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Spreading в предложении (на )

  1. Spreading all over the country.
  2. Now the shadows are spreading out.
  3. Watched the spreading red puddle.
  4. There’ll be no spreading of lies.
  5. The incompetence is spreading now.

  6. Spreading happiness in all her ways.
  7. Spreading the word while providing.
  8. It was spreading across the country.
  9. It is also spreading among mainstream.
  10. Son felt the poison spreading through.
  11. The financial crisis could be spreading.
  12. Chance of spreading seventy-two percent.
  13. Abigail trailed off, spreading her hands.
  14. We simply cannot risk them spreading out.
  15. Spreading strategies help to control risk.

  16. Blood was spreading across his Windbreaker.
  17. I could feel it spreading through my body.
  18. The Titans have avoided spreading the word.
  19. A red colour was rapidly spreading outwards.
  20. Go on spreading the mark of the beast, fast.
  21. A new plague is spreading throughout Europe.
  22. You see, the serpent has been spreading lies.
  23. Gangrene, in fact, was spreading more and more.
  24. His head burrowed down, spreading her thighs.
  25. Not only is the company spreading fixed costs.

  26. Saw you with spreading mantle covering the world.
  27. Please consider helping us by spreading the word.
  28. Spreading the Wealth: Vertical Bull Put Spreads.
  29. Maybe we can stop it from spreading through the.
  30. Feel a sense of peace and tranquility spreading.
  31. By doing this, the Cardassians will be spreading.
  32. They came slowly, methodically, spreading out in.
  33. And rumors out of Hawikuh are spreading sad sounds.
  34. The copilot fixed the camera on the spreading rings.
  35. I couldnt stop my lips from spreading into a grin.
  36. Elizabeth, you have to stop spreading this image.
  37. Harry smeared the ink over the glass, spreading it.
  38. The lab started spreading the word, Marc returned.
  39. I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading.
  40. Moreover, spreading strategies in November options (e.
  41. Where? Her arms did their own spreading inquiry.
  42. With pure deliberate notes spreading filling the night.
  43. A cold churning started in my gut, spreading through.
  44. Someone is spreading rumours about imminent disasters.
  45. Snap, she said, a smile spreading across her face.
  46. He nodded, a mischievous grin spreading across his face.
  47. She’d be spreading all kinds of crazy ideas about me.
  48. By exposing fraud and lies, and by spreading the truth.
  49. This story had a relatively happy ending but spreading.
  50. Many have made this earth a hell by spreading many lies.
  51. Spreading his arms wide, Hartstongue spins a slow circle.
  52. She stood and grimaced at the feeling of dirt spreading.
  53. Neither could see any point in spreading fear and worry.
  54. However, news of the spreading contamination had spread.
  55. An anaplastic thyroid tumor spreading throughout my neck.
  56. There is plenty of food and drink and of spreading green.
  57. Diversify should mean spreading yourself over sectors too.
  58. The distortion effect was spreading, heading towards him.
  59. Spreading the word will lead to the elimination of these.
  60. I did most of our assigned work, with Corey spreading the.
  61. He did this to me! I hollered, spreading my arms out.
  62. Sycamores, with their spreading limbs were a common sight.
  63. They can also be used for spreading, mixing, and stirring.
  64. Long shadows were spreading on the mountain and light was.
  65. He started spreading the word, and the 122 was glad to obey.
  66. Slander is the act of spreading harmful, untrue information.
  67. Torren’s hand, the warmth of it spreading through her body.
  68. Rumors started spreading of cannibalism being the next step.
  69. Without him spreading this filthy greed to all of his armies.
  70. The line bent into a semicircle, spreading out to hem him in.
  71. Martin shrugged and withdrew his foot from the spreading fire.
  72. Sam arched an eyebrow, a slow grin spreading across his mouth.
  73. Warn them about what? Jhordel asked, spreading her arms.
  74. You deny spreading rumors about Lady Emily? Kyle yelled.
  75. Spreading my arms wide I looked up into the blue sky overhead.
  76. Crowley was busy countering the spreading of a cult of Apophis.
  77. Come on, Lisa! he shouted at me, spreading his arms wide.
  78. Unfortunately this spreading atmosphere of indifference to or.
  79. It was a strange, prickling feeling spreading through my body.
  80. Or he could tell them everything and risk the story spreading.
  81. It was spreading like a carpet being pulled up on three sides.
  82. At the same occasion, see your new happiness spreading around.
  83. Travis opening his fifth packet of fire sauce and spreading it.
  84. You should’ve seen it before the desert started spreading.
  85. Like an angel, good at spreading the seeds of love in the world.
  86. Another effective program that is spreading across the country.
  87. The -regional instability caused by the Americans is spreading.
  88. As soon as he starts spreading truth, he’s income dries up!.
  89. Spreading strategies are often done to reduce one or more risks.
  90. The sun was rising, and he could feel it spreading up his body.
  91. Grand! The fire, fanned by the breeze, was rapidly spreading.
  92. Grand!’ The fire, fanned by the breeze, was rapidly spreading.
  93. Spoon the turkey mixture over the tortillas, spreading it evenly.
