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Spotlight в предложении (на )

1. The spotlight was turned off.
2. Tatton in the media spotlight.
3. Now a spotlight had them in its grip.
4. No one was there seeking the spotlight.
5. The young officer flashed his spotlight.
6. There was now just a spotlight on David.
7. Spotlight Search with a list of results.

8. After several minutes the spotlight was.
9. Martin Gilfoyle, BBC Spotlight South West.
10. A nod from Holmes and the spotlight went out.
11. It seemed like he was enjoying the spotlight.
12. He seemed more comfortable with the spotlight.
13. My attention was drawn to a circular spotlight.
14. The spotlight crossed the fence and settled on her.
15. Joseph promised to behave in the public spotlight.
16. But I’m in the local spotlight as a TV reporter.
17. Ready, the spotlight operators said in staggered.
18. Oxford, and was increasingly in the political spotlight.
19. A passing car fixed him as with a theatre’s spotlight.
20. He stood and saw a spotlight flashing through the trees.
21. Internet had taken a back seat as she stole the spotlight.
22. Then a beam from a spotlight bathed us in its brilliance.
23. He had supplied each of the eight super-trouper spotlight.
24. Roman walked away from him and out of the moon’s spotlight.
25. Mike looked at the spotlight to see what had happened to it.
26. They’re all that is left of a lifetime under the spotlight.
27. Aside from the throne that seemed to have a spotlight shining.
28. The spotlight was turned on the floor now, exposing a platform.
29. Any woman that’s in the beauty spotlight has a tough act to.
30. It has golden cuffs and buttons that twinkle in the spotlight.
31. Freddy got on the mic, still seated, this time with no spotlight.
32. It seemed like, as a child, I was always in the spotlight: We.
33. Africa during this country’s two months in the world spotlight.
34. They’ve brought in whole racks of stuff for the dark spotlight.
35. Search for any items quickly in the back-end with Spotlight Search.
36. The spotlight found this fortunate soul… and I wanted to be him.
37. Give him the spotlight that he needs in attention, in significance.
38. The spotlight lit up the stranger and then moved toward the boulder.
39. At the moment I think he’s just happy to be out of the spotlight.
40. There were four spotlight stations on their respective sides, and.
41. The spotlight was on Pamela and the blue chiffon gown as she started.
42. The curtain came up and the spotlight flashed on us as the music began.
43. One of the other hunters had grabbed the left spotlight and saved his life.
44. Raven’s attention was drawn away by the spotlight focusing upon the stage.
45. An hour later, a bright spotlight shone from directly aft, and followed me.
46. Surreal in its bizarre incongruity, a spotlight followed him as he ran….
47. They moved away from the spotlight huffing and swearing under their breaths.
48. The men from above had retrieved a spotlight and were searching the shadows.
49. If you are in the spotlight, you will have to put up with some inconveniences.
50. Boshnikoff flashed a spotlight at the cockpit and Stillwell looked to his left.
51. After all, a Perch on Forest Council would serve to put Silas in the spotlight.
52. I hated being the spotlight in class, but it was probably a good thing to have.
53. You could learn a lot by watching and listening to how others held the spotlight.
54. He tried to look intelligent, and nodded as the spotlight came around to him again.
55. The spotlight shifted away from the stage and onto the two fighters caged in the ring.
56. Even in the press, he received good coverage on the few times he was in the spotlight.
57. It lit him up and the entire area around him like a colorful spotlight on a performer.
58. She appeared to expand and grow in the spotlight, the tail taking on a life of its own.
59. The stocks that Turner likes to day trade the most are ones that aren't in the spotlight.
60. Just ahead of him about twenty feet was a small plastic object gleaming in the spotlight.
61. Vinnie, suddenly sensing he was in the center of a large spotlight, glared out the window.
62. Then the dark spotlight came on, and except for what was directly in front of me I could.
63. Half way down the landing a recess in the left hand wall glowed brightly under a spotlight.
64. But you hate being in the spotlight, you said yourself you hated being a celebrity vampire.
65. Within minutes, the light had grown to a circle, and Colling realized that it was a spotlight.
66. In the Spotlight Search box at the top of the screen, begin to type what you want to search for.
