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Splash в предложении (на )

1. He will splash down here.
2. Shay tends to splash a lot.
3. Splash the pleasant of shower.
4. A splash of color - a woman.
5. He heard a splash in the room.
6. Frodo heard the splash of water.
7. It’s all over the damn Splash.

8. They heard a splash from the lake.
9. Gas started to splash onto the road.
10. Splash pages are sometimes made in.
11. A splash alerts you and you submerge.
12. Don't splash out on a fancy car fleet.
13. I splash the water around like a child.
14. There was a quick splash, followed by a.
15. You stand then dive in with small splash.
16. But nothing happened except a loud splash.
17. They heard a muffled and prolonged splash.
18. One more row of my arms, one splash and I.
19. It made a small splash as it hit the water.
20. Another small splash sounded from the water.
21. Ed topped off his coffee with a splash of.
22. The kids went off to splash in the kids pool.
23. I know - that splash of consciousness's deal.
24. I heard him hit the water with a loud splash.
25. It was the only splash of colour in the gloom.
26. It was just a little splish splash of a noise.
27. Expecting to hear a splash he swiveled around.
28. He heard the splash of footsteps following him.
29. Take some handfuls and splash some around you.
30. I splash into the jacuzzi and open a can of beer.
31. As I undressed, I heard the first splash of rain.
32. Better than having it splash all over the place.
33. She felt the shove and heard the splash of water.
34. He dabbed at the splash of wine on his T-shirt.
35. It was like a splash of cold water on Lisa's face.
36. Yeah, I can tell by the latest issue of Splash.
37. The sickening crack was followed by a splash of.
38. The weapon pinked his eye with a splash of blood.
39. Jean Nate After Bath Splash suffused his stuffing.
40. The animals splash through the unstable saltwater.
41. Then Bill disappeared, and there was a loud splash.
42. A splash of shares is a punt on the obvious upside.
43. I think I’ll just go splash cold water on my face.
44. Splash was the name of his absolute most beloved dog.
45. Click here to Check out Just One Of Our Splash Pages.
46. We supply you with several Splash pages to choose from.
47. Most of the cannons create a huge splash in the water.
48. A splash page is a home page with very limited content.
49. Splash pages are bad for SEO because they lack content.
50. It then came, like a splash of colour on a movie screen.
51. Kate, Cecil and Doug started to splash out of the water.
52. The splash of color merges with the bright streetlights.
53. This one vanished with neither skip nor visible splash.
54. Twice, I’m nearly showered by the splash of water as.
55. We heard the expected splash, and Toivo and Knut leaned.
56. There was a great splash and the drops irritated my face.
57. When putting the baby into the bathwater, please splash.
58. A tear slipped down her face to splash onto the soap bar.
59. It’s supposed to be thrown to the ground like a Splash.
60. Her hands surge upward and splash a third wave in my face.
61. Close to one second passed before the splash echoed back.
62. He yelped, lost his grip and went overboard with a splash.
63. He landed with a mighty splash, followed by a brief groan.
64. It seems to me that Montana is a great splash of grandeur.
65. And the splash of sweat—and this I hear as well as see.
66. The knife span away into the dark water with a loud splash.
67. There was a terrific splash, and a shout of Whoa! from Frodo.
68. The squid created a huge splash and then darted out of the.
69. Once there, he heard a splash and witnessed the three sisters.
70. With a huge splash the man and the chair sank under the water.
71. The ship levelled with a loud splash, an eerie silence followed.
72. Smith heard a quiet splash as it hit the water and disappeared.
73. Azura surfaced from the water with a big splash and flung back.
74. The vine loosened in her hands and a splash echoed from the pit.
75. You splash in the water there, yet stay stock still in your room.
76. The splash of the stones seemed to cause the fish to leap forth.
77. You frog splash into the bed next to her, she bounces up and down.
78. I heard it swill around his mouth and then splash down his throat.
79. He then remembered he hadn't heard the other vampire splash at all.
80. She poured the boiling water slowly, careful not to splash herself.
81. There was a long pause before he heard it splash into a pool below.
82. I landed in the water with a huge splash; I swam back up furiously.
83. BOYLAN: (Tosses him sixpence) Here, to buy yourself a gin and splash.
