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Stilt в предложении (на )

  1. The stilt walker had the best view.
  2. Stilt walking should keep you busy.

  1. The unusual hesitation and stilting of Annie’s reply, immediately caught Kathy’s attention, and she was reminded once again of just who was in the room with them and why.
  1. He took a stilted breath.
  2. After several fairly stilted and.
  3. My stilted words soon gained momentum.
  4. It was stilted, precise, and rehearsed.
  5. His English was good, if a little stilted.
  6. The conversation feels stilted and awkward.
  7. The church service was stilted and formal and.
  8. What followed was a strange and stilted conversation.
  9. O'Reilly's voice had taken on the stilted cadence of a formal.
  10. Is this because of work and your feeling stilted there?
  11. A stilted way of putting it: a year after I embarked on my journey.
  12. Their voices sounded stilted behind the masks, but were intelligible.
  13. She had been ready for days with her stilted, regretful little formula.
  14. He led them in a stilted and lifeless version of Onward Christian Soldiers.
  15. She wasn’t much of a small-talker, so the conversation was a bit stilted.
  16. Ethan shook his head and his stilted smile had the look of tasting salt about it.
  17. Do you have tools? the Egyptian inquired of Moshe in slightly stilted Hebrew.
  18. Siegemunde appeared on the ramparts of the stilted Academy and uttered a bolt spell.
  19. A voice from nowhere interjected suddenly, vibrant and warm, but somewhat stilted:.
  20. There was no hiding the awkward pauses and stilted body language between the two leaders.
  21. She had managed to get in a few words with him the previous day but the conversation had been stilted.
  22. Her English was slightly stilted when she said, The world is undoubtedly astounded by what we hear.
  23. Brock's interpretation was part fact and part revelation, so the conversation had been stilted and difficult.
  24. JY, sensing concern walked around the vehicle with the stilted gait displayed by a fully cocked pit bulldog.
  25. Satvinder met with the Director of the Academy as he withdrew from the molding pool before the stilted buildings.
  26. What the hell---life beyond orbit was rarely a matter of prudence and stilted decorum, and there was always something to be said for brute force.
  27. Gabriel wasn’t openly rude to Eris as we ate, but each time she tried to engage him in conversation, he replied with stilted, one worded answers.
  28. There’s something cocky and stilted about the way he moves, and of course that could be a sign that he’s just an ordinary druggie and petty thief.
  29. So they had relaxed and let the happy accordion music of French village songs surround them and take the place of what could only be stilted conversation.
  30. Instead, she tried to concentrate on his hands, the stilted moves of his fingers as he straightened everything once, then twice, then a third time, then a fourth.
  31. I forced myself not to drink the last two until I had the water tank in sight and by 4:30 there it was: the stilted legs of the burned fire lookout on a rise in the distance.
  32. His appearance,—I forget what description you gave of his appearance;—a sort of raw curate, half strangled with his white neckcloth, and stilted up on his thicksoled high-lows, eh?
  33. After a few years of nothing but Christmas cards and the odd stilted letter between the two women, which Sheila skimmed over rather ineffectually, Don’s job in Italy ended and they went home to Scotland.
  34. So then she’d rush out to help put the clothes on the line and make stilted chitchat while all the words she couldn’t say poured through her head: Just come back home, Abigail, come back home and stop this.
  35. Next, I began a rather stilted interview with a women’s magazine and was trying to patiently answer ridiculous questions about my favorite fabrics when the conversation unexpectedly veered into uncharted territory.
  36. As I was bogged down with that thought, the negativity of it began to bother me; I was alive to the fact that the seeds of liaisons sprout in the stilted minds of the disaffected spouses, and if Ruma were to take a lover, the slight apart, won’t the scandal be scary.
  37. Why for sure Islam in the original form had outlived its utility to the poor believers, and if only the stilted media gets its act right to drive home this point into the minority minds, the interests of the Indian Musalmans would be well-served that its sophism is fouling.
