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Severity в предложении (на )

  1. That severity is not diatribe.
  2. It told the severity of the damage.
  3. With more of mildness than severity.
  4. The navy has a reputation for severity.
  5. Understanding the severity of that past.

  6. Do they understand the severity of–.
  7. Given the severity of the alternative, and.
  8. They were overcome with the severity of the.
  9. If the bug is of high severity then the risk is.
  10. The severity of his headaches had magnified 235.
  11. Keep in mind that the severity of his ailment is.
  12. Suddenly he realized the severity of the situation.
  13. Behold then the goodness and severity of God: toward.
  14. Its extreme severity was, perhaps, one of those causes.
  15. Despite the severity of this boundary event, there was.

  16. Depending on the severity of condition brain, mental and.
  17. He was all the more firmly set on this severity, since M.
  18. It was with an accent of severity that Marius continued:.
  19. There are various contributors on the severity of snoring.
  20. You do not realise the severity of the threat before us.
  21. Depending on the severity of the handicap normal physical.
  22. It was the tone of austerity answering the tone of severity.
  23. It was unclear, at first, the severity of the issue at hand.
  24. Horrified at the suddenness and severity of the attack, we.
  25. Caymus was surprised to learn of the severity of her ailment.

  26. Depending on the severity of the case, persistent violators.
  27. Depending on the severity of the bite and the circumstances.
  28. Due to the severity of the situation you will forgive me for.
  29. State laws vary widely in the severity of shoplifting charges.
  30. Frosts will soon set in, and in all probability with severity.
  31. Stoke is of the opinion that the severity of the situation.
  32. Location, type, and severity of pain: Describe the location of.
  33. But the real threat to this age group is the severity of damage.
  34. Sternness and severity of manner chill them and throw them back.
  35. Then it increased its severity and they strode with more purpose.
  36. Stunned into silence by Aerith’s severity, he started after her.
  37. The nature, time course and severity of methamphetamine withdrawal.
  38. Eliminating the severity of my insomnia is a specific factor.
  39. The severity of her condition became even clearer, after the doctor.
  40. There was no time presently to check the severity of his lacerations.
  41. A migraineur’s lifestyle impacts the severity and frequency of the.
  42. She attempted to look reserved; her face put on a sculptural severity.
  43. I don't think you understand the severity of what has gone on here.
  44. But the severity of the situation granted him leeway, just this once.
  45. Depending where the how severity of the damage and where the tube is.
  46. Mary mimed the severity of the situation back down to the waiting cart.
  47. Later on, indulgence and kindness saved me, as severity had ruined me.
  48. Two Safewords will be invoked depending on the severity of the demands.
  49. During the last weeks of February the severity of the weather increased.
  50. He would have it out even to the extent of severity and have done with it.
  51. Currently, sparse information is available about the severity and nature of.
  52. The notation here indicates that you failed to report the severity of Mr.
  53. Everyone has bad habits, but listing them out can overemphasize its severity.
  54. Iron supplementation could therefore increase the severity of bacterial 157.
  55. The following illustrates to what a degree severity on that point was carried.
  56. These are the people who can help you interpret the true severity of the news.
  57. The woman will not notice any increase in the severity of the episode over time.
  58. Lower amounts of oral SAMe have also produced reductions in the severity of OA.
  59. LE (1998) Reliability and validity of the Cocaine Selective Severity Assessment.
  60. An infant love, made desperate and intense by the severity of the circumstances.
  61. They are children, and, as I always say, children need both love and severity!.
  62. The severity of the discomfort does not matter; the process is exactly the same.
  63. The investigative team was however energised by the enormity and severity of the.
  64. I don't think you're appreciating the severity of your condition, Nicky said.
  65. Sophie seemed to realize the severity of what she’d said, and started stuttering.
  66. Dependence, one of the key questions to assess severity of nicotine dependence is.
  67. Cora remained silent, for she knew not how to palliate this imprudent severity on.
  68. What? Why? After a moment, Cinder added with severity, Cira’s on board.
  69. I’d never felt any raging of the elements with the severity of this storm before.
  70. Migraine attacks were reduced in frequency, severity, and duration in 90% of those.
  71. Nikitin, who, as usual, stood for severity and for strict formality, was against it.
  72. Do they actually understand the severity of the crisis? countered Suzuki, his.
  73. The sudden attack and its severity had forced most of Shiva’s camp to cower behind.
  74. She was seething with pent-up anger and the severity of her verbal attack stunned him.
  75. Nikitin, who always was on the side of severity and formality, took up the other side.
  76. I am confident that you will find I have not exaggerated the severity of the situation.
  77. The amount needed depends on the severity of hypochlorhydria and on the size of a meal.
  78. Ma chère, there is a time for everything, said the countess with feigned severity.
  79. I don’t know what you have heard but I cannot underestimate the severity of the problem.
  80. It is usually only in December or January that the Russian winter displays all its severity.
  81. The severity of back pain even prevented him from watching his beloved rugby as a spectator.
  82. In spite of the severity of his injuries, I felt strangely confident that Nuke would survive.
  83. But through that severity and solemnity, through the sadness, shone the innocence of a child.
  84. It only announces the fact that a judicial penalty is due, without revealing the severity of it.
  85. Then he added with a touch of severity, Your remarks, my treasure, are not in your usual taste.
  86. Wickland frowned at the numbers for the sheer magnitude that reinforced the severity of the event.
  87. Eric's mind went silent as the severity of this new reality imposed itself on his self-awareness.
  88. They realize that they themselves are doomed from the moment they abate one jot of their severity.
  89. And indeed, there was probably nothing left of that machine, given the severity of the destruction.
  90. Hair loss is a natural process, but the severity of the condition differs from one person to another.
  91. The man’s eyes widened slightly once again as he recognized the urgency and severity of the matter.
  92. In certain cases he showed merciless severity which only gained for him the respect of the convicts.
  93. It must, and ought, with severity, be put down in this House, and, out of it, to meet the lie direct.
  94. His own insecurities, great enough to match my own in scope if not severity, were all there in my hand.
  95. Violating a protective order may also increase the severity of harassment, stalking or menacing charge.
  96. Sara had always been an annoying puzzle to her, because severity never made her cry or look frightened.
  97. The ginger root tea will reduce the severity of the stomach cramps that you have along with the diarrhea.
  98. Her water had broken four hours ago and since then the contractions had been merciless in their severity.
  99. Smerdyakov stood facing him, his hands behind his back, looking at him with assurance and almost severity.
  100. She spoke impatiently and with severity; this was the first allusion she had made to the party of tomorrow.

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