67. Still, rather than use infrared or echo location Zorandi opted for a simple wide beam spotlight.
68. Allison always liked the spotlight and the attention it gave but this was an act of desperation.
69. His dark eyes absorb all light from the spotlight and suck in every bit of heat from the candles.
70. Sarah’s eyes flickered once more her lashes fluttering like a butterfly trapped in a spotlight.
71. Greece came into the spotlight and got a bailout, and then fear of a double-dip recession started.
72. The moon was nature’s spotlight on the bright faces of the people who gathered in the park below.
73. After a few moments he heard foot falls coming their way, and then a light put them in the spotlight.
74. Suddenly he realized what a relief it was to be demoted, to be irrelevant, to be out of the spotlight.
75. One car pulled on to the bridge further, firing up the spotlight on his car to search the murky water.
76. Dan and Mike were standing in the light of a spotlight, back to each other, watching the surroundings.
77. And what she wanted above all was to be at the center of things, in the spotlight, basking in applause.
78. Mine was the stage, the fame, and yes… the razzle-dazzle that came with that spotlight she mentioned.
79. They didn’t have problems with understanding his gesture, and directed the spotlight at the container.
80. Here is where the jokester finds those rare, fleeting moments of rest, when he’s not in the spotlight.
81. The ways he handled himself under the spotlight and shared his passions are a testament to the man he was.
82. The other side of the gorge was out of the range of the spotlight, and he wanted to stay within the range.
83. He is centre stage, in the spotlight, the apple of a thousand eyes, but he sees nothing beyond the footlights.
84. Instead he runs forward, to the left of the police car just as the spotlight is moving rightward into the yard.
85. He loved his work, and wasnt much interested in the spotlight, and the glory, he left that to the investigators.
86. Samantha suspected he rushed the Hammer Valley filing because he was still in the spotlight from the Tate verdict.
87. Suddenly a spotlight shone on Jack and officer yelled, Freeze! Soon dozens of officers descended on the scene.
88. Massie felt as if she had been pushed out of the spotlight and forced to sit in the dark with all of the other LBRs.
89. To make matters worse, an overhead spotlight came on, filling the pit he was in with a blinding glow of white light.
90. As his handbeam lit her up she suddenly felt like she was standing in a spotlight, but not for a song and dance number.
91. Being in the spotlight like she is now should ensure that she will not do something really stupid, unless she goes mad.
92. Grant smiled, His only defence would be fear of Jones and that would put Johnny Boy in the spotlight good and proper.
93. Boshnikoff flashed the spotlight again and made a motion across his throat like he would to indicate cutting the engines.
94. I looked back up at the airship, the spotlight was aimed at the water now and for the first time I could see it clearly.
95. A pure bright white light emanated through its middle, as if its far end contained a super-powered translucent spotlight.
96. As the limousine drove alongside the empty expanse of the Mall, Hardin admired the spotlight glow of the Washington Monument.
97. SHE hadn’t shown it all in a Vegas spotlight for ten or twelve years, but the ex-showgirl’s body could still stop traffic.
98. He took a petal from Astray and then sprinted up the mountainside with Sorid’s spotlight hot on his tail, Ceder told him.
99. The girls and I weren't scheduled to be on stage for another hour as the younger kids would hold the spotlight for the first half.
100. He had managed to avoid being in the spotlight a long time, and now his greed for Dominex’s business had put an end to all that.
1. They had reached the beach and the first rays of the sun poked over the horizon, spotlighting the two.
1. In that sunny spotlighted corner of our universe he discussed many things with me and at.
2. The rising sun spotlighted a tall thin white haired man standing on the path that led past Joshua’s house.
3. Zora smiled into the brightness of the rising sun that came through the open veranda and was spotlighted heavily on the bed that she lay on.
4. A ray of sunlight spotlighted the unmade bed, the bedding lying crumpled, the sheet pulled down in one corner, revealing the mattress: the pillow dented where his head had lain while he waited for the time to pass.
