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Societal в предложении (на )

  1. That just proves the pervasive societal.
  2. But today the laws and societal consent are.
  3. It’s also a tragedy, however, at the societal.
  4. It’s also on a societal level that things are changing.
  5. Shame is one of the most potent of societal and individual.

  6. Strong enough to overcome their fear of societal prejudices.
  7. In the past, one obeyed laws and wanted societal acceptance so.
  8. We’re often conditioned to live up to societal, parental and.
  9. Non-economic societal impact is another perspective of the role of education.
  10. But this procedure is totally dependent on an ongoing stable societal environment.
  11. Often the negotiating differences are a reflection of more common societal differences.
  12. Any time we manage to plant seeds of some sort of societal order, the bombs come again.
  13. Viewing the problem from the societal perspective, it ís apparent that the illusion of.
  14. On the other hand, an ideal civilization and societal structure would identify the primary goals.
  15. It is a societal adaptation to allow a spectrum of frustration within the safety of social restraint.

  16. As the societal life of the Zoarinian Empire has decayed, so has any semblance of morality in its youth.
  17. There were narrow rows of chipped pine tables with societal dropouts slouched in front of computer screens.
  18. The mass choreography of societal life is so delicate that whatever stage of life you’re at you are part of it.
  19. The family is the basic societal unit that provides structure and meaning, character and substance to (a) society.
  20. The extremists in Talstan don’t see it that way, they see all those societal changes as tampering by the Kassikan.
  21. The hero and the martyr are societal expressions of a culture's spiritual development, intent, and terminal attractor.
  22. Although societal forms and conditions may vary, its essential foundations, as a rule, remain fundamentally the same.
  23. I’ve caused societal damage and will be branded for life; the obese are causing societal damage and still receive a free pass.
  24. We must also recognize the rewriting of history and the one-sided education of societal systems in our institutions of education.
  25. L-Seven-Six would settle for nothing less, however, than the very limits of Darangi knowledge: scientific, societal and administrative.

