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Sequential в предложении (на )

  1. It’s not a sequential process.
  2. Here's an example (of a sequential habit).
  3. The verb above is for sequential reads, while.
  4. This is also what is referred to as a sequential file.
  5. A reversal which is exacting, but not identical in sequential order.

  6. Above five statements are part of sequential statements of a C program.
  7. I reviewed the first 199 organizations on the list, in sequential order.
  8. It has a lot to do with not knowing any better and/or sequential habits.
  9. Sequential outputs appear at pins 3, 2, 4,7, 10, 1, 5, 6, 9 and 11–in.
  10. You get instructions with illustrations and steps numbered in sequential order.
  11. They all contained stories about the murders, all in sequential order by date.
  12. It read: Sex Changes in Fish—A Look at Simultaneous and Sequential Hermaphrodites.
  13. The records are from a sequential data set with Wednesday, April 2, 2014, as the first date.
  14. Navigating streets named using sequential numbers and letters in alphabetical order is easy.
  15. Just as the elements of determinism are sequential ["cause effect"], so there is a sequence to.

  16. Sequential statements are those statements in a program that executes one by one in a given sequence.
  17. The computational details of sequential sampling procedures are beyond the scope of the present text.
  18. In a rapid-growth company that adds outlets quarterly, sequential earnings can be equally interesting.
  19. Ascension is the sequential step which affords us access to higher levels of energy from other dimensions.
  20. In our previous discussion, every one of the records in this file was processed since we had a sequential file.
  21. There is a sequential addition of bodies consisting of particles of higher and higher, of more spiritual Plans.
  22. The major benefit of sequential designs is that we may stop early if results clearly favor one or the other hypothesis.
  23. If you work with different computers you will hear about flat files, sequential files, indexed or keyed files and databases.
  24. We want the first record on the next number file, so we do a sequential read of the first record whose key is larger than 0.
  25. Every sequential step of the Maximize Your Muscle program, every new phase, is one piece in a carefully designed jigsaw puzzle.