84. When he had felt her settle he sprang far away with a mighty splash.
85. With a loud splash, Mitch plunged his hand down into the toilet bowl.
86. Give your new splash page a Splash ID so you will know what it's for.
87. No sound of a splash or gurgle of sand hitting water could be heard.
88. He dropped the ball he formed with it into the tub with a soft splash.
89. Alysanne liked to splash in the shallows on hot summer days like this.
90. Go splash some cold water on your face, and come back to the phone.
91. Behind them, on the road a splash of headlights and a squeal of brakes.
92. Eke landed it into the river with a mighty splash rushing off of both.
93. They’d splash water at her as the girl retrieved their floating orb.
94. There was no sound save that of the water—splash, splash, drip, drip.
95. Putting that HTML Form Code in the box is what makes your splash page a.
96. With a dull, heavy splash an occasional cayman plunged in from the bank.
97. She opened the curtains and watched the rain splash against the side of.
98. Kevin cried out as he toppled overboard and hit the water with a splash.
99. Suddenly there was a big splash near the log where George Two's line lay.
100. When he hears the splash, Larson flings away the cigarette and stands up.
1. They heard it splashing over a.
2. Roman could hear the waves splashing.
3. She heard water splashing as he per-.
4. There was a splashing sound behind her.
5. Then Moniba started splashing me again.
6. Of your serene water the splashing sound.
7. Allen was now on the ground, splashing in.
8. They were walking toward her and splashing one.
9. Panny happily splashing around in a tub of water.
10. He could hear splashing, and muted watery yelps.
11. RAIN WAS splashing off the window panes and the.
12. Conklin was splashing through the ruins behind me.
13. The men on the floor rolled away from the splashing.
14. No, I said, splashing milk over my raisin bran.
15. His dog bounded in after it, splashing him with water.
16. She broke out of it by splashing cold water onto her face.
17. The splashing of the urine on the lawn startled Corey, but.
18. The troop rode into the river, and with a mighty splashing.
19. It was soon replaced with the sound of boat oars splashing.
20. Squishing and splashing sounds are heard as Jaden tailgates.
21. He trudged to the bathroom, splashing cold water in his face.
22. His feet swung back and forth, a kid’s splashing in water.
23. Splashing my bare feet in the edge of the summer ripples on.
24. Several minutes later, Paul too was happily splashing about.
25. Splashing a final dab of water on his eyes, he quickly dried.
26. A single cab was splashing its way from the Oxford Street end.
27. Mangroves appeared and he heard things splashing in the water.
28. It abruptly stopped in unison with splashing from the bassinet.
29. The pit-pat of raindrops splashing on leaves filled the forest.
30. Silence filled the tunnel and the echoes of the splashing water.
31. The children heard splashing and looked over the side of the boat.
32. Uh-huh, she said, running the cold water and splashing it on.
33. Suddenly they heard the water again, loud now, rushing and splashing.
34. Behold the silvery river, in it the splashing horses loitering stop.
35. I stopped splashing my face with it and instead I rubbed at my eyes.
36. He heard the water splashing behind him as Lezura sprang into action.
37. Well, gentle lapping plus a small splashing sound off in the distance.
38. They leaped out on the farther shore, splashing and sending up showers.
39. The river was alive with bubbling and splashing noises, which made me.
40. There was a sucking pop and the sound of liquid splashing to the floor.
41. It began to thrash around in the water, splashing mud against the walls.
42. They leaped out on the farthest shore, splashing and sending up showers.
43. Yah! shouted Durstan from the pond, splashing water with both hands.
44. Now Horatio is splashing in the Water, and as for Prue, I cannot see her.
45. Manda could hear the sound of splashing water coming from the other room.
46. He began to wave his arms about amid the splashing and hoped they would.
47. There were some other children in the pool, splashing and playing around.
48. Splashing cool water on her face, she wondered what their problem could be.
49. You kept your bare feet cool all the day, splashing as in a creek, wading.
50. Justin slumped back into the water, splashing back to Earth from wherever.
51. Even with the starlit sky and the gentle splashing of waves coming through.
52. Then Sven leapt, splashing into the water, followed soon by the bride-and-.
