – this time at a more sedate pace, giving the poor animal time to recover

    6. “Oh no you don’t we will have none of this now either lie back or I will sedate you

    7. Jumping back in the car, I drove off at a sedate twenty-nine miles an hour, uncomfortably aware that the police car was following us down the road

    8. The van took off at a sedate pace, with Marcos securely cuffed hand and foot behind the driver’s seat

    9. The cabbie happily drove them out of town at a steady and sedate velocity of about forty-five k’s an hour, if the weeds speeding by outside and the drift of the dust were any indication

    10. Its silent tread was sedate as they merged smoothly into the traffic patterns of the city

    11. They'll grow sedate and sober--as I've done

    12. “I’m going to sedate her and put her on a drip

    13. She was quirky; I was sedate

    14. “Heaven” theory to sedate yourself with

    15. the whole “God” and “Heaven” theory to sedate

    16. The women followed at a more sedate pace until they caught sight of Youssaf and others handing out samples of grain to some of the women who had ventured in that direction

    17. The women followed at a more sedate pace until they caught sight of Youssaf and others

    18. She hoped that the rest of the trip north would be at a more sedate pace and that they would reach Scotland in one piece

    19. Felicity led the way at a sedate walk into the woods and along the bridle-path

    20. The bulding was rather sedate, quite simple, and most unassuming

    21. Corpulent, sedate and cunning, Hassid could not have been more different from his lean impulsive and forthright son

    22. It was so different from the comparatively sedate atmosphere they had left behind

    23. Soon the summer holidays that the O’Connor children found sedate and confining came to an end and they almost gladly settled back into their school routine

    24. What did they do to him? He was hysterical when they brought him in; I had to sedate him with Valium and then Ativan

    25. 14: Sedate your nerves with music: Dr

    26. Most of the ladies had smeared their makeup wiping off the tears of laughter as they whirled around the floor in what had changed from a rather sedate party to one that was as loud and rambunctious as the ones Greg and Avi remembered from their youth

    27. I have to sedate you for the whole ride

    28. sedate, but not lazy or tired

    29. He was sedate, almost serene as he stood-up and grinned affectionately at the child

    30. Ambrosius broke the sedate pace of imbibement by ordering a quadruple measure of Pusser's Rum and knocking it back in one tonsil-singeing gulp

    31. All right Sam, but I may have to sedate her

    32. After fifteen minutes, Fernand had to escort the deeply disturbed reporter to the Gesia Street Time Patrol command post, so that Farah Tolkonen ‘B’ could treat and sedate her

    33. � Alternating between quick run and a more sedate jogging pace, Nancy crossed the arched bridge over St James� Park Lake and took Birdcage Walk once out of the park, turning left on Victoria Embankment to follow the bank of the Thames River

    34. “The pain all over her body was so bad that the doctors had to sedate her, so she can get some rest!”

    35. Villagers watched her, their faces grim and sedate

    36. Had he the tools, he would sedate it, heal it, and send it on its way

    37. But just at that point we hit the downhill and all thought of slowing down and cycling at a more sedate pace, vanished

    38. “I had to sedate her due to the pain

    39. “They’ll fit in the SaLing’s shuttle bay, but we may need to sedate them to prevent them from hurting themselves

    40. During the confusion, I managed to sedate the poachers and the Loraxes, rescued you, liberated six of the Loraxes, one of which was badly hurt by the poachers

    41. If he makes another noise, sedate him,” she said,

    42. If your body operates without the direction of your head, you are generally considered worthy of being locked up somewhere, or given medical attention to sedate you

    43. He was careful to check it over thoroughly before he got in, started the engine, and followed Catherine at a more sedate pace

    44. Unlike their first chance encounter, this time Gerald was dressed in a sharply-tailored business suit, a sedate Hermes tie breaking the line of his crisp Oxford shirt, and a Burberry coat draped neatly over one arm

    45. The doctors had no choice but to sedate him for two weeks, just to keep him from distressing his injuries

    46. while others will sedate

    47. The doctor decided to sedate both her and the father who was in a state of shock

    48. He turned to the sedate master – whose face was still bright, luminous and clear – and he said to Mr

    49. It was hard to ignore the camera because in the sedate mood lighting of the party the bright light attached to it was like a portable sun

    50. The fact that Declan is disabled has garnered many column inches but discussing it is the only time in our interview that I detect anything other than sedate coolness

    1. ‘No … but they’re keeping her heavily sedated for the next day or so to give her head a chance to recover

    2. Duncan was wrapped in a series of bandages and also mildly sedated

    3. To dream that you are sedated indicates that you are trying to avoid an issue, responsibility or situation that is causing you emotional pain

    4. Elijah was not sedated anymore but he hardly said a word when I and Archie spoke to him not even when I informed him that Johnny Grundy was dead

    5. He decided his medication must have been keeping him sedated in that regard also, though he knew he would have to continue to take it when he returned home

