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Sparse в предложении (на )

  1. The room seemed very sparse.
  2. His sparse hair was graying.
  3. The room was sparse and neat.
  4. There was sparse habitation here.
  5. A-okay, is the sparse reply.

  6. The interior was sparse and utilitarian.
  7. Mangrove swamps and a sparse population.
  8. It had short sparse green hair along the.
  9. Heavy but sparse drops of rain fall on him.
  10. The tiny house had sparse wooden furniture.
  11. The gardens had been sparse because of the.
  12. His eyes moved behind the thin, sparse lids.
  13. There were sparse strands of hair on his chin.
  14. Those crowd scenes look pretty sparse as it is.
  15. And where is this? Just some sparse white room.

  16. They were looking sparse and scraggily of late.
  17. It was very clean, white, and sparse in objects.
  18. The furnishings were sparse and also transparent.
  19. Even the birds have become solemn and sparse.
  20. A few mean-looking trees vied for the sparse moisture.
  21. The bridge was sparse and stark compared to the Cunik.
  22. Traffic was not heavy but by the same token, not sparse.
  23. The sparse ground floor comprised of al manner of bots;.
  24. A rabbit-fur hood covered most of Siv's sparse grey hair.
  25. She stepped inside and looked at the sparse furnishings.

  26. It was just as sparse as I’d thought it would be, and.
  27. Unfortunately, information about Gates was rather sparse.
  28. And that was it, all the sparse evidence wrapped into a.
  29. Out into the street, the weather cool, the traffic sparse.
  30. Mammoths, of course, had always been sparse on the ground.
  31. Bill went directly to the sparse temporary office located.
  32. Terri and Bill entered their sparse temporary office after.
  33. Everything confirmed the sparse details that we already had.
  34. His sparse hair was brown shot through with streaks of gray.
  35. Other than Gunt, a sparse number of soldiers were present below.
  36. I could clearly see the shore, which featured a few sparse trees.
  37. And yes: he was there, standing in this sparse, brightly-lit room.
  38. There was a single cot in the sparse room and on it was a skeleton.
  39. The vegetation was sparse here, mostly a small kind of cypress tree.
  40. It had a note from him pinned to part of its sparse instrument panel.
  41. I’m staring at a rather sparse list of options when the phone rings.
  42. His chin, bristly with sparse whiskers, rested on the back of one hand.
  43. The furnishings are sparse, just a couple of couches are all I can see.
  44. He felt her body slowly relax, as the spasms grew more faint and sparse.
  45. For a Sunday and such a beautiful day, the traffic was extremely sparse.
  46. He vomited, and a sparse, nauseous liquid foamed at the edges of his mouth.
  47. The old Agent’s sparse hair was messed and even his suit showed wrinkles.
  48. When he opened the door to the small dwelling, he saw the house was sparse.
  49. Currently, sparse information is available about the severity and nature of.
  50. The habitat seemed sparse and there was little light to illuminate the cavern.
  51. Jim stared up at him, a lean old man with black eyes and a sparse, chewed beard.
  52. When next he looked up, Caesar was jumping a sparse wooden gate – or had been.
  53. Retractions, apologies, and follow-up information were sparse in the Main Media.
  54. He had to pick a direction but they all seemed to hold the same sparse vegetation.
  55. Though the rain was sparse, wind gusts and thunder held their interest for a while.
  56. When they were all standing there in the sparse grass of the parkway, George could.
  57. The man rambled in the background moving dirt to and fro with a broom as sparse of.
  58. Even though her words were thin and sparse, I could hear the sincerity in her voice.
  59. He started the car and we lurched off to a fast, careful drive through sparse traffic.
  60. His mustache was rather sparse, but it reached the beard on either side of his mouth.
  61. The vegetation is sparse, but they manage to eat tufts of grass growing between rocks.
  62. His living quarters were sparse, but there were many shelves of books along the walls.
  63. He noticed what she heard, the lumins, sparse here but still present, had gone silent.
  64. The occasional litter of previous human occupants was sparse, and the art was minimal.
  65. Her thin, steel-gray hair was gathered in a sparse wispy knot at the back of her head.
  66. My surroundings are sparse, but I think it’s a design statement rather than frugality.
  67. This room had unequivocally become a prison: sparse and oppressive, that man her jailer.
  68. Communication is sparse since we are concerned the Unu may be intercepting the messages.
  69. The conversation, as had been increasingly the case over the past few weeks, was sparse.
  70. He was equally disappointed with the sparse selection of trading lectures at his school.
  71. They were leaving the sparse mountainous area and headed towards a more temperate climate.
  72. When using an eyebrow pencil to fill in sparse brows, use light and quick feathered motions.
  73. He sat up and looked around, seeing a stony shore, sparse vegetation and sand up the beach.
  74. And together, the pair gave a great concert that left the sparse audience there, spellbound.
  75. Finding a stick was impossible—the sparse low and scraggly trees around me were of no use.
  76. Although we took him yesterday to the fishermen village, it was a sparse part that we went to.
  77. To see a sparse, weed-infested garden suggests that you have neglected your spiritual needs.
  78. Apart from that, there were three hard wooden seats divided up the sparse interior of the boat.
  79. They bedded down in a little copse of quibreaks out in the sparse wild theshes of the chaparral.
  80. Dale wandered over to the sparse cover of the flower bed, where he took off his T-shirt and wrung.
  81. The woman's sparse silvery hair blew gently in the wind, and her wrinkled face displayed the years.
  82. When the trees suddenly sparse, and they reached a small clearing, several men were standing there.
  83. The information you have delivered, as sparse as it may be, is helpful to our cause nonetheless.
  84. Diego’s horse skittered between sparse foliage and blazed their trail along a windswept ridgeline.
  85. Silently Jerry took his place, scaling the mast with stringy muscles standing out from sparse flesh.
  86. Out in the street the sky was clear, the atmosphere a little chilly and the traffic pleasantly sparse.
  87. But in this kind of scenario the houses couldnt be too sparse otherwise it would be difficult to hide.
  88. However, records from these times are sparse, and there may have been conflicts of which we are not aware.
  89. As far as Joan coming to the states, from the look of her sparse, scribbled letters, it was highly unlikely.
  90. Slowly, as they traveled, the grass became more sparse and they could see sandy brown patches in the ground.
  91. Captain Nemo continued to plummet into the dark depths of this forest, whose shrubbery grew ever more sparse.
  92. And not a single Greek girl or boy knelt for prayer; all stood like a sparse copse in a field of ground nuts.
  93. Next we drove to the foundry half way to Heliopolis, a half hours drive in the sparse traffic due to the heat.
  94. I would watch them when we would go out in the nights, moving through the sparse forests of this area of Thrace.
  95. The leaves were small, with sparse hairs on top and white down underneath, the pale yellow flowers were tinged red.
  96. Investors can—and indeed, must—compensate for a sparse set of opportunities through a broad-based search.
  97. The C-87 soon approached one of the two airfields, whose dirt and gravel strips were bordered by a sparse vegetation.
  98. As always, Ted’s smile was as wide as an airplane hangar, his thinning gray hair tied back into a sparse ponytail.
  99. It’s difficult to believe that one of the greatest movie stars of all time died in this sparse, disheveled bedroom.
  100. He was an unprepossessing man, small and thin, with sandy, sparse hair and myopic brown eyes that costantly blinked.

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