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Soccer в предложении (на )

  1. Ryan and the soccer ball.
  2. As the Wits Soccer Ground.
  3. The soccer and rugby guys.
  4. I like giraffes and soccer.
  5. Colts Soccer at the Germiston.

  6. Earth as a magnetic soccer ball.
  7. Thomas had played soccer as a.
  8. I'm on the Olympic soccer team.
  9. I'm going to be late for soccer.
  10. Soccer was what Kristen lived for.
  11. He raced off to the soccer fields.
  12. David wants to play soccer with us.
  13. There was a soccer game in progress.
  14. They started calling him Soccer Boy.
  15. Chapter 3: Soccer here, soccer there.

  16. You should go out for Team USA soccer.
  17. Derrick headed out for soccer practice.
  18. Just then soccer popped into his mind.
  19. Sorry if we are boring you with soccer.
  20. The 1971 Soccer Intervarsity was a hoot.
  21. I used to know a lot about soccer: In.
  22. The soccer situation was not so innocent.
  23. They lived, breathed, and trained soccer.
  24. Soccer balls, donated, marked with his name.
  25. His name is Karl, and I know him from soccer.

  26. Soccer violence is testimony to this quotation.
  27. It ranged from soccer balls to swimming pools.
  28. Michael played basketball and soccer with the.
  29. He played soccer for the Los Angeles Galaxy team.
  30. He watched the soccer players, but his mind was.
  31. Not before time the new soccer season got underway.
  32. Ryan and James are starting the soccer season so.
  33. Then the boys got me into a little backyard soccer.
  34. I remember teaching him to play soccer and cricket.
  35. Benefits 5 - Workload 2 (yes, that's a soccer score).
  36. Are you the biggest soccer player on the team?
  37. It is huge inside, you could play soccer in its trunk.
  38. They played soccer, swam together and danced together.
  39. ALICIA: Too bad, Derrick plays on the soccer team here.
  40. It was a few minute walk to the soccer fields, anyway.
  41. I seen those soccer players jump and it seems they.
  42. My husband Chad and I met the Kyle family through soccer.
  43. The soccer, rugby and other sportsmen in the camp were.
  44. The lake is calm and is about the size of a soccer field.
  45. Kristen looked out at the empty soccer field for a minute.
  46. Yeh, but I missed all the fun times – dating, soccer.
  47. Maya’s soccer coach is the CEO, since he loves doing that.
  48. The playground area was crowded with soccer moms and little.
  49. We are under the bleachers, watching the soccer team practice.
  50. After a day of soccer, homework, jogging and car washing the.
  51. Jacob said, One minute he was beside me at the soccer field.
  52. Wh-what about soccer and Chris? We can't miss one of his games.
  53. And his cousin lived in Australia, where they also liked soccer.
  54. What is the most popular sport in the world? The simplest: soccer.
  55. Maybe I should take up soccer, Carol thought to herself humorlessly.
  56. He was a natural soccer talent and played chess at a high level of.
  57. They had gone from there to an amateur soccer game in a public park.
  58. When I said after school activities, I meant basketball or soccer.
  59. It couldn't be him after the what happened after the soccer game….
  60. He was unknown on the Wits campus, did not attend soccer training and.
  61. The 23 year old dad works as a soccer coach, and he is a school teacher.
  62. They also had another thing in common; they were both in love with soccer.
  63. Olivia Ryan was wading through the sea of people, over to the soccer team.
  64. The two of them were kicking a ball around the deserted BOCD soccer field.
  65. By the fifth grade, Tom was clearly a better baseball player than soccer.
  66. Well, I have to train and we still compete in soccer tournaments a little.
  67. Then he began to leave the party, excusing himself from the soccer players.
  68. Endless basketball, soccer, tennis matches every night, and half the noons.
  69. With soccer a no-no because of my poor marks and the time consuming need to.
  70. Soccer was the one sport that was not played at Matthew and Sarah’s school.
  71. She had played soccer at school and had gone with the school team to Brazil.
  72. This was not the best experience for parents watching their son play soccer.
  73. The next morning they decided to gather in the soccer field behind the school.
  74. Ascribe the incidents to soccer fans celebrating a win in some match or other.
  75. I forgot they had soccer league here on Saturday mornings, I said as we.
  76. They are completely changed and they realize that these kids also play soccer.
  77. It was the summer of the Soccer World Cup, which was held in England that year.
  78. In November of 1977, Roger was elected president of the Brea Soccer Association.
  79. Next up was Brandon Tucker, a kid with a future as a professional soccer player.
  80. Massie glared at him, grabbed her soccer bag, and then stormed out of the house.
  81. Figures came running pell-mell across the field which doubled as a soccer pitch.
  82. Once, school was over me and my two friends had gone to the soccer team tryouts.
  83. Prefect, Rugby, Public Speaking and Soccer to add to those received in Standard.
  84. You will find accounts of the soccer field where the camp inmates played soccer.
  85. In a conversation one day, one of the boy’s asked Matthew what Soccer team he.
  86. As serene and peaceful as it seems, soccer takes on a different flavor in Europe.
  87. They tend to be soccer mad and know everything about the African & European Teams.
  88. He was dribbling a soccer ball with his brother on the front lawn of their house.
  89. In addition, in 1976, he was elected Vice President of the Brea Soccer Association.
  90. Not only did great comradie exist in the soccer side, but this spirit extended to.
  91. Looking back on my time as a soccer player, I realise now that I was on a road to.
  92. Whilst at Fisons I was able to advance my soccer career that had been stifled and.
  93. Even now that she was a soccer mom, complete with minivan and a roomful of boys’.
  94. He offers me one of his soccer t-shirts and some way-too-big shorts to change into.
  95. There is a thick wall of smoke, rather like what you see at a European soccer match.
  96. Defence Soccer was of a high calibre as the selectors were able to draw from all of.
  97. Jochen convinced me that it could do no harm to play a little recreational soccer on.
  98. During elementary school, Mike played T ball and soccer and seemed normal in most ways.
  99. When Chris chose to play soccer in Europe, Ron became fully aware that he would have.
  100. Even in youth soccer, Tom was assigned to defense because he was slower than the other.

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