53. The splashing and panicking of Explode and Tripwire drowns his screams out.
54. The door above closed and the column of water collapsed, splashing everyone.
55. They were splashing their way thru between north and east island of Sinbara.
56. We had better not stop long, Tarmon said, splashing water over his face.
57. In an hour, when the splashing had ceased, Fauna knocked on the bathroom door.
58. His pen was moving rapidly, ink from the ink well was splashing on the pages.
59. Once they were sitting in the hot tub, enjoying the jets and splashing around.
60. She fought back tears as they welled in her eyes, before splashing her cheeks.
61. The back of the ship bounced in the water, splashing a tide over the officers.
62. The ox found its footing and lumbered out of the water, splashing and snorting.
63. She could remember the ruby red wine splashing in the crystal as she took a sip.
64. She landed oof on a submerged log, smashing her chin, clean water splashing her.
65. When I took a glimpse at the far end of the lake, I saw someone splashing around.
66. Finally the mess came away in his hand, water splashing around as he hacked at it.
67. It is splashing your hand in a mud puddle and just being there with the experience.
68. The sound of bare feet splashing through the mud was heard in the darkness, and the.
69. Five minutes later Ilyin, splashing through the mud, came running back to the shanty.
70. Five minutes later Ilyín, splashing through the mud, came running back to the shanty.
71. They finally pulled Piers into the cave, splashing through the water to the big gate.
72. Some force will definitely get them to the shore from the splashing holocaust of war.
73. Jo and Holly cuddled into the wall, their tears of pain splashing off the tiled floor.
74. At the prick of the lancet the blood spurted out, splashing against the looking-glass.
75. Burning gasoline sailed over his shoulder, splashing across Truman’s face and chest.
76. The sound of splashing and a grinding noise of metal on concrete emanated from the hole.
77. It was difficult to hear anything but the splashing rain and the thumping of her heart.
78. Splashing sounds filtered into his altered state, various cries of astonishment echoing.
79. It was a lovely afternoon as we slunk into the Base Camp wharf with the sun splashing a.
80. The wind was howling outside, and the rain was beating and splashing against the windows.
81. The scene drew the men like it had the animals and soon they were splashing around in the.
82. Splashing cold water on my face in an attempt to perk myself up, I prepare to meet the day.
83. Avoid splashing with mucus from the patient’s coughing or sneezing, which may carry germs.
84. The weight was too much and it hit the floor, splashing searing tomato sauce onto her face.
85. They were just at the steps when a big drop fell splashing on the edge of the iron guttering.
86. The sound of young men laughing and splashing in the pool prevented her from going too close.
87. He lifted a small canteen from his belt and shook it, scowling at the faint splashing within.
88. Water was splashing with the slow movement of time, and leaves gently glided through the air.
89. It reared up, and then, with a stamping and splashing of hoofs, galloped away into the woods.
90. Sunlight filtered in from the dirt-streaked window on her left side, splashing over her legs.
91. Wait, he said, and Carthen at once stopped splashing the water on his face and shoulders.
92. I held my breath and counted to three, waiting for the sound of a drink splashing in his face.
93. As if she was annoyed that we were ignoring her, Sally flapped her wings, splashing both of us.
94. Perfect! She raced over, splashing through the muddy water, and pulled hard on one of the vines.
95. Yvette came splashing abruptly into the world with the wind outside howling of bad things ahead.
96. With the fired brandy splashing this way and that, and bumping, and lighting each other on fire.
97. As I walked in, I could hear Ivana splashing in the pool and talking to someone I couldn’t see.
98. I laid down on the mossy ground to rest, hearing the sound of water splashing into a little pool.
99. He heard too, not far behind him, a splashing in the water, which he could not explain to himself.
100. Forrest took a sip and shoved it back at him, splashing water on the front of Liu’s clean shirt.
1. Then I splashed my face.
2. As water splashed on his.
3. He ducked and splashed her.
4. Her face splashed with blood.
5. Kevin splashed in its shadow.
6. Water splashed onto the floor.
7. He splashed water over himself.
8. She splashed her face with water.
