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Subordinate в предложении (на )

  1. He was obviously a subordinate.
  2. Santa's helpers are subordinate clauses.
  3. I told you, you aren't a subordinate to me.
  4. Don't go on in that way with a subordinate.
  5. A subordinate should always be sensitive in.

  6. Used at the beginning of subordinate clauses.
  7. Her four subordinate commanders answered in turn.
  8. You are of the subordinate state with it, yes.
  9. They have weapons, a subordinate had urged.
  10. When it becomes apparent that the subordinate is.
  11. A lien that is subordinate or junior to a senior lien.
  12. Sartorius turned around and shouted at his subordinate.
  13. When a becomes the subordinate of a close friend, it.
  14. The commissioner said to his subordinate, Handcuff him.
  15. The second man appeared a subordinate of the others, his.

  16. Operation Castor, replied the subordinate hesitantly.
  17. But she was still his subordinate — it could never happen.
  18. He put on the air of a subordinate who obeys without reasoning.
  19. Those might come in as subordinate accessories—a sort of mist.
  20. So I came to depend on her more as an equal than as a subordinate.
  21. It’s not as if they’ve been subordinate so far, Florian said.
  22. He makes a mental note to speak to his subordinate if they survive this.
  23. Cai sent all the subordinate warriors into the woods to find fuel to burn.
  24. With a screech of fright, his subordinate was knocked to his knees, as a.
  25. They were, what the subordinate monks who accompany monks are called, bini.

