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    1. " He looked up and looked sincere, "You'll see

    2. become free from sins and was sincere in his request? Who put himself

    3. We must be sincere, the way children are, telling God everything that is in

    4. “Really, Yvonne, you are the most sincere and unselfish person I have ever met,” she told me this evening, when I visited her

    5. Lampshade: Your lover hasn't been sincere and he is sorry about it; if the light is on, he will ask for an apology

    6. "That behavior is not the most sincere expression of love in this society

    7. Having a healthy variety and still coming home to the same special friend is a much more sincere expression of love

    8. Vyinga looked at her, so she could project that she was sincere and not just answering a social question

    9. the strong supporting the weak) it is my most sincere hope that the maiden voyage not the survivalist attitude (e

    10. and yet she is sincere in the belief

    11. I hope they will give patient hearing to my earnest and sincere prayer and start practicing the asanas from the very day they read the Yoga lessons

    12. The people waited in silence, polite and sincere, and after each vocal contribution, aided by the whisky, each voice trailed away to be taken up anew by his neighbour and transferred on and on around the table

    13. I believe you are sincere in wanting to help us

    14. He stressed that he believed her to be sincere

    15. Have a sincere desire to help them

    16. Were your life in sincere danger and you would defend it with that weapon,

    17. Paul ascribed “love should be sincere

    18. your interest on what you are truly compelled to (be sincere with yourself

    19. Creative, unique, sincere and active interests should be developed in the

    20. ” A bard takes a sincere interest in the use

    21. Always be sincere and never consciously create in a negative way

    22. This intent needs to be sincere

    23. He shed a tear for it, for he had always been sincere in his faith

    24. He might not have ever been truly ordained as a minister, he might not have even believed as a mortal, but over the centuries of this expedition Arthur had become as sincere in his faith as any saint

    25. He has to tone his usual patter down a little, and his sincere belief that fathers should never accompany their teenage daughters in public is suitably reinforced

    26. Helen thinks that he is sincere when he says he needs a friend

    27. Mandy was then consigned to working in their restaurant as her parent's revenge for her blatant and insensitive ingratitude toward their sincere attempts to secure an advantageous alliance with the prestigious family

    28. ” The older man looked at him with genuine and most sincere sorrow in his eyes that might easily be taken for pity

    29. Allcock's expression could not be easily described, but was a sincere reflection of the extremes of fatherly pride he felt at Harry's triumph, and the eagerness which he tried to constrain in broadcasting this news to everyone he encountered

    30. “Why can they not make the reparations themselves?” Kaitlyn asked simply with an sincere interest in their obvious needs

    31. Allcock accepted the envelope and passed it unopened to Harry with a look of sincere interest upon his face

    32. sincere will join them

    33. I love people who are nice to me, honest, sincere and friendly

    34. I hope you'll keep your word and always be honest and sincere to me

    35. he was sincere, however, and he soon decided this was

    36. – he was genuinely sincere

    37. Whether the reply was sarcastic or sincere, Alec couldn't tell

    38. That you may be sincere and without

    39. " He smiled when he said that and hoped he was sounding sincere

    40. sincere, and they had set off without further argument

    41. He believed that Desa was completely sincere in what she said, but maybe she was as duped by the others as he was

    42. front row acknowledges it all with a sincere whistle

    43. I realize that the circumstances of my taking the oath now are not typical, but I am no less sincere

    44. Her voice wavered with sorrow amid that solemn oath, but nothing in her was less than sincere in every syllable

    45. Nothing in her words seemed sincere to a very bitter Penelope and though she did her best to smile in polite return, she blamed Elenwen and the rest of the Thalmor for her father’s demise

    46. I was entirely sincere in my praise of your work

    47. Darniil was of the opinion that you are sincere in your desire to follow our laws and worship

    48. Penelope could not deny the sincere happiness at his reply, and she tried to tone down her fiercely beaming grin

    49. It will help sincere seekers discover the ways and means to

    50. To his sincere surprise and greed-fueled amusement, the Nord took the bait - albeit questioningly

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