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    1. False humility will come with an appearance of being humble, but it is only self-effacing

    2. willing to be self-effacing when the occasion called for it

    3. I thought he might shift from the self-effacing Abnegation leader to the nightmare I knew at home, that he might lash out and reveal himself for who he is

    4. He, on the other hand, depicted himself in the center of every scene, strewing gifts to the females with both hands, accepting their fulsome thanks with modest and self-effacing graciousness

    5. “A love that is based on the goodness of those whom you love is a mercenary affair, whereas true love is self-effacing and demands no consideration

    6. Despite, or perhaps in keeping with, the care with which she presents herself, sheseems timid and self-effacing

    7. members with his quick, self-effacing wit

    8. ” His comments were meant to be self-effacing but sounded superfluous

    9. ” She focused her attention on the tablecloth as she recalled the event with self-effacing shame at having eavesdropped

    10. “Oh,” Lowell said with surprise evident in his voice as he looked towards the floor in self-effacing shame

    11. He seemed upset, Feltus concluded, and with good reason perhaps at having to recount such a terrible incident that was so troubling before total strangers; consequently, it would seem to be the best remedy to that which plagued this humble man, freeing him of the misery of the self-effacing guilt

    12. “If I told him once, I told him ten times,” Feltus chided himself in a self-effacing way as he gently pounded his fist against the back of one of the chairs

    13. When they put on their headbands and begin ceremonies they become filled with the Spirit (Ahau) and are completely self-effacing – not there, and yet utterly real and masterful in a way which makes most of our religious and spiritual leaders seem, by comparison, phony and ugly

    14. Ever-smiling, self-effacing and courteous, the fifty-five-year-old Chauhan was a man with few enemies

    15. "Ah--mate," he would coo again, sighing; while Manby, very genteel and self-effacing in a corner, appeared to be studying a Russian newspaper

    16. I was in awe of his talent, yet he was so down-to-earth and self-effacing

    17. Because his self-effacing act

    18. Oliver Stone lamely, and self-effacingly listed the areas Alexander had conquered 2 ½ thousand years ago

    19. I had been as self-effacing in that conversation as possible, teaching through example that we could all chuckle at ourselves in a playful spirit

    20. She put her hair behind her shoulders and turned attacking her salad into a shared misadventure, with widened eyes and about six different kinds of half-smiles, ranging from rueful and self-effacing to amused anticipation, as Reacher picked up his burger and tried to take a bite

    21. Around Melanie’s tactful and self-effacing person, there rapidly grew up a clique of young and old who represented what was left of the best of Atlanta’s ante-bellum society, all poor in purse, all proud in family, die-hards of the stoutest variety

    22. I always imagined he was somewhat self-effacing, as while he was credited with most of the songs, his three bandmates took all the lead vocals, so I was startled by how showy his guitar playing was in person

    23. Billie smiled, and she was so charmingly self-effacing

    24. Of course, self-effacing Petainen would never pretend to compare himself to the investment greats or even to the professors he cribs screens from

    25. The more they were quiet, self-effacing before, the more they now swagger and seek to inspire fear

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