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Soundness в предложении (на )

  1. But, such was the native soundness of her.
  2. Ngo grudgingly acknowledged the soundness of the French tactics.
  3. So the argument based on contrast is no stronger than its soundness.
  4. If their hearts are honest, their heads have not discovered much soundness.
  5. I have merely used Biblical authority to back me up in the soundness of the.

  6. The soundness of the foregoing analysis, made in 1933, may be judged by developments since then.
  7. Hopeful also approved of the soundness of Christian's answer; so there was a great silence among them.
  8. Integrity --- adherence to moral and ethical principles --- the soundness of moral character and honesty.
  9. Give to our shepherds and servant leaders soundness of doctrine and holiness of life, and preserve them.
  10. The analyst is concerned, therefore, with the soundness and practicability of the standards of selection.
  11. In the summer of 2008 all hell was breaking out among financial stocks as the soundness of the global economy came into question.
  12. These include virtually all the cases where there has been great market activity in companies of questionable underlying soundness.
  13. This example establishes the soundness of American Telephone & Telegraph, but not the intrinsic attractiveness of convertible bonds.
  14. If, say, it's cheap and the business economics are fine, but it just clears the hurdle on financial soundness, it will be at the bottom end.
  15. The question of financial soundness is, therefore, more relevant here than in the case of the typical manufacturing or commercial enterprise.

  16. From our standpoint this consideration is quite secondary; the dominant element must be the strength and soundness of the obligor enterprise.
  17. The degree of love, unity, and soundness exceeded that which I have seen in most congregations in the forty years I have preached the gospel.
  18. Given this soundness, the public was told there was reason for investors to turn bullish and capitalise on the falling market rather than panic.
  19. He rolled them over with a peavey and pounded them with the flat face of a splitting maul, testing for the ringing tone that indicated soundness.
  20. There were, however, one or two members of the congregation who were not without some misgivings and doubts as to the soundness of his doctrines.
  21. The recent transfer of Beatrice and Caleb Prior, the children of Andrew Prior, calls into question the soundness of Abnegation’s values and teachings.
  22. Further on, blatantly advertising its meritorious solidity, a boarding- house exhibits behind uncurtained windows its testimony to the soundness of London.
  23. A remarkable demonstration of the soundness of this thesis is found in studies of the price behavior of the unpopular issues in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
  24. The same criteria should logically be applied in testing the effectiveness of a company’s management and the soundness of its attitude toward the owners of the business.
  25. The soundness of investment in convertible issues can only be tested by their performance in a declining stock market—and this has always proved disappointing as a whole.

