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Slouch в предложении (на )

1. And that means he's no slouch.
1. I slouch back in my chair and grumble.
1. When he walks away, I slouch immediately.
1. He carried his black slouch hat in his hand.
1. He wore a slouch hat a little gaily on the side.
1. I slouch and rest my head against the cold window.
1. Massie shot up from her slouch into princess posture.
1. Fred Brown had to slouch to walk through the low ceilinged passage.
1. His glance is calm and commanding, he tosses the slouch of his hat.
1. But I was no slouch either, and already my mind had picked up on a few.
1. When you slouch, you collect your tummy together into one whole pooch.
1. He was forgetting to slouch casually against the railing of the jury box.
1. Do not slouch in your chair but try to maintain an erect posture with your.
1. What if Stonewall Jackson had worn one in preference to a slouch felt? That.
1. Joel, not a slouch in this department, returned her embrace and kiss in full measure.
1. Too tired to care, I slouch there on his back, waiting for someone to come over and help me down.
1. The street performer had a slouch hat, his sack shouldered, and carried his stick in his lone hand.
1. In a compartment at the top of the closet was a new slouch hat, also black, to complete the outfit.
1. Rhett Butler stood in the doorway, his black slouch hat low over his eyes, manners had deserted him.
1. In the process, he found a dirty slouch cap that he pulled on as a further addition to his disguise.
1. To-day he walked with shut lips and cold, cruel bearing, that had something of a slouch and a sneer in it.
1. He stood naked and unproud his arms heavy by his sides, his slouch deepening under the weight of his heart.
1. He looked the part of a young traveler in his new charcoal-black sack suit, black boots and dark slouch hat.
1. Director, have you ever seen an upside down U around the District? Locke’s slouch transformed into a salute.
1. Even Nancy, as the rookie of the group, qualified by now as a veteran and was far from being the slouch of their team.
1. He was dressed in rumpled working man’s attire, wearing a short overcoat with a slouch cap pulled down tight on his head.
1. Do not slouch or move sideways in your chair because it might be perceived by the interviewer as a lack of interest or boredom.
1. Elizabeth suddenly seemed to slouch in the chair as if her entire energies had been extinguished in the process of her narrative.
1. He’s no slouch at the card table either, having recorded both the fastest time to arrange a deck of shuffled playing cards (36.
1. Oh, heavens, son, the man let his shoulders slouch as he just snorted with a heavy laugh and cracked his hand across his knee.
1. In a rare case, a young woman of 30 years had a prolapsed intervertebral disc due partly to her obesity and her frequent slouch over the computer.
1. Xil had made it to the fourth round of this tournament, which meant he was no slouch, but against Ben he not only looked like a beginner, but also confused.
1. On her side, Maria was no slouch either, her night sight having more range and accuracy than Nancy’s laser dot sight and allowing her more distant shots.
1. Ascalante he did not know; he could not see through the closed vizors of the armored conspirators, and Rinaldo had pulled his slouch cap down above his eyes.
1. Conan had only a brief glimpse of it; and then the ruffian pulled a slouch hat over his eyes, drew his cloak about his shoulder, and hurried from the chamber.
1. His brown slouch hat shaded plump brown-bearded features that melded at the bottom into several chins in lieu of a neck, the top couple sporting a neat goatee.
1. The wallet, shoes, underwear, socks and a slouch cap and a hat that had been part of the shipment he packed into the battered suitcase he had carried in Poland.
1. He had an old battered-up slouch hat on, and a greasy blue woollen shirt, and ragged old blue jeans britches stuffed into his boot-tops, and home-knit galluses—no, he only had one.
1. There were three men, two of them standing behind him; one was a burly man in a thick slouch coat who smelt of stale sweat and vinegar, and the other was older, shorter, wearing a knitted cap.
1. She will come downstairs in her nightgown and unlock the door to find her son there on the flagstone porchlet, so tall even with his slouch, and he’ll be shaking as she takes him into her arms.

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