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Sophisticated в предложении (на )

  1. He was a sophisticated thinker.
  2. Kissing was for the sophisticated.
  3. I wanted to appear sophisticated.
  4. It’s a very sophisticated system.
  5. Stole makes me sound sophisticated.

  6. Their tools were more sophisticated.
  7. He was different, more sophisticated.
  8. Nothing as sophisticated as that.
  9. Now she was a sophisticated young woman.
  10. Aust is smart, sophisticated, and rich.
  11. You always look so sophisticated!.
  12. Sophisticated stock traders use trailing.
  13. Clothing Styles: Modest yet sophisticated.
  14. Did this mean, more sophisticated lyin’?
  15. It is also very powerful and sophisticated.

  16. This is a more sophisticated strategy which.
  17. Locke that there were many very sophisticated.
  18. I have been with more sophisticated womanizers.
  19. He is sophisticated, high-class and so mature.
  20. One of the most sophisticated websites on the.
  21. Mesopotamia had a sophisticated and extensive.
  23. Our equipment is sophisticated, but not perfect.
  24. This is a sophisticated techno-world we live in.
  25. We can teach them the more sophisticated tricks.

  26. It was elegantly tailored and very sophisticated.
  27. Perhaps it is the result of a more sophisticated.
  28. The latter has become more sophisticated with the.
  29. The doctors out here are not terribly sophisticated.
  30. Coupled with sophisticated dictionary software, the.
  31. The market standard is the sophisticated MetaTrader 4.
  32. It was one of the most sophisticated and amiable place.
  33. The system was a sophisticated assortment of relays and.
  34. Some they will act important, sophisticated and want to.
  35. Instead, they have a very sophisticated careers website.
  36. It is culturally sophisticated and has an awe inspiring.
  37. The large rotating drum was a sophisticated sensor array.
  38. Some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world -.
  39. The basement also housed a sophisticated medical facility.
  40. Other than that the room was clear in a sophisticated way.
  41. Pa was surprised at the sophisticated little jewelry work.
  42. The secretary was a sophisticated middle-aged woman, well.
  43. Our machines are far too sophisticated to allow anything.
  44. Not even the most sophisticated equipment could detect it.
  45. Neither one of them sophisticated enough to find the truth.
  46. As weapons became more sophisticated hunting game could be.
  47. Alas, quite often, this sophisticated system could go wrong.
  48. It would be, what Shelagh had called a sophisticated drink.
  49. And his lovemaking is much more sophisticated, the foreplay.
  50. She looks elegantly sophisticated in a pale blue silk dress.
  51. The natural skepticism of the sophisticated man was not his.
  52. Maya speaks in very sophisticated, inviting, and clever ways.
  53. I know that this may not be the most sophisticated book with.
  54. I think a less sophisticated look would suit you much more.
  55. Maybe I’m really this secret well-educated, sophisticated.
  56. In the human, the codependency is much more sophisticated.
  57. These toys were far from the sophisticated devices he’d used.
  58. Even technology as sophisticated as this, still has its limits.
  59. He thought it made him look more sophisticated I suppose, but.
  60. Given their affinity for sophisticated electronics-not to men-.
  61. Crazy Nell could not even understand such a sophisticated credo.
  62. When our awareness becomes more sophisticated than to allow the.
  63. They were of corporate stock and much more sophisticated than I.
  64. It’s just not as sophisticated a market sector as trading AAPL.
  65. The movie has just started, I said, putting on a sophisticated.
  66. Ramen noodles take a sophisticated turn in this flavorful salad.
  67. I have never seen such a sophisticated pharmacy outside London.
  68. It sounded so sophisticated that it certainly would be worthwhile.
  69. He was quite sophisticated in the politics of how the system worked.
  70. Thankfully, sophisticated viral marketers can track insightful and.
  71. The man with the bigger and more sophisticated gun carries the day.
  72. His device was much more sophisticated, with five flexible fingers.
  73. A hippy is a sophisticated wise, living in a giant primitive jungle.
  74. Any more sophisticated foe would have little to be concerned about.
  75. The elevator stopped and an elderly, sophisticated couple stepped in.
  76. He was educated ,wealthy ,sophisticated ,completely opposite to her.
  77. They weren’t nearly as debonair and sophisticated as Desford, nor.
  78. It’s clear that sophisticated thoughts are internal verbalizations.
  79. The Miracle of Birth in these scientifically sophisticated and.
  80. If you try to become something you are not, such as a sophisticated.
  81. We have sophisticated weapons and the infrastructure to support them.
  82. He was a pretty sophisticated guy, and he was a pretty heavy drinker.
  83. Clearly they would appear to have a considerably more sophisticated.
  84. What an outfit?! Never saw a more sophisticated thing in my life!.
  85. The universe’s programming is so sophisticated and powerful - I´m.
  86. But birds are too primitive to be hit with such sophisticated weapons.
  87. Tool does (except its not as sophisticated as Google in this respect).
  88. In the health-conscious, sophisticated West sales were slipping badly.
  89. You can tell how sophisticated a speeds and feeds calculator is by the.
  90. Therefore, search engines grew more sophisticated to combat this fraud.
  91. She serves chips and is, therefore, not sophisticated, Holms added.
  92. Well I have more sophisticated equipment available to me than he does.
  93. Fish finders have become increasingly more sophisticated in recent years.
  94. Very few investee firms can be expected to have sophisticated systems or.
  95. The more sophisticated of the townsfolk would hear nothing of that theory.
  96. Given our knowledge of business failure, the more sophisticated investor.
  97. You’re saying she was sophisticated enough to confess off the record.
  98. His charts provided early mariners with a sophisticated navigation source.
  99. VC investors, we need a much more sophisticated and systematic approach to.
  100. If there's no sophisticated biometrics on your ship, this android can pass.

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