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    1. That means David studied God’s word with

    2. Nancy looked away, studied the floor a bit

    3. While he tried to convince her, she studied the menu

    4. “How did you find out where the Chip was?” Nancy asked as she studied the screens

    5. Ackers studied the holographic display on the wall

    6. He had studied for a year in Trinity College when he was a young man and still remembered the beautiful young women he had known then

    7. Then Athena, who has studied multimedia in London and is supposed to be a great expert in computers, yet she is completely off base

    8. She also trumpets forth that all men go crazy about her, despite her 120 kilos, and that she has studied microbiology - yet, she has never set foot in the university

    9. The telescopes aboard the ship had studied both stars on the first pass by

    10. I remembered a passage from an early English novel, one that I studied at university

    11. Desa watched as Nlara studied the river some more

    12. He did want to please her and would try a little too hard at times, but he was such a kid he couldn't help getting carried away in it, so he wasn't all studied

    13. impressed as he studied the king

    14. I studied how it's all done, the circuit designs to the lowest hardware level

    15. When Son studied Guard he was reminded of himself when he was in

    16. He and several programs studied those pictures and were sure they weren't him

    17. Wing collars, cotton caps and studied poses hang still,

    18. She studied all the references she could find on it, spending most of the day with it

    19. Catwhiskers at the Tavern he studied where they went

    20. Also, they have been studied to promote the presence of free-radicals

    21. They were the largest concentration of metals that had ever been observed, and had been closely studied because of that, but it was their motions of the previous year that caused them to send for him

    22. Nuran began to like playing the 'space man' game with Alan and showed off how well she had studied for this trip by taking over duty as his guide

    23. Breaking and entering was not something that Archibald had studied with his tutors, and so it was with some difficulty and quite a lot of noise that he eventually managed to force a window at the back of the ramshackle and degenerate building

    24. She studied her critics from beneath her eyelashes as she worked and exchanged glances with me

    25. friends; it is normal for every man to feel he is going to be analyzed and studied under the

    26. We studied our glasses of lemonade or beer while he was trying to draw attention and impress

    27. He studied the rendition, the acolyte's visual rendition was not up to normal personification standards, as if it hadn't been properly installed in the scene

    28. While Alessandra studied the handle, I found another door leading down to the crypt and although it might be a little bold to go creeping about like a burglar, I had to investigate

    29. He turned to Thom, "All the bodies you've studied so far have been co-orbital have they not?"

    30. “So we are in agreement then?” she studied Tarak’s face for a moment and then continued; “I can count on you for support if the time should come to call his honor into question

    31. Duncan studied the

    32. Duncan studied his face and recognized the man as the one he saw previously on the screen; Lord Tarak called him his First, his name was Kai

    33. ' She studied the tube of ash on the tip of her cigarette, aware of my unease, and then launched it into space with an unexpected blast from her lips

    34. "The one closest to our path has been studied for quantum computing data flow also

    35. At first it was an oddity that needed to be studied; but soon the Scathers began to see the far-reaching ramifications of this

    36. “Understand that over generations, the females had secretly studied all the books of the Scathers, learned all about their ships and how to operate them

    37. 'Yes, we studied there for twelve years,' I said

    38. They all studied the latest quantum mechanics texts together

    39. What if Alfred had been right and they should have stayed and studied the planet at 61 Cygni until the next expedition arrived? True it wasn't the wonder Alan had imagined, but it was still the only place outside Earth where macroscopic biology had been discovered

    40. She studied the hilt and balanced it

    41. He studied the sample again and made several other tests

    42. She turned and was silent for a moment as she studied the brave smile on Altera’s face, hiding the disappointment she most surely felt

    43. ” Everyone studied the ship, “The explosions came from inside the ship

    44. He did as she requested and she studied the creature pinned under debris

    45. studied with his tutors, and so it was with some difficulty and quite

    46. I have to give him credit for being tenacious; he went to the library and studied about the bird and how to raise it

    47. He might have known more about this civilization than she did, he studied all the old myths and fables

    48. Thinking this was unlike Duncan; she studied the woman carefully and suddenly realized that it was Naria

    49. The amount of data to be transferred was staggering, it would have to move billions of times faster than the state changes Thom studied, faster than the signals on the network from Alan’s world

    50. She studied the cabin carefully thinking it primitive at first, but reassessed her judgment when she realized the man wanted it to appear that way

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