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    1. You’re going to really be specific

    2. The more specific you are the more power your brain uses to make that goal a reality

    3. com you'll see that you can create a specific goal, by writing down specifically what you are going to do

    4. If you're not specific you don’t give your brain and the universe an exact point where they need to end up

    5. You don’t have a specific arrival point

    6. You now have a specific, motivating goal that you can see you are achieving

    7. When you check off the steps on your list, by taking the specific actions you need to take, that will continue to motivate you

    8. When are you going to do that by? Are you going to do that by next year at this specific time?

    9. We simply use a clock and a calendar as a way of meeting up at specific moments of our life

    10. How do you know what to do during those times? You have a specific

    11. If you have a goal that is specific and you have specific action steps that you know you need to take, have a to do list of those action items

    12. More shops, specialising in continent specific sales, are to follow

    13. I do not think there is a specific formula that is

    14. For more info see specific plant or herb

    15. The answers should be appropriate and one should be prepared to indicate the lack of knowledge in respect of the specific query rather than give a wrong or incomplete answer

    16. ‘It would require someone with specific skills … have you any idea who might have been able to do that?’

    17. He has left us specific instructions on how to

    18. to live in a specific house

    19. He had seen worse cases where traders had very specific orders to fulfill and would come back for more, either from a surviving victim, which was rare, or from their genetically comparable family, much more common, if they still needed more parts

    20. The trade has become so lucrative that the top buyers are now placing orders for specific types of skin

    21. It was rather an impressive achievement, to be able to place specific thoughts into someone else's mind in their own voice, such that it was indistinguishable from their own self-generated ideas

    22. To be able to enter those words into a device and transmit those thoughts into a specific target

    23. ‘Was he into anything specific as a child?’ Liz asked ‘Hobbies and the like?’

    24. Among Bahkmar's specific career duties on the Al-Harron was to make sure, by constantly reviewing the software, the data, and the presentations, that the colonnade of the Haadij was the grandest

    25. "I had specific orders to fill," he said

    26. Although factual input from television and newspaper is with us all the time, and we live in a world saturated with information, I found it very difficult to remember anything specific about the other hostages

    27. He said he mapped in the specific point he picked for us to breach space based on tidal shifts in local stellar gravity

    28. We shall focus our attention on how a congregation can function where there are no elders, and specific

    29. Each congregation without elders should set a goal to have a scriptural eldership, and work diligently to achieve that goal within a specific time frame

    30. ” He turned to Menachem and asked, “Is there anything specific, anything you really want?”

    31. "We need to give him more specific instructions in how to avoid detection

    32. meaning of the terms used for specific reasons

    33. The pastor has become a performer because the people are not able to perform that specific function themselves

    34. But the name Babylon is given to it for a very specific reason

    35. Would God get that specific? Would He be that explicit, so to call Israel the center of the nations? Does God really think that the land of Israel is that important? And what for? If we think that Israel is simply a location or a spiritual metaphor for something else, then we have missed it

    36. But sometimes He makes statements that are so specific and so terse that you wonder how the prophets even discerned that word

    37. God is specific

    38. He has a very specific order in the way that He made all things

    39. Why would God pick that place? Why be so specific? Everything in God is specific

    40. God has established one specific place, the Garden, in which He will be in perfect fellowship with mankind

    41. The day you learn to be publicly specific in your prayer, that is the day you will discover power

    42. The mystery had not yet been revealed that there should be an age of the Church to fulfill a specific role and function

    43. The following are specific aspects that you can focus on to get the ideal profile for your online dating adventures

    44. Darryl Yorkham had detected bodies that were destined to pass close to Sol's environment, and careful position measurements and calculations showed that they were undergoing course corrections to aim them at specific targets within the system

    45. to specific files in a Web site

    46. Layout pages, can define sections, which can then be overridden by specific views making use of the

    47. Her posthumous instructions were quite specific and Ken dug her ashes deep into the soft brown loam while his infant son sat wrapped in soft, white baby wools in his buggy, gurgling at the sky and staring out at the vaguely muscled shape of his perspiring father

    48. She was quite unlike her mother, and although ravaged by the same hormonal imbalances and certain confusions that beset Alan, she tried hard not to allow herself to be brow beaten by her mother’s general attitudes and specific goals, although her mother sought to make her daughter complicit in her disapproval of her step-son as a way of protecting both of their interests

    49. She asked if Altera had a specific practice she wished to do

    50. Be prepared to show how your school will meet specific needs in the district: bring letters of support with you, and have supporters present at the meeting

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