  94. Maybe it was ushering in death and then giving birth, spreading.
  95. He tried and failed to keep the heat from spreading to his face.
  96. Can't see the point of dusting off then spreading it about again.
  97. The fire is now spreading to the table in the centre of the room.
  98. Through their activities of teaching and spreading the tradition.
  99. Beyond that, the initial incineration turned to a spreading fire.
  100. Try to to avoid spreading the stain around, never try to rub out.
  1. As word spreads, they will.
  2. Bull and Bear ratio Spreads.
  3. The Use and Abuse of Spreads.
  4. Here is the list of spreads:.
  5. A smile spreads over his face.
  6. It spreads slowly but surely.
  7. Music spreads lies: not truth.
  8. He spreads his wings and drops.
  9. Heat spreads through me slowly.
  10. Bull put spreads are for bulls.
  11. The fire replicates and spreads.
  12. Hot-air spreads across my chest.
  13. Bear call spreads are for bears.
  14. I must have thrown twenty spreads.
  15. These spreads are theta positive.
  16. She spreads evil rumors about me.
  17. Vertical Spreads with VIX Options.
  18. Lyre spreads his hands, palms out.
  19. Select spreads with a narrow width.
  20. Every time it spreads her fragrance.
  21. Your god, cancer that spreads fast.
  22. Everywhere it spreads its happiness.
  23. It spreads by contact with the skin.
  24. He spreads his field and is holding.
  25. A cold smile spreads across his face.
  26. A broad smile spreads across his face.
  27. A deep ache spreads through my throat.
  28. Some have smaller spreads than others.
  29. Until it spreads throughout the earth.
  30. The Bid/Ask Spread and Condor Spreads.
  31. Both spreads must have a positive delta.
  32. Who knows, maybe he spreads it himself.
  33. Spreads over His body on the tree;.
  34. Consider the two example bull spreads:.
  35. He spreads his arms to indicate her lawn.
  36. Buy debit spreads for limited protection.
  37. All of these trades are calendar spreads.
  38. Trading stocks that have bigger spreads.
  39. Long-dated credit spreads since the 1920s.
  40. Bull call spreads that use the VIX Nov 17.
  41. Chapter 15: Other Spreads and Combinations.
  42. I smile, and a tingling spreads through me.
  43. A patch of blood spreads over her shoulder.
  44. Calendar spreads can be directional trades.
  45. I mean, wartsblood spreads warts, you said.
  46. All calendar spreads have directional risk.
  47. His fame rapidly spreads across the country.
  48. There are larger spreads between bid and ask.
  49. A condor is a spread of two vertical spreads.
  50. Calendar Spreads with VIX Options and Futures.
  51. Roll the position to 15 Oct 1140/1150 spreads.
  52. There are two types of vertical credit spreads.
  53. Which of the four spreads would you select? A.
  54. Roll the position to 12 Sep 1120/1130 spreads.
  55. The warmth spreads from your eyes to your face.
  56. But thanks for the help with Vertical Spreads.
  57. If anything, you prefer larger bid-ask spreads.
  58. Together these spreads make up a time butterfly.
  59. Spreading the Wealth: Vertical Bull Put Spreads.
  60. Darkness spreads over the land into the hearts.
  61. It spreads the love still further, till mankind.
  62. What’s the Spread: Vertical Bear Call Spreads.
  63. Any of the following would be calendar spreads:.
  64. I can't help the grin that spreads across my lips.
  65. The rate at which the virus spreads is horrifying.
  66. I feel the flush as it slowly spreads over my face.
  67. David spreads the anti-love around wherever he goes.
  68. Diagonal spreads are often billed as free trades.
  69. For soybeans, call ratio spreads would do the trick.
  70. Payoff functions of short and long calendar spreads.
  71. We can write our time box as two diagonal spreads:.
  72. As you will learn, not all spreads are created equal.
  73. Avoid options with spreads larger than 10 percent (e.
  74. Wrath spreads abroad the riot as wind spreads a fire.
  75. This very letter BaM expands and spreads to the ends.
  76. One man lays a brick, another man spreads the mortar.
  77. Why the True Gospel Spreads in These Countries Today.
  78. A whirlpool spreads behind the ship in all directions.
  79. Blood springs from her nose and spreads over her face.
  80. Transaction costs and bid/ask spreads are not included.
  81. Word of mouth spreads fast throughout the social web.
  82. She looks up at me and a grin spreads across her face.
  83. Credit spreads are wide when the real economy is weak.
  85. A big grin spreads over my face as I reach out for him.
  86. And I can't stop the smile that spreads across my face.
  87. Optionz Traderz: Let’s see… We talked about Spreads.
  88. Wide credit spreads are the strongest bullish indicators.
  89. For OEX, this might mean establishing put ratio spreads.
  90. And no trading signal when the spreads get out of whack.
  91. On top of the wide spreads, transaction costs were high.
  92. Emerging markets spreads were significantly wider than U.
  93. Warmth spreads over my chest as I draw in another breath.
  94. The bird gathers itself, spreads its wings and takes off.
  95. Spreads and other products that are added that are high.
  96. Both spreads will have the same profit or loss potential.
  97. It grows faster and spreads faster than all other plants.
  98. How a Collar Is Similar to Other Spreads and Combinations.
  99. I look at calendar spreads as two-pronged volatility plays.
  100. The cesium then spreads along these rivers, contaminating.