    6. The last of the sedated absent-ness blasted away completely

    7. The doctor was already checking her heartbeat, still a little fast for someone who had been sedated

    8. “Do you have the facilities? I mean, she’s still sedated

    9. Another time a young, sedated Jenny was about to have an operation, and the doctor looked in her throat to see what size intubation tube he’d need

    10. He bought me time to regroup by asking the nurse the natural questions about what Mia had said during that short period of time when she had been conscious and why she had been sedated

    11. “The doctor wanted her sedated as within minutes of waking she became extremely agitated

    12. Mike pranced off to practice more feints and counter attacks, it was better seeing him this way than sedated

    13. Less than fifteen minutes later the Doc had Paul sedated

    14. drinking? It"s just that I sedated myself as if I

    15. up having to be fully sedated for an emergency c-section, so I

    16. delivery, she had to be completely sedated in order for

    17. As predicted, Marjie was strongly sedated for several hours

    18. Said he will be heavily sedated for a while as well

    19. Lorna regained consciousness during the night, asked groggily for some yoghurt and the whereabouts of Rick, and then succumbed to the drugs that would keep her sedated for a few days because of the concussion she had suffered from fall on the hard cement

    20. These girls were kept sedated with drugs specially developed in the Abraham Pharmaceuticals Research Laboratories until they accepted their fate and got used to their new lifestyle

    21. Initially they were impregnated without their knowledge while drugged and often kept in a mildly sedated state until they gave birth to their parasitic bundles of joy

    22. The staff in the areas where the surrogates were accommodated were encouraged to mix freely with the mildly sedated girls

    23. These girls appeared to have been systematically kept sedated in much the same way as patients in mental institutions were kept in the 1960’s

    24. sedated and Jessica stayed with her

    25. Richard just stared at the floor in a heavily sedated stupor

    26. It was Patricia on the other end of the line, ringing to tell him that she had arrived safely, settled her things into her old room at her folks’ place and checked in on her mother, who was conscious but heavily sedated at the moment

    27. ” The baby was heavily sedated and attached to

    28. the child was sedated

    29. “They said he was sedated and died peacefully, Oh God! I hope that was true”

    30. Feel sedated, relaxed and even "high"

    31. They have to keep her sedated with twice the drugs that the other girls have

    32. Five months ago we implanted our microchip into the back of his upper neck while he was heavily sedated

    33. They sedated her and that was all she remembered

    34. She had sedated herself to sleep every night and now her normal sedating ability was gone

    35. “Only two guards? Why can’t she be restrained or sedated?”

    36. sedated and tranquil in my whole life

    37. I’m going in, so I’ll probably lose you because of this damn EMP shield,” he said and stepped off, landing on a spot to the side of the two sedated men’s bodies

    38. The only problem was they had sedated me too heavily for the plane flight, thinking I might be anxious about it

    39. Although sedated, she leapt up and hugged Sam when he finally broke the news

    40. She realized the last six hours of sedated grief were better than uncertainty and possibly still losing Max

    41. Less than six minutes later, Charles Watts was carried out on an anti-gravity gurney, having been heavily sedated by Maria Perez

    42. “He’s not able to speak right now because the doctors over there have him sedated also

    43. “You should not have sedated her,” Kitara said

    44. meanwhile, studied the bio readings, sedated the whole pack of Loraxes, and then

    45. Lwaxana called for a medic to come have the kid sedated

    46. Currently, he’s sedated

    47. she has been sedated

    48. The police had included this in their notes, because Jessica had to be sedated both times

    49. The western medical machine, a system that seemed to have a life of its own, admitted Rob to the hospital and he was then mildly sedated

    50. The last thing I remember is seeing the noxious green vapours surrounding Garbotron from 8 light years away, immediately before we were sedated by some faction of Kroonum officers and blasted toward the aforementioned noxious green vapours

    1. ACh alternately excites and sedates nerve endings, and it is this ability to suppress excitability that may help migraine patients

    1. Cedarwood oil benefits the skin by its sedating ability which relieves itching

    2. is alive! Ira is alive! Sadly, the lance head at her throat and the sedating effects of the poison had made that impossible

    3. since this is identified to be a sedating medicine

    4. o These are sedating medicines that relax the muscles and nerves

    5. She had sedated herself to sleep every night and now her normal sedating ability was gone

    6. J T screamed until a medic shoved a syringe in his arm sedating him

    7. Lady Triplet had awoken and was quite perturbed with Sheila for sedating her again

    8. � The child�s burns were extensive and she was undoubtedly going to suffer horribly once the sedating effects of shock subsided

    9. The tea has a slightly sedating effect, so the Zorbans are very relaxed and easy-going,' the UPS said

    10. advantage of not being as sedating or addictive as the older types of tranquilizer and having less withdrawal effects

    11. So I found myself haphazardly taking Suboxone, which was supposed to help me get off of opiates, because I thought its sedating side effects would help me with my anxiety

    12. It was the only thing that gave him ease other than the sedating draft

    13. This is a more than three hundred-year-old method of killing fish, and in our restaurant, this means sedating the fish with a strong thud against the head and then sticking a thread into the spine to drain the blood

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