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    1. I’m staring at a rather sparse list of options when the phone rings

    2. They bedded down in a little copse of quibreaks out in the sparse wild theshes of the chaparral

    3. There was sparse habitation here

    4. He noticed what she heard, the lumins, sparse here but still present, had gone silent

    5. Following a polite if sparse cremation service held in the clean but anonymous halls of blonde wood and magnolia paint at the local crematorium, and with the memory of the pastor’s mistaken belief that his wife’s name was Aileen twitching behind his eyes, Ken carried out Eileen’s last wish, which was to have her ashes scattered on the garlic beds

    6. They were leaving the sparse mountainous area and headed towards a more temperate climate

    7. From the end she could look up a strap-up stairway, barely visible in the sparse candle light, and see there were seven levels to the planks that had been put up in here

    8. Other than Gunt, a sparse number of soldiers were present below

    9. To see a sparse, weed-infested garden suggests that you have neglected your spiritual needs

    10. This room had unequivocally become a prison: sparse and oppressive, that man her jailer

    11. His mustache was rather sparse, but it reached the beard on either side of his mouth

    12. A few mean-looking trees vied for the sparse moisture

    13. And yes: he was there, standing in this sparse, brightly-lit room

    14. The vegetation is sparse, but they manage to eat tufts of grass growing between rocks

    15. Then we rejoined the girls it was then that a small round man with sparse hair turned up he had bright dark button eyes like a birds seeing our uniforms and that we were closest he turned to us and said

    16. When using an eyebrow pencil to fill in sparse brows, use light and quick feathered motions

    17. And where is this? Just some sparse white room

    18. The leaves were small, with sparse hairs on top and white down underneath, the pale yellow flowers were tinged red

    19. Only dimly did I take in the rest of the room—the clusters of potted plants in the corners, the sparse pieces of elegant furniture, the chaise longue that had a sudden, ominous significance

    20. With the sparse population, and lots of lakes and swamps for air-to-ground gunnery practice, the Broads would be ideal

    21. Those of his fellow soldiers who were married seemed to universally complain about the effect that the sparse Army pay had on their wives

    22. It was also arranged and furnished in the same sparse and shabby manner, with the exception that the room seemed to be filled with luggage

    23. We had nearly been to the end of it, where it widened into another forest of conifers, this one more sparse and rocky than the one we left behind

    24. It is left to extra-biblical sources to interpret into the story the things that would have logically been said and done that would give meaning to the sparse words chosen to convey the message

    25. He felt her body slowly relax, as the spasms grew more faint and sparse

    26. How many weapons did he think she could have concealed on her in that sparse attire? The cloak, tunic, and the sweater were at her feet in a pile where she had dropped them

    27. Mohammed arose from out of nowhere, from among the Arabian Desert’s sparse Bedouin tribes of caravan raiders, to lead them from AD 625 to his death in AD 632

    28. Retractions, apologies, and follow-up information were sparse in the Main Media

    29. No longer seeing sparse bits of dry thorn bush on the gravel flats, I kept on going across featureless, trackless wasteland

    30. Though the rain was sparse, wind gusts and thunder held their interest for a while

    31. ▪ Rebirth in a place where water and precious things are sparse

    32. The vegetation was sparse here, mostly a small kind of cypress tree

    33. The woman's sparse silvery hair blew gently in the wind, and her wrinkled face displayed the years

    34. And together, the pair gave a great concert that left the sparse audience there, spellbound

    35. Although we took him yesterday to the fishermen village, it was a sparse part that we went to

    36. that she’d be able to re-apply her sparse makeup and brush out her

    37. The movers picked up my sparse furnishings and stored them in Phoenix until I arrived by car from Tallahassee where I had spent the holidays with my parents

    38. the sparse furniture in their tiny home

    39. However, records from these times are sparse, and there may have been conflicts of which we are not aware

    40. But my father was putting it into his real estate parent company below the operating profit line, while maintenance costs continued and were included as operating expenses, thereby reducing an already sparse operating profit

    41. momentum carried it along the surprisingly sparse

    42. Everywhere she looked there was a sparse scattering of unicorns, and she realized that there were thousands of them in sight, perhaps tens of thousands

    43. As they traveled northward the grass on the side that adjoined the desert spread out a little wider each day of their journey, but grew more sparse on the path that they followed

    44. His sparse hair was brown shot through with streaks of gray

    45. At once she wrapped the net of her thoughts, sparse though it was in the heat and fire, around the boy’s mind and found Johan’s mind-net already there

    46. "God rot it, Bates, don't call me by my rank," the General, a sparse American, said

    47. A rabbit-fur hood covered most of Siv's sparse grey hair

    48. spread out a little wider each day of their journey, but grew more sparse on the path that they

    49. When they were all standing there in the sparse grass of the parkway, George could

    50. It was just as sparse as I’d thought it would be, and

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