9. He splashed ashore and saluted me.
10. Colours splashed across the walls.
11. A drop of rain splashed on his lips.
12. The floor was splashed with grease.
13. The waves had not splashed that high.
14. Bullets splashed the water around me.
15. Waves of water splashed from the tub.
16. The Wing Commander's jeep splashed up.
17. Crimson rays splashed against his face.
18. Bessie splashed in his bubble of water.
19. The approaching wave splashed into her.
20. Spray splashed over the sides, and he.
21. My sisters splashed her face with water.
22. The excited crowd splashed in the stream.
23. They splashed in the water at every step.
24. The champagne splashed across his face.
25. Later, the sinks are splashed with water.
26. Mother splashed his feet with sacred water.
27. I splashed torchlight around the interior.
28. The water splashed back into the creekbed.
29. Henry screamed and splashed uncontrollably.
30. In the bathrooms, he splashed water on his.
31. Water splashed down the drain onto her head.
32. They splashed in hard and oozed water like.
33. The machine splashed it’s middle band blue.
34. Kevin splashed in the water somewhere nearby.
35. The first raindrops splashed against his face.
36. He immediately splashed water at Chance's face.
37. Water splashed, mud flew, and oaths were sworn.
38. I ran the cold water and splashed it on my face.
39. Foaming vomit splashed down over Angela's head.
40. The water splashed over her, aided by the wind.
41. And smells that nice! But he's a bit splashed.
42. The kid splashed happily and noisily in the tub.
43. The tear splashed on something hard, like stone.
44. She splashed some more water and patted his cheek.
45. Water splashed across his face causing Guzkat to.
46. Maggie's cup hand is splashed and the burn bites.
47. Drops of water splashed on my face, arms, and legs.
48. Instead, he turned and splashed out of the stream.
49. And my highbutton boots were splashed with clay.
50. She put them in and splashed some liquid detergent.
51. You really don’t want this stuff splashed on you.
52. At four seconds, the pebble splashed into the water.
53. It cracked on the floor; beer splashed over my feet.
54. Petr’s tears dropped from his cheeks and splashed.
55. As the hooves of his horse splashed along the watery.
56. Court splashed ashore and stood with the two corpsmen.
57. They played and splashed a while in the shallow water.
58. What he really needed was cold water splashed on his.
59. The lieutenant waited and then splashed off in the rain.
60. Love has splashed her, soaked the heart with promises;.
61. With great effort, he climbed out of bed, and splashed.
62. They jumped and splashed at the shallow end of the pool.
63. By mid-morning we had splashed across the Pao five times.
64. Rhone took a nip of the water and splashed the rest over.
65. Philip of Macedonia splashed happily in his swimming pool.
66. She pushed him away, playfully, and splashed water on him.
67. Water splashed onto Andrew’s face and he opened his eyes.
68. I went to the river and squatted down and splashed my face.
69. I hit the wall hard and splashed down into the muddy water.
70. And immediately after the shot it splashed heavily with its.
71. The cold water making Kena shiver as he splashed back at her.
72. Darek walked to the ocean and splashed the cool water on his.
73. They slid in the mud and splashed in the water for a long time.
74. They jumped out of the water like a dolphin and splashed back.
75. Eventually, Michael went into the bathroom, splashed water on.
76. Freeman splashed cold water on his face and returned to his cot.
77. She splashed water on her face, not wanting him to see her cry.
78. They all watched as it splashed close to the center of the lake.
79. I splashed and refreshed; and within a minute I was ready to go.
80. The bus stood still letting the last wave splashed over the bus.
81. He splashed into the water and the other dragons laughed at him.
82. A life preserver splashed into the water and Blayney grabbed it.
83. He splashed some of the water in his face to wash away the sweat.
84. Another drop hit his eye, blurring it, Another splashed his chin.
85. Over and over again he splashed himself with the cleansing liquid.
86. Surrounding the building completely and covering the mud splashed.
87. Orphenn splashed in as well, but stayed close to the bank, fearful.
88. His face dropped when the same red liquid splashed over his blade.
89. The rest of his clothes were splashed and he stank to high heaven.
90. John walked inside the men’s room and splashed water on his face.
91. Next she splashed cold water on Alex’s face, slapping it lightly.