  26. If that is so, I congratulate them, though I still feel a certain disenchantment, which still heavily weighs on me that they had failed to understand before the soundness of such practice.
  27. Others have been keen enough to recognize the underlying soundness of this approach and to attach themselves to bright young men who handled funds devoted chiefly to these special situations.
  28. The more the spirit's nearness to its Creator is, the more its tasting and enjoying the things it eats will be, because, its tasting and enjoyment will be proportional to its soundness and happiness.
  29. The soundness of Studebaker Preferred rested, therefore, largely upon a stable statistical showing which was at variance with the general character of the industry, so far as its individual units were concerned.
  30. And afterwards, when her sister had gone indoors for something, she expounded a theory she said she held, the soundness of which had often been proved to her by events, that names had much influence on behaviour.
  31. But the purchase of a preferred stock in a New York City real estate development in 1929 might have involved terms of investment so thoroughly disadvantageous as to banish all elements of soundness from the proposition.
  32. One is probably safe in stating that, where combined charges are twice earned, including interest charges on the bonds of the holding company, the presumption is in favor of the soundness of such holding company issue.
  33. If you should then be dissatisfied with it, you can but test its soundness for yourself; if, on the other hand, you should be satisfied with it, and it should be what it now is, it may spare all sides what is best spared.
  34. Whatever the reader’s view as to the soundness of this suggestion as applied to default in payment of interest or principal, we imagine that he will agree with us that it has merit in the case of secondary defaults, e.
  35. They reach and even surpass that value at times; but this occurs in the upper reaches of bull markets, when the lessons of practical experience would argue against the soundness of paying the prevailing prices for common stocks.
  36. The Commission is not authorized to pass upon the soundness of new securities or the fairness of their price (except in the case of public-utility issues which come under the terms of the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935).
  37. We have previously challenged the prevalent idea that the ordinary investor can afford to take greater investment risks than a savings bank, and need not therefore be as exacting with respect to the soundness of his fixed-value securities.
  38. We can urge that in general the investor should not have more than one-half in equities unless he has strong confidence in the soundness of his stock position and is sure that he could view a market decline of the 1969–70 type with equanimity.
  39. Though he concealed the fact under a show of irritation and contempt, he was evidently in despair that the sole remaining chance of verifying his theory by a huge experiment and proving its soundness to the whole world was slipping away from him.
  40. There was a new building to be built that required all structural steel beams be coated to specific manufacturer’s instructions to insure their soundness because at times they would be exposed to water, which we have learned is paints biggest enemy.
  41. Such a procedure would appear directly consonant with our fundamental principle that straight investments should be made only in issues of unimpeachable soundness, and that securities of inferior grade must be bought only on an admittedly speculative basis.
  42. What would you say, sir squire, to my having such a great natural instinct in judging wines that you have only to let me smell one and I can tell positively its country, its kind, its flavour and soundness, the changes it will undergo, and everything that.
  43. It is generally understood that the investor should examine his holdings at intervals to see whether or not all of them may still be regarded as entirely safe and that if the soundness of any issue has become questionable, he should exchange it for a better one.
  44. People seem to think it matters little what opinions a man holds in religion, so long as he is "earnest and sincere;" and you are thought uncharitable if you doubt his soundness in the faith! Against this idolatry of mere "earnestness" I enter my solemn protest.
  45. The theoretically correct procedure for bond investment, therefore, is first to select a company meeting every test of strength and soundness, and then to purchase its highest yielding obligation, which would usually mean its junior rather than its first-lien bonds.
  46. The very definite inferiority of the preferred stockholders’ legal claim is here left out of account, for the logical reason that the soundness of the best investments must rest not upon legal rights or remedies but upon ample financial capacity of the enterprise.
  47. That National Home Missionary Society had all along borne more or less of testimony against slave-holding; but when, in 1857, it passed a rule by which all of its fifty-five Southern Presbyterian missionaries were dropped from its list, then no one could question the soundness of its position.
  48. To obtain better than average investment results over a long pull requires a policy of selection or operation possessing a twofold merit: (1) It must meet objective or rational tests of underlying soundness; and (2) it must be different from the policy followed by most investors or speculators.
  49. The price record shows that the Kansas City Terminal Railway Company 4s frequently sold at no higher prices than representative issues of individual guarantor companies which later turned out to be of questionable soundness, whereas at no time was the safety of the Terminal bond ever a matter of doubt.
  50. On page 313, they went on to say that the theoretically correct procedure for bond investment, therefore, is first to select a company meeting every test of strength and soundness, and then to purchase its highest-yielding obligation,3 which would usually mean its junior rather than its first-lien bonds.
  51. The sole importance of the crossing of the Berezina lies in the fact that it plainly and indubitably proved the fallacy of all the plans for cutting off the enemy’s retreat and the soundness of the only possible line of action- the one Kutuzov and the general mass of the army demanded- namely, simply to follow the enemy up.
  52. The sole importance of the crossing of the Berëzina lies in the fact that it plainly and indubitably proved the fallacy of all the plans for cutting off the enemy’s retreat and the soundness of the only possible line of action—the one Kutúzov and the general mass of the army demanded—namely, simply to follow the enemy up.
  53. But we must recognize that in favoring the lower yielding first-mortgage issue, the bond buyer is in fact expressing a lack of confidence in his own judgment as to the soundness of the business—which, if carried far enough, would call into question the advisability of his making an investment in any of the bonds of the particular enterprise.
  54. Moreover, at that time he had complete confidence in the " soundness of the job " ; another man in his place would have had fears and still have been uncertain ; but Lambert was young, insolent, and filled with impatient greed for gain ; he knew little of human nature, and confidently assumed that all were scoundrels^ Such a man could have no doubts, especially as he had already observed all sorts of traits in Anna Andreyevna which supported his belief.
  55. Wemyss, who was never tired and slept wonderfully--it was the soundness of his sleep that kept her awake, because she wasn't used to hearing sound sleep so close--would fling himself into the one easy-chair and pull her on to his knee, and having kissed her a great many times he would ruffle her hair, and then when it was all on ends like a boy's coming out of a bath, look at her with the pride of possession and say, 'There's a wife for a respectable British business man to have! Mrs.

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