  26. Many of them had seen the societal harm that occurs when religion is suppressed or when it is elevated to a position of political control.
  27. Einstein sat in a lab thinking up reasons why the circumstances for decking someone staring at your woman altered based on the societal factor?
  28. This habit of removing stops, even if it is done only once in a while, is reinforced by the societal belief of what defines a winner versus a loser.
  29. While a single-parent home is a less ideal environment for children to grow up in (according to the societal norms), it doesn't mean that it is broken.
  30. As a societal and statistical generalization, women are typically associated with more intentional capacity than men—under the guise of empathy and.
  31. Sam accepted it, not caring if it was a true expression or Kirby‘s deference to societal conscience; however, the Greek absorbed it like a dry sponge.
  32. The most serious and likely outcome will be a complete societal breakdown, total chaos to the point of a planet wide extinction level event for the Ioations.
  33. His passion calls him to battle the hypocrisies, which the popular benchmarks of the societal notions fill up his professional as well as personal universe with.
  34. More is being down in the mind of those who are different from societal standards in any regard than what many people will come to understand in a single lifetime.
  35. Were I instead in a male form, having the same third-eye view devoid of self-pretense or societal preference, the work I turn out still could not be but what it is.
  36. Having presented his theories of societal collapse, Ozzie now addressed the buttered sweet roll rather than the chief or me—Lovely—and set about devouring it.
  37. Dickens was in every respect a man of conventional manners and tastes who sought to reform existing (societal) arrangements without (needlessly) upsetting the social fabric.
  38. Overeating; no reasonable person will ever believe that none of the chronic overeaters have never heard or seen reports detailing the societal damages their action is causing.
  39. The Jewish newspapers and the WW2 Allies and their entire western culture of Jewish-Protestant-Catholic institutionalized societal greed were far more evil than Hitler’s Germany.
  40. On the other hand, Socialism is the philosophical, esoteric, and unsuccessful societal system based upon central control of the means of production and abrogation of private property.
  41. On the other side we have a huge swath of society directly responsible for so many economical, emotional, and other societal damages that is not being held responsible for their actions.
  42. Maybe it was because Baba had been such an unusual Afghan father, a liberal who had lived by his own rules, a maverick who had disregarded or embraced societal customs as he had seen fit.
  43. What does he have to apologize for? They were just childhood pranks! He had never been exposed growing up to the other, those who did not have the same cultural and societal wealth.
  44. The dominator model wants us to perceive the world through interpretations and diagnoses in this way because these perceptions support conformity and societal forces that inspire fear in us.
  45. It bases its attitudes and actions on differences and feels uncomfortable with real connections with others aside from the illusory connections to those who conform to the same dominator societal model.
  46. Lawyers and courts are an important part of a fair judicial system, but we clearly need some tort reform and need to invest time and energy in finding more appropriate ways to solve common societal problems.
  47. They had done as their parents and their parents’ parents had done before them, and the people they chummed around with had faithfully followed the exact same societal path that had been set out for them too.
  48. She had seen many men who may have been more handsome by societal standards, but Roric was all man with nothing left to question, which she found to be more attractive than just another pretty face with a buff body.
  49. The rubbish of the nation consists of inadequate health care, bodily destruction through acts of terror, societal division with hateful intolerance, disrespect for goodness, and trash talk that incites conflict.
  50. Our natural grounding, our original concrete understanding of right and wrong, is our cultural value anchor which arises from the societal institutions that are present during the formation of our self-willed beliefs.
  51. When the degree of greed at the top goes from 30 to 550: then degree of societal corruption throughout all western civilization will not only follow, it will explode, as it did in 2010 with illegal credit default swaps.
  52. One also has to ask in the greater societal context, are two gay people in a monogamous relationship a worse threat to society than sexually promiscuous heterosexuals? The principled conservative would say of course not.
  53. During the whaling days of the sixteenth century on Earth, there was a prediction that the harvesting of whales would one day soon result in their immediate extinction and, consequently, no more oils; a societal collapse.
  54. After all the negativity perpetrated by the believers in Socialism, I wish to reiterate, on the positive side, that the joy and satisfaction of realizing the results of a strong and productive societal system are inspiring.
  55. I thought I’d reached a dead end in finding the treasure of Kush and then I heard of a small cult like group that kept a low profile, but that seemed to have tremendous impact in concern to societal matters in the region.
  56. When I refer to a dominator or the dominator model, I mean a societal and personal consciousness not some specific cabal of power hungry persons in direct communication conspiring to control the world and all who live there.
  57. The majority of this country's students in our schools and universities are inculcated with a one-sided presentation of the collectivist societal system at the expense of the importance of the success and value of what has made Western civilization so productive.
  58. I was able to paint a disturbing portrait of the societal attitudes toward the intellectually disabled—attitudes that informed Rose and Joe’s flawed decisions in their desperate search to find medical and psychiatric cures for Rosemary’s disabilities.
  59. Second, I don’t think the corporation should be empowered to have any discriminatory influence regarding the obesity issue, or any other societal issue; the corporation is empowered enough, especially operating in an at will state and the Supreme Court deciding that they can buy elections.
  60. During his sixteen-year career representing Rhode Island in Congress, he fought a national battle to end medical and societal discrimination against these illnesses, highlighted by his lead sponsorship of the Mental Health Parity and Addictions Equity Act of 2008—and his brave openness about his own health challenges.
  61. Marilee was to ensure that Sunni went to one of Melbourne's top Private schools, and finish her training in Europe, but it had not helped Sunni anymore, than the lack of the same Societal hand-me -downs that Marilee had craved, that she presented to her daughter, to see them ripped apart and discarded when Sunni went Mafia.
  62. But if the new law of relational love and compassion of, doing to others as you would have them do to you (which we will discuss later), had been acknowledged and adhered to by the societal perpetrators of these activities this abominable treatment and abuse from slavery by one human against another might have been prevented.
  63. This integrative and assimilative perspective shall ensure that all players and participants of change, who in their emotional positioning of consciousness and microscopic viewpoint, fail to see the objectivity of the entire mechanism of societal changes, could understand the processes and mechanisms of change in its widest possible spectrum.
  64. They had complied to a tee with societal norms regarding growing up, getting hitched, securing the blood line, having respectable employment, living in the right neighborhood with the big house and yard, having the latest in autos and technological devices, wearing the right clothing and associating with the proper friends, taking their vacations to the proper places, and…you know how it goes, right?
  65. Elongation natives tend to be far more open sexually than the conjunctions – not because they are any sexier per se (which is a matter of personal planets posited in certain signs, such as Scorpio and Capricorn) – but rather because they are less emotionally and sexually repressed; more relaxed within themselves and at home with their impulses; less inhibited by parental and societal fiat (what the neighbors might think).
  66. A lot of personality traits are a direct product of individual experience with toilet training, which is as severe an exercise in concentration as any advanced mind training technique – not only is it the root of societal shame, but also the constant, moment-tomoment focus of attention upon not soiling oneself becomes the cornerstone for constant, moment-to-moment focus upon an inner dialogue– except that it is imposed upon people when they’re two years old.
  67. Knowing that he would be branded and labeled as a clear and present risk to all those conducting background searches, even if remaining sober to the day of his death, while millions of parents, who by now must be aware of the fat situation, continue to stay fat themselves and continue to shove junk food in their children; so many of them to develop fat related maladies, and receive the societal Richard Simmons there, there, go ahead and cry, we know you can’t help it, let it all out consolation crap, Mac decided to quit these thoughts and act.
  68. In line with the focus on family unity and societal development,.
  69. On the societal scale, the mirrors rather reflect the essential aspects of communities,.

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