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    1. He appeared to have stamped on it at some point as well

    2. Ribbed plastic cups, stamped with the word “Hot”,

    3. of sheet metal, folded and stamped into the basic flow

    4. I joined the choir and stamped and clapped and started shouting 'Yarriba!' along with everyone else

    5. After a couple of minutes shunting and crunching that made no difference, he stamped his foot and let out a mighty growl

    6. In his rage he stamped and stomped on the floor with so much

    7. The top cover was stamped with a

    8. mist as the stall owners stamped the ground and slapped

    9. Sue stamped her foot and put he hands on her hips

    10. at his own impotence, he stood up and stamped out of the

    11. stamped her hoof in protest

    12. Fred jumped and stamped as he raced to the children, both now in terror of what they had done

    13. The clerk stamped both cards and wrote the amount in with his feather

    14. stamped his foot – but the floor was solid stone

    15. Clothier fetched his liquor then cleared a large space, and with Fizzicist humming a weird tune they managed to follow the instructions stamped on the inside of the case

    16. One man stamped the ground with

    17. stamped envelopes addressed to your close friend/relative (there

    18. A bank, indeed, which lends its money without the expense of stamped paper, or of attorneys' fees for drawing bonds and mortgages, and which accepts of repayment upon the easy terms of the banking companies of Scotland, would, no doubt, be a very convenient creditor to such traders and undertakers

    19. He stamped out of the shed, then thought better of it and returned

    20. It was stamped with the king’s official signet ring to indicate his approval

    21. The nature of things has stamped upon corn a real value, which cannot be altered by merely altering its money price

    22. The crowd clapped, stamped and chanted

    23. Our donkey stamped his feet lazily, then settled down as Joseph gave him food and water

    24. “Right lad where are you going show me your orders, right Blackthorn”, he stamped my papers and gave me a rail pass saying

    25. “Could I have your papers please he then took a rubber stamp from a rack and stamped them ‘Fit for Duty’ he then returned them to me dismissing me with a quick

    26. All testaments must be written upon stamped paper, of which the price is proportioned to the property disposed of ; so that there are stamps which cost from three pence or three stivers a-sheet, to three hundred florins, equal to about twenty-seven pounds ten shillings of our money

    27. Sharon stamped the ground and made a

    28. Which yet survive stamped on these

    29. She stamped on the remembrance

    30. He stamped out without saying goodnight

    31. you prefer to have the colored decking, or the stamped concrete that strikingly resembles as

    32. There was a scurrying along the floor as the cockroaches and rats ran for cover but not before Bert stamped on a few roaches with his boot

    33. At that moment we didn’t have one piece of stamped paper

    34. As the flames licked his fingers, the port agent let it fall to the ground and stamped on the final cinders of the page

    35. Jim turned up the collar of his coat about his ears and stamped his

    36. " He stamped with vexation at the thought

    37. Running up, he stamped on the animal’s head - stamping, stamping, his stomach roiling, shouting at the top of his voice, loosing all self-control

    38. Singularly, also, the individual regimental kit number, which in European armies must be stamped on every article of the soldier, was not in general vogue in the American army

    39. Gritting his teeth, Contin pulled the wheel in the opposite direction, managing to get the car back onto the road, where it slewed from side to side, the tyres smoking as he stamped on the brakes

    40. I stepped softly between the rows of suffering soldiers that night at Siboney; fires outside and flickering lanterns lit up the gaunt faces, some stamped with approaching death

    41. Then, with a, “Hang on doc,” he stamped his foot on the throttle, holding it there

    42. Gasping, blood oozing down his cheek, he stamped his foot on the accelerator, leaning forward into the steering wheel as he urged the car to greater speed

    43. If one allows that worldly values are the off-springs of worldly customs, (alone); that is to say, restricted to non-spiritual matters, and that eternal values are necessarily eternal in meaning; neither limited by space nor time, which would otherwise render them meaningless and incomprehensive in form; universal or eternal Values must necessarily embrace all existence, including the ―Material‖ that (always) was, is and will become, without exception; the expression or starting point of God‘s own Creation, in His own Image consonant with His own laws or (Eternal Values), whose impressions have been (indelibly) stamped on all things potentially eternal

    44. He laid the four sheets on the desk, stamped them closed, and scribbled something intentionally illegible in the box for recording the fine as paid

    45. the table and stamped the snow from his feet

    46. Once guests showed their tickets, their wrists were stamped with the date and the name of the competition

    47. Uncle Hobart stamped on the brakes but the Lada just kept on accelerating

    48. " I stamped my foot in frustration

    49. The boy landed on his back and Frank stamped on his instep

    50. The man threatened me with a brick and stamped on my foot

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