  26. They will all have unique keys and we can access records in the files by keys as well as read those files in a sequential manner.
  27. I’m not sure where the term, flat file originated, but why do we need the designation when the term sequential file suffices?
  28. As oftentimes occurs with old age, however, such purges, or memory losses are random and short-termed rather than time sequential.
  29. A sequential read of the file is being done, starting with the first record and subsequent reads until the end of the file is reached.
  30. Entire books have been written on the topics of survey design, sequential analysis, and survival analysis, and that’s just the letter s.
  31. Some will argue that a database needs to have a key and this equates to an indexed file, but certainly a sequential file is a database – with limitations.
  32. These are developmental features that have been observed to be usual at any moment during each stage but are not necessarily either sequential or compulsory.
  33. She watched the monitor as the genes transmuted into sequential codes on it, while lending an ear to Minto’s voice from the Android lessons on the other side.
  34. Sequential photos of binary star systems were used to teach students how all heavenly bodies were swung around a common center of gravity, how everything in the universe.
  35. A couple of bundles of balloons released under the right place, at the right time, in multiple locations, and you can easily cause a sequential collapse of the power grid.
  36. In the balance of this chapter, we shall focus on methods for determining a fixed sample size, merely indicating some of the possibilities associated with sequential sampling.
  37. As Walter was working on doing that, Alvin just sat there looking at Jeremiah with a half-cocked look in his eye as Jeremiah tapped his fingers on the table in a sequential fashion.
  38. Move out of the rational level of sequential thought into planes where you are one with Consciousness and you find a universe which is lawful and deterministic – it's just running off.
  39. This means that the result should be exactly the same, but each implementation has a different performance and code complexity (as an example, think of sequential search versus binary search).
  40. The adaptive method of sequential sampling is used primarily in clinical trials where either the treatment or the condition being treated presents substantial risks to the experimental subjects.
  41. Bianki, who conducted experiments with rats, concluded that in rats the parallel and spatial processors of information is localised in the right brain; and the sequential and temporal processors in the left one.
  42. Also, in the scripting technique illustrated as follows, we will be using the concept of PowerShell workflows to migrate the virtual machines across the Hyper-V host cluster live in a parallel manner and not a sequential one:.
  43. In our hypothetical experiment, we have a choice of using either a sample of fixed size, or of a sequential sampling method in which we proceed in stages, deciding at each stage whether to terminate the experiment and make a decision.
  44. One way and another, it has begotten events so remarkable in themselves, and so continuously momentous in their sequential issues, that whaling may well be regarded as that Egyptian mother, who bore offspring themselves pregnant from her womb.
  45. What Abraham Wald showed in his pioneering research was that on the average, the resulting sequential experiment would require many fewer observations whether or not the vaccine was effective than would a comparable experiment of fixed sample size.
  46. Your “personal” interrelations are the most important link in this Process of sequential “remembering of Yourself”, which can also be carried out in the Self-Consciousness spontaneously, when you simply are the result of everything that happens to you.
  47. But on the other hand, the so-called chaos, ensured by a sequential stimulation of Intelligence, represents a potential source of possible harmony within physical, chemical, biological, and even social systems, all of which exist in these externally destructive states.
  48. Every event of your Life is already initially included in the rotation Cycle chosen by you only to be used by you in some way for the sequential re-creation, in your temporal ethereal constituent, of a high-qualitative Image of the One Who You really Are, Who You are in All.
  49. Let’s suppose that according to the same sequential principle, in its typical doollttrok subjective realities, another Proto-Form has also simultaneously synthesized 1500 kinds of creative interactions that very remotely resemble that which we mean by the electric Field — lower Aspects of the Quality ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence.
  50. Thus, we make sure on the basis of this notional “image” that every Stereo-Type (”puzzle piece”) is initially included into differently-directed “rotation” dynamics of sequential UFS refocusings “made with different intensities at one and the same moment in the entire diversity of Directions corresponding to a given qualitative Ray of Choice Vectors.
  51. When I say that somebody has an “interpersonal” interaction with somebody else, this means that a certain part of the combined qualitative dynamics of FCA and FDR of the NUU-VVU-Configurations of the bio-Creators of one “personality”, during sequential inertial refocusings, has resonated with a part of the combined dynamics of FCA and FDR typical of the NUU-VVU-Configurations of another “personality” (among already existing ones).
  52. The individual rotation Cycle is the continuous system of a sequential activation of the creative dynamics of all processes initially programmed for certain Formo-systems of Worlds of subjective Realities and inertially re-created in Space-Time through the subjective creative dynamics that sequentially unfold from the temporal ethereal constituent in the information space of Self-Consciousness of each of the NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by Us.
  53. If we move upwards or forwards (positional metaphors implying improvement), it is more Brownian Motion jerking us to and fro from discovery, insight and conjecture to postulate something, to test that something, to pursue that something, to create that something, rather than being a sequential climb up a preordained ladder of hierarchical discoveries, inventions, and their rationally entailed intentions (how we should, must act, or what we ought to do).
  54. If to increase the dynamics of the electromagnetic Field toward amplification of the dominance (in this synthetic Process) of the Creative Activity of Aspects of the Quality ALL-Essentiality, then this will inevitably lead to a sequential transformation of the electromagnetic Field into the specific dynamics of the uyyu’yy Field, with its characteristic increase of such a weakly expressed (in the ordinary states of our Formo-systems) parameter as radiation.
  55. All Vectors of the sequential dynamics of these activities form in the Self-Consciousness those SFUURMM-Forms, which determine all Conceptions of every “personality” of “itself”, that is, they also structure by corresponding qualities (and Images) new Conceptions of this “personality” of “itself in the future”, of the NUU-VVU-Configuration of the “personality” for which it has a stable Aspiration, which is “now” subjectively most interesting and attractive to it.
  56. To summarize the above information, I would like to point out one more time: all specific dynamics of the inertial process of your so-called “life creativity”, which is based on all your interrelations with “yourself”, as well as with objects and subjects of the outer World, represent only the sequential dynamics of simultaneous projection of your Focus of Close Attention from some NUU-VVU-Configurations that correspond to the “present”, inertially “passing” state of the joint dynamics of FCA and FDR into other NUU-VVU-Configurations that in a greater degree correspond to the kleksized, qualitatively changed states of FCA and FDR of your Self-Consciousness.
  57. The majority of this “moment-by-moment” Information is inaccessible to the “personality’s” Self-Consciousness in its ordinary (unaltered) states because it contains absolutely all of the scrupulously- and objectively-registered sequences of characteristic Configurations of wave frequencies associated with all rotation Cycles that change each other from time to time; this constitutes the total “cause-and-effect” energy-information basis of Life of this particular “personality”, including not only all sequential dynamics of its Thoughts and Feelings, but also the “memory” of even the most insignificant Actions, that is, about all mechanical (automatic) and physiological (rough sensual) movements.
  58. In the whole different-qualitative and boundless multidimensionality of Space-Time of the Universe, any variant of your “future” scenario of development, into which you will certainly refocus one day, already initially exists, being “unpacked-unfolded” at this very instant in the information “space” of your “future” Form, just like every instant of any of scenarios of your “past” lived by you also always already initially exists, not only in your recollections of it, but as the most real — for your other “personalized” Interpretations — “present” (which we refer to the notional time category the Memory-of-the-World-of-the-Past — that eternal state of Space-Time, where absolutely all variants of our “past” always exist, and, whatever we do “now” or in “the future”, we cannot change their specific sequential dynamics for a single instant).
  59. Now you know that there isn’t any Death for you, and you have absolutely nothing to be afraid of! Therefore, do everything possible so that as soon as possible you could really start to experience and deeply feel yourself as Your Self! Turn any unpleasant situation which you have to endure and overcome into that which you use as an instrument for the creation and sequential realization of the most sublime of all your Interpretations of Yourself! In all your interrelations, try to deepen, strengthen and preserve this Image of Yourself in your Self-Consciousness, never watch the way others act, the things they like or not, the things they accept or not, and you will learn how to always remain the One WHO you yourself want to become, do that which you yourself consider necessary, ask that which you yourself wish to ask and give that which you yourself want to give, that which you yourself seek, create or experience.

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