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    sign on

    1. A sign on one of the buildings reads,

    2. You almost had to sign on to a tribe to care about it

    3. there is a warning sign on his house which is put to prevent the spread

    4. That's how we met, he was pretty much dropped off on my deck with a sign on his forehead reading 'Hazorpean'

    5. I was alone, all except for one sun-worshipper and a polite little sign on a wall at the beach that told me, The Nudism Is Forbidding

    6. those who sign onto their site

    7. We find a café by the entrance but there is a large CLOSED sign on the door

    8. “Minister Gordon, Pro Dantu,” Mistress Tara began in a deep voice, “there is only one life sign on that ship, and it is stationary

    9. A quick-drawn sign on a scrap of plank pointed downstairs under the porch for free klizhorn nymphs, lively and quick-witted

    10. to join up with Petr at Perlow and sign on at the

    11. He put his ‘Be back soon’ sign on the door and went down three elevator shafts into the catacombs of the Gnomes where the original sample tickets for the Helmet Room labs were stored

    12. A sign on the side of this

    13. Now that they were outside, Andrew slapped a ’kick me’ sign on Jack’s back, and told him to bend over

    14. All of them to get the once-janitor to sign on the

    15. There was still a hand-written 'closed' sign on withered paper taped to the doorframe

    16. There are many who sign on to the ranks because they’re bored or think it might be ‘fun’

    17. As you can imagine the charge should not be deadly and your contractors have fixed a warning sign on the fence

    18. In Canada we usually just put a skinny little post in the ground, and a strip of metal or a wooden sign on top, about six feet up

    19. If I hadn"t spotted an overhead sign on the highway indicating the direction to Clearwater Beach, I would have been half way to Miami thinking it would only be a few minutes more before I reached the Memorial Causeway

    20. A folded piece of paper was tucked above Colling’s “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door to their room

    21. on the Earth, see you, when he lifts up an ensign on the mountains; and when he blows a trumpet, you hear it

    22. of five shall you flee: till you be left as a beacon on the top of a mountain, and as an ensign on an hill

    23. They all carried a small shield with a geometric design on it, wore a plate of wood or metal on their chest and back and some of them seemed to be wearing cotton “armor” like that worn in Anahuac

    24. they shall be as the stones of a crown, lifted up as an ensign on his land; 17 For how great is his goodness, and how great is his

    25. As always, you may sign on as many people as you want, so you can greatly increase your earnings

    26. He tells Nigel that he’d be glad to assign one of his security men to each of the band members

    27. You will sign one of these tapes at the end of the interview

    28. production design on such films as Flight of the Phoenix

    29. I don’t wait for the courier guy to speak, before grabbing the envelope, sign on the electronic reader and thank him

    30. He had great artistic ability, so he could design one-of-a-kind unique drawings in addition to using the hundreds of “flash cards” found in every such shop

    31. He apologized that he had not gotten me to sign one last paper allowing the cremation

    32. He noticed the design on the shirt

    33. There was a closed sign on the door but with the girls inside it clearly looked open so we all walked in

    34. drugstore that had a sign on its door that read: Certain Drugs

    35. Then he came to a sign on the wal

    36. There was a sign on the door

    37. vendors put a sign on the front of the part of the cart where they cook the hot dogs, but I've seen

    38. After all, he did hang a sign on the door for the world to see

    39. He wore a fuzzy sweater with a hoofprint design on it, and he had a blanket on his lap that almost hid his wheelchair completely

    40. There was a big sign on the door

    41. The press was greatly surprised with who turned the sign on the door

    42. The eighteen-wheeler had a sign on the back, which I could read only because it was reverse-printed white on black, a good combination for dyslexia: KINDNESS INTERNATIONAL: HUMANE ZOO TRANSPORT

    43. Gāndhiji did not sign on any agreement because the British intent was to create more problems rather than solve any

    44. The glow is welcome sign on the other side of the plane where the horizon is electric

    45. ―Things are in motion, and anybody who doesn‘t sign on with

    46. He looked at the six letters on the sign on the railway platform, as the train began to move and a bitter tear began roll down his cheek, thinking of the day he first saw them

    47. product or service is something he can use to advantage, he wil sign on the

    48. You look even better than you did last month, for now Venus is entering your sign on the 23rd

    49. When Jupiter enters your own sign on July 16, you enter a cycle of prosperity which you will experience for the next few years – well into 2016

    50. This month your health planet Mars moves into your own sign on the 18th

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