92. A blood colored chrysanthemum of red wine splashed across the wall.
93. She pretended to laugh and splashed some water on me with her foot.
94. She slowly turned on the faucet as splashed some water on her face.
95. The waves splashed white beside him and sometimes basted his ankles.
96. She groped her way toward the sink and splashed at her searing eyes.
97. Richard went into the bathroom and splashed his face with cold water.
98. Blood was splashed on the walls and across the scarred wooden floor.
99. She splashed some water to bring him to his conscious, an hour later.
100. Fountains spurted from between the piles and splashed into the basin.
1. The safe splashes into the water.
2. He splashes through rivers and.
3. Water splashes in all directions.
4. She splashes away without warning.
5. There were splashes of blood and brains.
6. The splashes of raindrops halted instantly.
7. There was a tower and gables and splashes of.
8. She also splashes water on her face and in her eyes.
9. Water splashes on my ankles when she washes her hair.
10. Popped corks, splashes of beerfroth, stacks of empties.
11. Fuzzy splashes of white, yellow and green hitting against the.
12. It was limp and pale, knit through with deep splashes of crimson.
13. There were more splashes of blood further ahead—larger splashes.
14. Further back, Chris, if this splashes on you it’s really serious.
15. I found that with the splashes of raindrops, my safe haven was wetted.
16. The sky was clearing, splashes of blue growing larger with each second.
17. Gaps had formed in the clouds, creating intermittent splashes of stars.
18. Pour apple cider of good quality on top with a few splashes of thyme oil.
19. The German crews saw flashes from the cliffs and several splashes in the sea.
20. After saving your splash page, you will be redirected to your list of splashes.
21. The splinters fell into the waves with a hiss, and sent up the water in splashes.
22. In summer, pools on old sea ice may be drinkable (if they are not wave splashes).
23. Splashes and yelps and the clink of glasses, and the rolling murmur of conversation.
24. We heard the sound of a heavy bit of wood hit the water and splashes nearly reached us.
25. Nostromo could be heard swearing to himself between the regular splashes of the sweeps.
26. Vivid splashes of colorful silk and artwork adorned the walls and hung from the ceiling.
27. Close, it was just splashes of colour; you had to hold it away from you to see it at all.
28. I don't tend to notice most of the time, but the splashes from the shower do leave traces.
29. There were splashes of blood on the floor, and I shudder to think what had happened in there.
30. The sphere was a brilliant orange; splashes of molten magma spurted and oozed from its surface.
31. Except for the yellow splashes from the candle in Ashley’s hands, the hall bathroom was dark.
32. There was a series of small flops and splashes which faded as some sea creature departed in darkness.
33. When it was done, the two of them were covered with splashes and smears of ink, and dripping with sweat.
34. There were police cruisers, their flashers painting the houses with vivid splashes of red and blue light.
35. In your ears the sound of screams and splashes, the music of play feeds the breeze lapping at the water.
36. Glasses sinking into the water, he splashes you in the face and paddles out towards the center of the pool.
37. With the gun still spewing out burning fluid it splashes back off the burning robot setting the other robot alight.
38. He whirled about his head the great jewel, which threw off splashes of light that spotted the deck with golden fire.
39. The heavy rain was gone only the splashes of water droplets on the windshield of the Maruti van and in the pot holes of the road.
40. In a few seconds the ground was covered with water and over it, to a height of inches, rose a haze formed of a myriad minute splashes.
41. Frau Wette? He wears a tent-sized silver sweatsuit with maroon splashes along the sides, zipper pulled to the base of his throat.
42. Here, just ten minutes from the abbey, spring has been at work, not with gentle brushes, but wild splashes from the vats of a painter gone mad.
43. Out by the swimming pool several guests were making splashes with some of the girls who were so ‘doped’ up they did not know what was happening.
44. He couldn’t drag his eyes away from hers, examining the light grey swirls, flecks of blue and splashes of white that streaked out from her pupils.
45. While the longboat coasted, drops of liquid flicked from the oars and hit the dark troughs of the waves, pitter–pattering like splashes of molten lead.
