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Steadiness в предложении (на )

  1. This will lead to the steadiness.
  2. The concept of structural steadiness is very broad.
  3. It testifies to the relative steadiness of the optimization space.
  4. It is I who bestow steadiness on the faith of covetous worship-.
  5. The second important property is the steadiness of optimization space.

  6. Steadiness, the seasons’ cycle, the slow onward movement of the earth.
  7. Balance is a condition of steadiness in thinking between two opposing forces.
  8. Pranayam means steadiness of the process of breathing which results in the.
  9. We must not, however, forget the steadiness and endurance of the Russian troops.
  10. The extent of optimization space steadiness can be estimated by different methods.
  11. The durableness of metals is the foundation of this extraordinary steadiness of price.
  12. In essence, its light was generated in a vacuum, insuring both its steadiness and intensity.
  13. There was a shocked middle-aged man standing behind a desk, holding a gun with impressive steadiness.
  14. It was too big to be a man and rising with the smooth steadiness of some kind of mechanical platform.
  15. Asana should be done with comfort, ease, alertness and steadiness, achieving a balance between ease and effort.

  16. Cora set the example of compliance, with a steadiness that taught the more timid Alice the necessity of obedience.
  17. The short-term steadiness gives the illusion of safety but over the long haul runs a higher risk of not earning enough.
  18. If he expended energy enough to bring peace and steadiness here, he would not have strength left to bring the boy back.
  19. Crawford's steadiness was honoured, and Fanny was praised, and the connexion was still the most desirable in the world.
  20. Leeds had not spoken, but looked at the girl with a steadiness which for a moment caused her to cast down her animated eyes.
  21. On the other hand, it is highly desirable that the optimization space would demonstrate steadiness to changes of such kind.
  22. One should also note that the same optimization space can be steady to some structural changes and have a low steadiness to others.
  23. They would certainly be loyal guards, they would become respected and adorned with reverence and known for their steadiness by all people.
  24. The less the optimization space is sensitive to small alterations in optimization period length, the higher the steadiness of the strategy.
  25. Undoubtedly, it was Ellen who would be the one to show strength, resolve, and the steadiness to guide her and her son through this difficult ordeal.