  38. He touched the books and listened to the air in the dim hallway where dinnertime voices drifted up from below and a door stood wide near his elbow, from which the faint scent of illness came and went, arrived and departed, with the stilted breathing of some patient within the room.
  39. He is not easily astonished, he is still less easily terrified, he makes songs on superstitions, he takes the wind out of exaggerations, he twits mysteries, he thrusts out his tongue at ghosts, he takes the poetry out of stilted things, he introduces caricature into epic extravaganzas.
  40. The grandiose ‘Imperial Infrastructures’ was the stilted idea of my fucked-up psyche, and as if man’s fate factors the times he lives in to shape his life, Harshad Mehta came onto the scene; can one ever fail to recall the euphoria he had helped generate in the bourses? Hadn’t business magazines, all and sundry that is, goaded the public to sell the family silver to invest in stocks? Oh, how the public issues of never-heard-of-entities without a factory shed to name came to be oversubscribed many times over; and when the bubble was burst as Mehta was caught stealing, how many became broke no one knows.
  1. The stilts we had used had no legs to stand on.
  2. What just walked across me, a man wearing stilts?
  3. Spinning Bob had a large wooden bar built on stilts.
  4. Boilers on stilts, I tell you, striding along like men.
  5. I’d seen a high camera platform built on stilts at the beginning of the.
  6. Stilts: If you are walking on stilts, it means that you are conceited and arrogant.
  7. The warriors strode beyond the marketplace and assorted homes, built on stilts above the soggy earth.
  8. Little redheaded Blood Hunter on stilts? Why should I care about the goal of your life? Ash Templeton, you said.
  9. The warriors departed from the Martial Academy and stayed at a town house on stilts across from the marketplace of the lich folk.
  10. They drove the single lane through the salt flats to his home on stilts among the reeds, bringing with them whiskey and beer on ice.
  11. The sound of water draining out of a shower-barrel up on stilts, or a squelchy-farty sound as a man on the latrine worked things out.
  12. It was drafty, rickety, perched on thin stilts over the river, with showers that pumped foul-smelling water directly from the Hudson over the boys’ heads.
  13. Now, with the parade, hundreds of feet rang and clustered on the grille as the carnival strode by on stilts, roared by in tiger and volcano sounds and colours.
  14. Twice before had this thing happened, and the little eating house stood upon stilts of cottonwood logs to be above the flood line, while the lodging house was on higher ground.
  15. I could wear contact lenses, though not all the time as my eyes dry out quickly, but apart from stilts and breast implants I was stuck with what mother nature had blessed me with.
  16. The bombs were overtaking them, making a sound that one man likened to the footfalls of a giant: Boom … boom … BOOM … BOOM! At last, Louie and Phil spotted a native hut built on flood stilts.
  17. It is no use trusting these giants, therefore; one cannot lean on these fictitious giants to see better, to dream, to realize/be realized since they are nothing but dwarfs with stilts, dwarfs dressed up as giants.
  18. If it is true that as dwarfs, our desire would be that to climb up onto the shoulders of the giants and not of other dwarfs, maybe even more dangerous, and find dwarfs that think they are giants, only because they have stilts.
  19. There you stand, a hundred feet above the silent decks, striding along the deep, as if the masts were gigantic stilts, while beneath you and between your legs, as it were, swim the hugest monsters of the sea, even as ships once sailed between the boots of the famous Colossus at old Rhodes.
  20. For now the last of the fleet of ships was round the last low point we had headed; and the last green barge, straw-laden, with a brown sail, had followed; and some ballast-lighters, shaped like a child's first rude imitation of a boat, lay low in the mud; and a little squat shoal-lighthouse on open piles stood crippled in the mud on stilts and crutches; and slimy stakes stuck out of the mud, and slimy stones stuck out of the mud, and red landmarks and tidemarks stuck out of the mud, and an old landing-stage and an old roofless building slipped into the mud, and all about us was stagnation and mud.

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