46. When approaching either extreme, one splashes over into the other: much like background becomes foreground or existence becomes distinct from non-existence.
47. Well, the Akons aren’t the only ones who pose a threat now, are they? You think I don’t break Splashes? You were told to stay away from Emmy by the Sage.
48. Slowly, everything around them woke up and before long, the whole area resounded with voices, splashes of water, fires that once again blazed up and the preparing of breakfast.
49. How many bottles of expensive vintage? How many interesting conversations, flirty glances, hands held? Now, splashes of blood and so many cops with hard eyes and harder mouths.
50. Obviously I’m not responding as quickly as he wants, because he repeats his opening line: the same dark intonation, a piercing finger pointing at me, the same splashes of saliva.
51. When it was all over, and the two men sat together by the log fire in the hall, which burned red splashes on the armored walls, the earl opened the subject nearest his heart—an heir.
52. The cabins were picked out in reds, yellows, blues and greens - swirling splashes of colour made vibrant under the sun that slanted down across the tops of the houses on the far bank.
53. I observed several splashes of blood about the bark of the tree, and his hand and forehead were both stained; probably the scene I witnessed was a repetition of others acted during the night.
54. I knew for sure because I didn’t own a canopy bed, and I was inclined more toward beige colors with splashes of crimson and orange, not the moss green and earth brown that draped the canopy.
55. An armoured division of foot soldiers, goose-stepping around her head had now joined the marching band, Sarah leant over the porcelain sink trying to flush them out with splashes of cold water.
56. As vomit splashes the ground he cries out: ‘We will have our revenge!’ He goes unnoticed: a rare turn of events for a man chosen for his charisma and firm, paternalistic style of leadership.
57. The years were not many when the Yeehats noted a change in the breed of timber wolves; for some were seen with splashes of brown on head and muzzle, and with a rift of white centring down the chest.
58. Bougainvillea, morning glory, hollyhocks, dusty white acanthus, all waving and grinning from everyday, ordinary tins brightened with casual splashes of paint - they just wouldn't look the same in Britain.
59. We stood up and rushed past the blast wall into the other part of the trench all that was left of the two new lads was a red hot smouldering hole with a few bits of flesh and splashes of blood scattered around.
60. Fernández splashes his latest book with quotations from writers who have left written opinions on the art of traveling, creating a sort of universal time frame where the future appears to be defined by the past.
61. We ride along parallel with the riverside for some miles and although I do see some water birds and a few splashes which suggest the presence of fish, there is no sign of the rampant life I expect from a waterway like this.
62. They observe calving glaciers shedding big chunks of blue ice in spectacular, thunderous slides that tumble into the ocean producing huge splashes of water and join the submarine current from the ice fields where they are born.
63. In some places it bounced furiously down the rock, sending small splashes of white into the air; in others it gathered into clear pools, where the eddying currents carried dead leaves and other detritus around in spiraling dances.
64. The bleached effect of the white painted walls and cabinets, white appliances, white barstools, and white tile floor was broken up only slightly by the soapstone countertops and splashes of cobalt blue in various white ceramic and clear glass containers.
65. The servants brought in her luggage, off which in her newness at deceit she had not thought to scrape the continental labels, and she crossed the hall, treading on the dim splashes of lovely blurred colour that fell from the vast stained glass windows on to the stone flags of its floor.
66. Infants rarely do more that gurgle their first year of life because this time is spent converting sensations into higher level perceptions, seeing objects instead of splashes of color and light, detecting sounds instead of chaotic air pressure vibrations, feeling a coherent touching sensation of a brush down an arm instead of disorganized touch receptor neurons firing wildly.
67. Occasionally, the smoke came rolling down the chimney as though it could not bear to go out into such a night; and when I set the doors open and looked down the staircase, the staircase lamps were blown out; and when I shaded my face with my hands and looked through the black windows (opening them ever so little was out of the question in the teeth of such wind and rain), I saw that the lamps in the court were blown out, and that the lamps on the bridges and the shore were shuddering, and that the coal-fires in barges on the river were being carried away before the wind like red-hot splashes in the rain.
68. The splashes of earth tones,.

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