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1. So the spread in a.
2. A chill spread over us.
3. Spread over top of pie.
4. Ted spread it out and.
5. Panic spread in the mob.
6. He spread his arms wide.
7. Spread over top of the.
8. The news will spread soon.
9. Word spread of our attack.
10. Her legs were spread open.
11. The more spread the better.
12. Spread your wings and fly.
13. It has spread that far now.
14. The flames had spread to.
15. Take the AAPL spread above.
16. Her legs were spread wide.
17. Wide spread of what is now.
18. We girls helped to spread.
19. A hush spread through the.
20. Things spread out a little.
21. Buy 1 call below the spread.
22. Back in the tropical spread.
23. The four of them spread out.
24. A fog had started to spread.
25. Spread the batter in the pan.
26. The great wings were spread.
27. The Plague spread too quick.
28. Then she got up and spread.
29. His hands opened and spread.
30. We spread them on the table.
31. Spread 1/2 cup brown sugar.
32. Spread on top of the pastry.
33. Spread with jam and roll up.
34. Spread apples evenly over top.
35. Surely is this story spread!.
36. The spread in this case is 0.
37. Splat, the paint spread out.
38. He wanted them to spread out.
39. He gently spread it over her.
40. Spread it evenly on the plate.
41. He flexed his talons, spread.
42. They spread all over the city.
43. She spread the map on the bed.
44. A grin spread across his face.
45. A grin spread across her lips.
46. Her dark hair was spread out.
47. Spread sauce evenly over crust.
48. Spread ice-cream on the floor.
49. Those who spread hate in the.
50. Then, rumours began to spread.
51. It will spread out around you.
52. She spread butter on her bread.
53. Spread this mixture over the.
54. It is spread through word of.
55. It spread its wings as it ran.
56. I spread it out to look at it.
57. Spread on cookie sheet to dry.
58. When cold spread with frosting.
59. This will help you spread the.
60. The net vega of the spread is.
61. This spread across the culture.
62. A smile spread across his face.
63. She spread a sheet on the floor.
64. Spread out and smooth into pan.
65. Spread out on the ground next.
66. Spread the cold pudding in the.
67. Where's the red carpet spread?
68. Spread evenly into prepared pan.
69. Now sit down so you can spread.
70. An itch spread all over his body.
71. An oily spread of rainbow color.
72. I spread them out in front of me.
73. Nikki laid spread out on the bed.
74. Spread out all over the country.
75. He spread his hands in bafflement.
76. Spread out before him was the sea.
77. Spread into prepared baking dish.
78. Then, he spread them with a jerk.
79. Spread half of whipped cream in.
80. He didn’t pull the spread down.
81. Viola decided to spread his wings.
82. Quite a spread they have here.
83. Spread on top of cooled pretzels.
84. That meant the news would spread.
85. Spread on two pizza crusts; top.
86. We each had some ashes to spread.
87. You said young so I got a spread.
88. Pyrenees spread in all directions.
89. Spread apple mixture over pastry.
90. It has contributed to the spread.
91. All who had spread terror in the.
92. This uncertainty spread to other.
93. A grin spread across Hope’s face.
94. Jake spread his wings and took off.
95. Flowers were spread over the gates.
96. A wide grin spread across her face.
97. The tent curtains spread open wide.
98. Spread the cream put aside on top.
99. He stood and spread his arms wide.
100. Spread chocolate to edges of cups.

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