  26. This confirms once again our conclusion about optimization steadiness relative to the change of the historical period used for strategy optimization.
  27. The sudden termination of Colonel Brandon's visit at the park, with his steadiness in concealing its cause, filled the mind, and raised the wonder of Mrs.
  28. David, in some measure familiarized to the scene, led the way with a steadiness that no slight obstacle was likely to disconcert, into this very building.
  29. He passed the groups of dead with a steadiness of purpose, and an eye so calm, that nothing but long and inveterate practise could enable him to maintain.
  30. From the corner of his eye Catkin was instinctively aware of Scalodi's steadiness of aim and his shooting stance that spoke of years of experience with a rifle.
  31. Another aspect of steadiness is the extent of optimization space sensitivity to the length of historical price data used to calculate objective function values.
  32. In this section we analyze the steadiness of the optimization space of the basic delta-neutral strategy relative to the fixed criterion threshold parameter.
  33. There was a charm, perhaps, in his sincerity, his steadiness, his integrity, which Miss Crawford might be equal to feel, though not equal to discuss with herself.
  34. When testing the steadiness of the automated strategy intended for real trading, it would be sufficient to apply much smaller changes in values of fixed parameters.
  35. When steadiness is estimated by comparing the large number of optimization spaces (as it is in our example), the convolution method can be used to facilitate the comparison.
  36. The mind takes offense at every phenomena of both inner and outer experience which appears to contract that steadiness and constancy which it regards as the very essence of truth.
  37. The shortness of his visit, the steadiness of his purpose in leaving them, originated in the same fettered inclination, the same inevitable necessity of temporizing with his mother.
  38. She did not speak with rudeness so much as with a cold steadiness with which Miss Minchin felt it difficult to cope—perhaps because she knew she was doing a heartless and inhuman thing.
  39. When referring to the sensitivity of the optimization space to any changes other than changes in optimized parameters (which are measured by robustness), we will use the term steadiness.
  40. Somewhere in the distance, I can hear the sound of hoofbeats and a carriage on cobbled streets, though it is very faint and continues through the entire scene with an unnerving, eerie steadiness.
  41. In consequence of these alterations, the courts, both of the proprietors and directors, it was expected, would be likely to act with more dignity and steadiness than they had usually done before.
  42. Some indicators were calculated for two time frames: months (which corresponds to expiration cycles) and days (since day is the time frame at which steadiness of the strategy has to be controlled).
  43. When he stretches out his hand, his fingers meet Annyeke’s and he grips her unexpected steadiness, all animosity forgotten, but there is something missing, something his mind aches to reach but cannot.
  44. To illustrate the idea of optimization space steadiness to changes in optimization period, we will perform the sensitivity test using the basic delta-neutral strategy and the profit-based objective function.
  45. He wants and needs not his mother or his father, nor just his mother and his father, but his two parents love-linked together as the one source of steadiness in a universe which otherwise is in flux and turmoil.
  46. In order to determine the extent of the steadiness of this space relative to the length of the historical period, we will perform a successive series of optimizations using historical periods of different lengths.
  47. More sophisticated approaches to estimating the steadiness should express numerically the sensitivity of optimization space (for example, by calculating the variability of coordinates of nodes constituting the optimal areas).
  48. To make the change of the optimization space more spectacular and observable, we use in our example the full prohibition of long positions opening (although in practice such a strict steadiness test would hardly make any sense).
  49. But I had voluntarily stripped myself of all those balancing instincts by which even the worst of us continues to walk with some degree of steadiness among temptations; and in my case, to be tempted, however slightly, was to fall.
  50. The new double-glasses were better about that, he understood, but he was used to the old style and he rested the barrel on his forearm for steadiness as he studied the spot where he would have located the picket that should have been guarding the bridge.
  51. Considering the fact that complete prohibition of long positions represents a very significant structural change (on the verge of fundamental strategy change), we should conclude that the steadiness of the optimization space in this example is rather high.
  52. Steadiness can be viewed as nonsensitivity of the space relief to (or, in other words, invariability of the space shape depending on) small changes in parameters, which are not involved in the optimization process, but are fixed based on particular reasons.
  53. Its speed steadily decreases as it advances northward, and we must pray that this steadiness continues, because, as experts agree, if its speed and direction were to change, the climates of Europe would undergo disturbances whose consequences are incalculable.
  54. At the same time, if optimization spaces are similar, with optimal areas having approximately the same form and situated at the more or less same locations (indicating steadiness of optimization), the convolution will have a limited number of easily distinguishable optimal areas.
  55. But the Congregational church, with the "Lewis High School" in its basement, taught by two experienced lady teachers from New York, has gained the respect of the whole community by the steadiness of its members and the "sweet reasonableness" of its doctrines as handed down from past generations.
  56. In 1497, Vasco de Gamo sailed from the port of Lisbon with a fleet of four ships, and, after a navigation of eleven months, arrived upon the coast of Indostan ; and thus completed a course of discoveries which had been pursued with great steadiness, and with very little interruption, for near a century together.
  57. He was standing by the table heaped with books and magazines, and there was something in the alertness of his virile figure, well poised enough for a soldier; something in the lines of his well-cut features, something in the steadiness and frankness of the cool gray eyes, that suggested not only the strength of youth, but the strength of the spirit.
  58. The workmen, accordingly, very seldom derive any advantage from the violence of those tumultuous combinations, which, partly from the interposition of the civil magistrate, partly from the superior steadiness of the masters, partly from the necessity which the greater part of the workmen are under of submitting for the sake of present subsistence, generally end in nothing but the punishment or ruin of the ringleaders.
  59. He was having differences of a personal nature with the village schoolmaster, who refused with a steadiness that annoyed Herr Dremmel to recognise that he was a _Schafskopf_, while Herr Dremmel held, and patiently explained, that a person who is born a _Schafskopf_ should be simple and frank about it, and not persist in behaving as if he were not one; and as for a teacher in the house, that was altogether impossible, because there was no room.
  60. Our officer then wondered how it was that Al’lah had given him such amazing composure and steadiness for an entire night when he was faced by a ravenous hyena, and had filled his heart with all the necessary emotions and ability to deal with that difficult situation, only to find himself petrified at the sound of a caged animal here, in the middle of a noisy, bustling city, where women and children were wandering happily among the animals’ cages.
  61. Then he thought that Gaston was not as foolish as he appeared, but, quite the contrary, was a man of infinite steadiness, ability, and patience who had set about to conquer his wife with the weariness of eternal agreement, of never saying no, of simulating a limitless conformity, letting her become enmeshed in her own web until the day she could no longer bear the tedium of the illusions close at hand and would pack the bags herself to go back to Europe.
  62. Henry Crawford had too much sense not to feel the worth of good principles in a wife, though he was too little accustomed to serious reflection to know them by their proper name; but when he talked of her having such a steadiness and regularity of conduct, such a high notion of honour, and such an observance of decorum as might warrant any man in the fullest dependence on her faith and integrity, he expressed what was inspired by the knowledge of her being well principled and religious.
  63. That is why I want to warn you that I interpreted Cosmic Codes of all Qualities, not by taking into account your habitual and extremely limited Conceptions of the words that express definite properties and types of experiences (Love, Wisdom, Will, Intelligence, Steadiness, Stability, Voidness, Vacuumness, Essentiality, Permeability, Integrity, Aspiration, Knowledge, Informedness, Unity), but in THEIR deeply internal meaning, which has absolutely nothing in common with what you may mean in your daily use of these words.
  64. I may illustrate what I mean by supposing three varieties of sheep to be kept, one adapted to an extensive mountainous region; a second to a comparatively narrow, hilly tract; and a third to the wide plains at the base; and that the inhabitants are all trying with equal steadiness and skill to improve their stocks by selection; the chances in this case will be strongly in favour of the great holders on the mountains or on the plains improving their breeds more quickly than the small holders on the intermediate narrow, hilly tract; and consequently the improved mountain or plain breed will soon take the place of the less improved hill breed; and thus the two breeds, which originally existed in greater numbers, will come into close contact with each other, without the interposition of the supplanted, intermediate hill variety.
  65. The steadiness of his manner, and the intelligence of his eye as he spoke, convincing Elinor, that whatever other unpardonable folly might bring him to Cleveland, he was not brought there by intoxication, she said, after a moment's recollection,.
  66. The steadiness of his manner, and the intelligence of his eye as he spoke, convincing Elinor, that whatever other unpardonable folly might bring him to Cleveland, he was not brought there by intoxication, she said, after a moment’s recollection,.

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