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Stint в предложении (на )

  1. A stint like that and.
  2. I had a temporary stint in.
  3. Which all served to lengthen his stint.
  4. Oklahoma and a stint as a pilot in the United.
  5. A stint like that and you could end up with flat fee.

  6. Bones banked the free ride, wrapping his stint in Astoria.
  7. Her old man had even enjoyed a stint on the City Council.
  8. He ended his long stint of being on duty with the words:.
  9. That was the stint expected of a Roman Foot soldier to serve.
  10. When Tom was very young, he had done a short stint in the army.
  11. She revealed it to me that she had done a long stint with an.
  12. Teresa Semel just got back in town after a stint at Betty Ford.
  13. After a few hours’ stint here, I’d deal with the third clue.
  14. Failure to report is a one year stint in the jail so one more.
  15. Another favorite expression was a result of my stint as a wrestler.

  16. At last it was the final day of Boyd’s year’s stint in the army.
  17. It was also quite expensive but my father did not stint on the fees.
  18. It was expensive, but she told George, You mustn't stint on anything.
  19. You're a pro, and you don't stint the clients just because you're upset.
  20. Besides therapy and school, Linda and Michele also had a stint as doctors.
  21. The maximum penalty was a $1500 fine and a ninety day stint in the slammer.
  22. He turned in early and didn’t hear Patricia come in from her European stint.
  23. On returning to Durban after a stint of a few years in Gauteng I would learn that.
  24. It is a two-year stint and I shall be able to buy a house at the end of that period.
  25. Besides, she too felt a short stint in the movies wouldn’t be a bad idea after all.