1. Spotlights darted all over the.
2. There were no more spotlights left.
3. He is bathed in yellow filtered spotlights.
4. More spotlights descended on the pitch, and the.
5. Casanova dimmed out and spotlights zeroed in on the stage.
6. Bill quickly called the spotlights by number as he noticed.
7. Toward the flatbed truck with the two huge swiveling spotlights.
8. In New York, the Statue of Liberty will be bathed in spotlights.
9. The shiny floor of the stage reflected the many spotlights from.
10. Hollywood-style spotlights filled the night sky, challenging the moon.
11. Others were steady arc spotlights, and he felt teeming, seething movement.
12. Spotlights illuminated some of the pastel coloured buildings, the baroque.
13. It was almost as though there were high intensity spotlights on the building.
14. Dramatic edifices lined every road down which we turned, lit by dim spotlights.
15. The spotlights switched to the other entrance, at the opposite end of the arena.
16. The shop had bright sales areas under spotlights, and shadowy nooks where the.
17. In seconds, dozens of spotlights and shotguns were trained on the darkly clothed man.
18. The brickwork concealed not only infrared sensors, but vid-cams and spotlights as well.
19. I even had spotlights tracing my path through the shifting maze of packed sweaty bodies.
20. Powerful spotlights caught every facet of the magnificent jewels ornamenting their cloaks.
21. If you have time, read Spotlights under the Analysis Section of Racing Post and any late break.
22. The man turned to the guys operating the spotlights, and drew a circle in the air with his finger.
23. The spotlights were situated on such an angle that they could easily enlighten the whole interior.
24. Beyond, Rapp could see the massive, bunkerlike presidential palace illuminated with colored spotlights.
25. They pulled him across the dark tarmac, lit only by the glaring spotlights, and approached Ruby Tower.
26. Raven’s stomach lurched as he saw the sharp edge of Millicent’s dagger glint under the spotlights.
27. Huge spotlights flickered on from the direction of the beach and lit the patrol boat up like it was day.
28. In fact, even under these spotlights I’m having trouble confirming he has one, as small as it is!.
29. The statues had swiveled so that their cameras were trained straight on us, the spotlights in our faces.
30. The backside of the receiving area is a birdcage, vaulted ceiling lined with reinforcing bars and spotlights.
31. This was a serious design flaw and I often wondered if anyone would notice if I put extra spotlights on them.
32. How could a six-pack of spotlights shooting down from above in the middle of nowhere be familiar to anyone?
33. Mike, Dan and his aunt were fighting together against all the creatures that jumped in from the spotlights direction.
34. As she was standing lifeless there watching the flickering spotlights at the distance, she heard a sound of the helicopter.
35. The sky was still an incongruous mixture of sunlight and dark, but now these areas were alternating, like dancing spotlights.
36. His attention was pulled back to the ring as the spotlights, which had been dancing around the arena, focused upon the contenders.
37. The hospital stood a couple hundred yards past the gate, spotlights lighting up the white bricks and leaving the corners in jagged shadows.
38. The dim spotlights shining on the building gave it the appearance of a private mansion, abuzz with a private party for distinguished guests.
39. While Mike was running towards the nearest spotlight, Dan took out the pistols from behind his back, and yelled, Turn around the spotlights!.
40. Where’s that damned Lieutenant who wanted to use this stinking hydrant system? Ken walked around and into the spotlights from the 011-A’s.
41. Spotlights bathed them in bright light contrasting the prevailing gloom throughout the bar, broken only by the pale glow of candles under ruby-red glass.
42. With a cracking sound, spotlights flashed on and hit the stage, followed by a feedback squeal, and then a booming, echoing voice came over the sound system.
43. The commander on the left (we drive with right hand steering wheels in South Africa) had the police siren, public address system, radios and side spotlights to operate.
44. The living room was already illuminated by the ‘mood’ OLED spotlights of green and blue; curtains partially drawn, encrusted with smaller glowing versions to complement.
45. He heard the speakers crackle around the room and a voice burst through the air, Contender number one today is an up and coming star, Raven! He froze on the walkway, blinded by the spotlights shining upon him.
46. The spotlights that shone upon him asked things of him that he could not deliver, and although the eyes of a million viewers looked upon him with awe and respect, he felt more threatened now than he had when they wished for his death.
47. With the deck of the ship utterly deserted at this hour and being obscure save for a few spotlights illuminating the area of the gangway linking the ship to the quay, Farah was able to sneak out of the bow section and go hide under a tarp-covered pile.
48. She seemed to have such power on the stage as she danced, and the costuming! He thought the tail with the arrowhead on the end was a cute touch, marveled at the red glowing eyes and the small horns and reminded himself to ask her how she got the scaling effect on hands, arms and legs under the spotlights.
49. Desa used a few fingers of her hidden hand on the base strings with a string section patch gently in the background while Wuffs began swirling and twirling and hurling the lween, up into a silence [indoors or during Nightday, this is when the other spotlights come on] til he catches it and then she can use impact notes on the visible side, Leshar starts to play and the intro to HarvestHenge 151-13 is over.
50. Even as I regarded those two men, I became aware of the flying beams of the spotlights, to the north-east, painting ephemeral infinity symbols across the pregnant clouds that increasingly commanded the sky, of the distant roller-coaster chain clacking through the ratchet angles of the guideway as cars full of riders climbed an incline toward the next long drop, of the dusty smell of the campground, and of the scent of rain pending.

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