  26. The relationships usually ended with the termination of my stint in that particular country.
  27. He had no idea whether he was walking to his professional death or a stint in the stockade.
  28. He got bumped up to Narcotics in ’04 and did a stint as part of a task force for the DEA.
  29. One of the questions I got in my Microsoft stint was, Should I buy separate insurance as.
  30. When I did that six month stint at the CDC, one of the services we provided was to give all.
  31. Indeed for them, the stint at the gaol appeared a welcome change from their wretched routine.
  32. She wasn't looking for romance here in her ten day stint, but she would appreciate some company.
  33. Anyway, we relocated to a larger city as my kids were starting high school and I did that stint.
  34. The first time I went in for a stint of minding her shop it appeared to be deserted until, after a.
  35. He then studied the entry about Pluto for nine and eleven thirteenths as long as the previous stint.
  36. Before I began the volunteer stint, though, I never would have thought I’d be out as much as I was then.
  37. You might get addicted, but that just leads to withdrawal headaches, not a stint at the Betty Ford Clinic.
  38. Officer Green explained that he couldn’t find any records beyond Oswald’s one-year stint on the force.
  39. In this interview, Snehamoy Mukherjee of Axtria talks about his stint with Technopak as Analytics Practice head.
  40. If Easton was unemployed they had to stint themselves so as to avoid getting further into debt than was absolutely necessary.
  41. There can be no doubt that a seven-hour day is the ideal, with a ten-hour stint the rare exception and certainly not the rule.
  42. After earning a master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Alberta and working a short stint at TransCanada Corp.
  43. In his short stint as one of the undead, he knew vampires didn’t bother to speak to one another unless they wanted something.
  44. I say, how about this then: a bright wooden bottle; a night moon and pot hole; the lint off a beard; a stint spent stoned and B.
  45. Following her stint in New York, she moved to Minneapolis where she had accepted a scholarship from the University of Minnesota.
  46. Sometimes I dine with my neighbours and friends, and often invite them; my entertainments are neat and well served without stint of anything.
  47. I was also in a country where Rupert Murdoch had cut his poisoned teeth, so reports did not stint on lurid speculations or gruesome details.
  48. Locke thought he’d better have a pretty good story why he was outside Hamilton’s cell or this would be the shortest stint as an Agent ever.
  49. Only after their 17-year stint was over was the Roman State required to pay them their few measly hectares of land and few measly draft animals.
  50. She did not stint covering our expenses single-handedly for a number of years until I finally started to participate with my own meager earnings.
  51. Though he grew up in an environment of sentimentality, he imbibed a balanced outlook that his stint as the Czar of Medina turned into statesmanship.
  52. Gratefully, he escaped after half an hour, and the audit pair could find little to progress with until their tutor arrived for his day's stint of duty.
  53. Siegel’s earlier stint in Medellín, Colombia, during their murder capital of the world days, was a matter of record, and an impressive calling card at that.
  54. But as Teresa walked off the plane that day in Palma, Majorca, she had no way of knowing it would be anything more than a ten-day stint of extremely hard work and research.
  55. When the couple returned home, Rob and Mary read the re-print of a brief article from a research journal that the gastroenterologist gave them while Rob did his stint in the hospital.
  56. Georgia had lived on this planet now for almost a century and a half, never leaving the area, except for a brief stint in Oregon when she was a child, the place where she had grown up.
  57. We moved to the reserve trenches having completed our stint in the line it was alright in these trenches although we could never completely relax it was a lot better than being in the front line.
  58. At the end of 2001 we were back in the US to see our family, travel (in fact we drove cross country to Alaska and back) and do a short stint as a specialist in a small catholic hospital in St Lucia.
  59. He could tell she was not thrilled with the hauling off of the Dark Elf he called Brand-Shei, but she trusted his assertions that the latter’s stint in Riften’s jail would be relatively short-lived.
  60. Not that they stint on all the more traditional, time-tested pleasures they’ve enjoyed since they took over from those supposed second-rate citizens who now need them to run things—us female-types.
  61. Even when they can visibly see how they are destroying the very landscape around them and turning it into a mud-packed, filth-strewn, ugly, stinking mess… They still do not stint on their sacred nightly firewood.
  62. Both however didn’t know each other very well yet and Ingrid’s personal rapport with Dewey was not as warm as that with Joseph Martin, who had nearly treated Ingrid like a niece during his stint at the White House.
  63. They were now farther uptown than she’d been since her stint as a canvasser, having made their way off off-ramps and round roundabouts and back down in zigzag fashion among the crackerbox apartment towers of the Bronx.
  64. After a brief stint running a plastics business in Albuquerque, he and Cecy moved to his boyhood hometown, La Porte, Indiana, where they eventually took jobs at a junior high, Allen teaching science, Cecy teaching English.
  65. And he remembered all whom he had injured, and desired to make them restitution ; he began to give away money without stint, so that his wife and the archimandrite even had to restrain him ; " for that is enough," they said.
  66. A brief stint wasn’t likely to do them serious physical harm, but cryo—especially prolonged cryo—could have a significant effect on the development of cognitive function in children as a side effect of two of the preparatory drugs.
  67. One unexpected result of that was that Nancy’s public relations stint would be followed only a few days later by the 5th Women’s World Open Karate Tournament, itself running concurrently with the 11th World Open Karate Tournament, traditionally reserved for men.
  68. After hoeing, or perhaps reading and writing, in the forenoon, I usually bathed again in the pond, swimming across one of its coves for a stint, and washed the dust of labor from my person, or smoothed out the last wrinkle which study had made, and for the afternoon was absolutely free.
  69. The peasants toil so, that on every occasion, the mowers, before the end of the third stint, whether weak, young, or old, can hardly walk as they totter past the last rows, and only with difficulty are they able to rise after the breathing-spell; and the women, often pregnant, or nursing infants, work in the same way.
  70. There were a thousand variations to it, but a typical broad strokes tour on the Circuit might mean working up the required traveling funds in London, catching a cheap flight to Kenya, maybe hopping a safari before lounging on the island of Lamu, then jumping to India for a stint in Goa, followed by a sabbatical in Thailand, or a brush with Bali.
  71. The extraordinary exportation of corn, therefore occasioned by the bounty, not only in every particular year diminishes the home, just as much as it extends the foreign market and consumption, but, by restraining the population and industry of the country, its final tendency is to stint and restrain the gradual extension of the home market ; and thereby, in the long-run, rather to diminish than to augment the whole market and consumption of corn.
  72. Both resorted to the drinking-table without stint, but each in a different way; the lion for the most part reclining with his hands in his waistband, looking at the fire, or occasionally flirting with some lighter document; the jackal, with knitted brows and intent face, so deep in his task, that his eyes did not even follow the hand he stretched out for his glass--which often groped about, for a minute or more, before it found the glass for his lips.
  73. Those were less expensive times than our own, and provincial life was comparatively modest; but the ease with which a medical man who had lately bought a practice, who thought that he was obliged to keep two horses, whose table was supplied without stint, and who paid an insurance on his life and a high rent for house and garden, might find his expenses doubling his receipts, can be conceived by any one who does not think these details beneath his consideration.
  74. Patients who had chronic diseases or whose lives had long been worn threadbare, like old Featherstone's, had been at once inclined to try him; also, many who did not like paying their doctor's bills, thought agreeably of opening an account with a new doctor and sending for him without stint if the children's temper wanted a dose, occasions when the old practitioners were often crusty; and all persons thus inclined to employ Lydgate held it likely that he was clever.
  75. At the end of our stint we had 15 car washes in Vancouver,.

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