  26. When the subordinate is reprimanded, his ego can very easily get in the way.
  27. General economic indications play a subordinate but still significant role.
  28. Abdol relayed the question to a subordinate who consulted a one-sided screen.
  29. The head of security and his subordinate left to get the body and plant secured.
  30. Financial accountants universally seem to subordinate NAV to accounting earnings.
  31. A girl or woman may unconsciously hesitate, subordinate her own needs to those of.
  32. On a sailing vessel, even as a subordinate cog in the machine, you knew you weren't.
  33. I am speaking of Self-Mastery - the assertion of the "I" over the subordinate parts of.
  34. Follow her? I wasn’t looking for a subordinate, just a teammate, a co-conspirator.
  35. She wanted to shift responsibility for this debacle from herself to her subordinate, Mr.
  36. He was far off base to make such demands, especially based upon one fax to his subordinate.
  37. There were special taxes that non-Muslims had to pay and a subordinate legal status to endure.
  38. He glanced over at her, Is that what the problem is? You don't want to be a subordinate?
  39. All other sovereignties are relative in value, intermediate in meaning, and subordinate in status.
  40. Their God, suggested another subordinate, has shown himself to be very powerful with all.
  41. Life is sacred, that is to say, it is the supreme value to which all other values are subordinate.
  42. The dark-haired, swarthy Schuelerite was clearly unaccustomed to being told no by a subordinate.
  43. He included the broken coffins of his subordinate aids, rent by the past invasion of the stone trolls.
  44. And my governor too, at the end of the day, sir replied the policeman as his subordinate entered.
  45. But even in his first campaign, he showed that belief to be subordinate to how it could help his career.
  46. My subordinate, Wright, who had experienced similar pressure to improperly release Fund Numbers from Ms.
  47. Is his ego really going to allow him to subordinate himself? To admit that he’s lost this battle?
  48. A subordinate tells Volkheimer there are reports of resistance broadcasts washing out of the Leopoldstadt.
  49. Now, with the subordinate phantoms, what wonder remained soon waned away; for in a whaler wonders soon wane.
  50. What do you think I can use him for? the commander asked not believing what his subordinate was saying.
  51. Their ill-will is boundless, but their power is limited, and strictly subordinate to the Sovereign Perfection.
  52. I have had the chance of speaking with one of the dimension reapers with the aid of my subordinate in Akirmon.
  53. While his subordinate searched the rest of the downstairs, Dave Young headed upstairs, following the footprints.
  54. He was a man used to getting his own way and it was totally normal for any subordinate to bark when he cried dog.
  55. Server objects are always subordinate to site objects and represent the domain controllers operating at that site.
  56. You’re late, Ray said, making an exaggerated display of looking at his watch while his subordinate took a seat.
  57. They don't mind what they ask of me, the subordinate; but you'll never catch 'em asking any questions of my principal.
  58. National stores the message and forwards it to the subordinate by correlating to his letter code and signaling his HHSD.
  59. To give written direction to a subordinate, one could send him a message through national by using the recipient’s name.
  60. This depicts a position a domineering singularity k0 fills in relation to another point serving subordinate singularity k.
  61. The incidental power ought to be strictly subordinate and limited to the end proposed to be attained by the specified power.
  62. This means that and free, and "locked", equally subordinate to the laws (principles) that controls the behavior of the Ether.
  63. Spencer? Handle this, will you? And with that, Vickers strode on ahead, leaving his subordinate to start issuing orders.
  64. An essential characteristic of security analysis, as we understand it, is that the time factor is a subordinate consideration.
  65. Their God, suggested another subordinate, has shown himself to be very powerful with all that’s happened in our land.
  66. All that made him an ideal subordinate for Ingrid, who grinned and shook vigorously his hand, surprising Bank with her strength.
  67. The pathetic interest of Viry’s story, though properly subordinate to the main plot, forces itself on the reader’s attention.
  68. The feelings that he’d seen exchanged did seem more like family than the respect one gave a chief or received from a subordinate.
  69. From such descriptions of the subordinate powers of evil the Gospel writers never shrink; they insist upon this testimony to the end.
  70. Since specific lien is of subordinate importance in the choice of high-grade bonds, the absence of lien is also of minor consequence.
  71. And second, not only the particles with the Fields of Attraction can subordinate, but also the particles with the Fields of Repulsion.
  72. A circle soon formed round Speránski, and the old man who had talked about his subordinate Pryánichnikov addressed a question to him.
  73. The red or rose tourmaline of Massachusetts, is found chiefly at Chesterfield, in a subordinate bed of granite, contained in mica slate.
  74. Great Britain has hitherto suffered her subject and subordinate provinces to disburden themselves upon her of almost this whole expense.
  75. Other matters, incidents and characters alike, are subordinate to these two, but are of a nature to combine in making a very strong story.
  76. Megin is the power behind Light and Sound; it is the power of the Higher Will, to which all other powers in the universe(s) are subordinate.
  77. The subordinate masses of foliage within these main boundaries are treated in the same way, resolved into masses of infinitely varying edges.
  78. I’m not the one paying for their meals, the corporal muttered, but he glanced at his subordinate, who waited hopefully in the doorway.
  79. To accomplish this fully, the educators would strive to render all affections of family and kindred subordinate to the love of country.
  80. The hoary, bearded mage and a number of his subordinate associates sat at the broad, crescent-shaped, oak table with oil lamps burning intensely.
  81. The power to grant charters of incorporation is not an incidental, subordinate, subservient power; it is a distinct, original, substantive power.
  82. It could be purchased to yield somewhat more than the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation 6s, due 1968, which occupied a subordinate position.
  83. In the harsh patriarchy the feminine principle entirely subordinate and enslaves, hence the neglect of him by the fathers of the Christian church.
  84. This inequality is likely to be greatest in a country of which the government is, in some respects, subordinate and dependant upon that of some other.
  85. Science and reason have, from the beginning of time, played a secondary and subordinate part in the life of nations; so it will be till the end of time.
  86. It was a sorry note when someone who couldn’t be trusted to think for himself was a more desirable subordinate than someone who could do that thinking.
  87. Not one family of the higher circles appeared; even the subordinate officials of rather more consequence were absent—and this was a very striking fact.
  88. The sounds of his aides and subordinate field commanders arguing behind him began to register in his consciousness disrupting the clarity of his thoughts.
  89. There might be some subordinate moral causes to account for the attack; but at all events he ought to have died long ago; and so he would certainly die now.
  90. For the accommodation of the Public we have 1,500 subordinate offices in the United States and Canada, and 3,000 offices in the Old World and South America.
  91. Two of these nets, along with a number of subordinate stations which spoke in Vietnamese, were possibly Vietminh radio stations and were located inside Vietnam.
  92. All the members of whole classes are connected together by a chain of affinities, and all can be classed on the same principle, in groups subordinate to groups.
  93. Damn! That’s one tacky statue! And misdelivered! It’s meant for my surly and insubordinate subordinate Wemb! There’s only one thing to do, my friend!.
  94. A few years before, a platoon sergeant had dumped his unconscious wife’s body in the river late at night after she had discovered his affair with a subordinate.
  95. In her seventeenth year, George Warrener, just received into a subordinate position in a New York banking and broking firm, began to pay her his bashful attentions.
  96. When he made way for his subordinate to look in his turn, the constable was with some difficulty able to distinguish the figure of a man lying prone upon the floor.
  97. He was the senior Usherite commander attached to the Army of Glacierheart, which made him Wheatfields’ senior subordinate, and he was also a close personal friend.
  98. The fashion was slow to change and a suit would be kept in the cupboard and worn through the years until the owner died and then given away to a grateful subordinate.
  99. Alteria continued, My Subordinate has told me that a member of the political party of Akirmon has allied himself with an Orderran force that is native to the planet.
  100. Other states have generally disburdened themselves, upon their subject and subordinate provinces, of the most considerable part of the expense of defending the empire.
  1. Another point of view is that of treating the sitter as part of a symphony of form and colour, and subordinating everything to this artistic consideration.
  2. No matter how much men have devised means for depriving men in power of the possibility of subordinating the common interests to their own, or for entrusting the power only into the hands of infallible men, there have so far been discovered no means for doing either.
  3. The difference between the Christian teaching and what preceded it is this, that the preceding social teaching said: "Live contrary to your nature (meaning only the animal nature), subordinate it to the external law of the family, the society, the state;" but Christianity says: "Live in accordance with your nature (meaning the divine nature), subordinating it to nothing,—neither to your own, nor to anybody else's animal nature,—and you will attain what you are striving after by subordinating your external nature to external laws.
  4. In the vast cosmic exchanges the universal life goes and comes in unknown quantities, rolling entirely in the invisible mystery of effluvia, employing everything, not losing a single dream, not a single slumber, sowing an animalcule here, crumbling to bits a planet there, oscillating and winding, making of light a force and of thought an element, disseminated and invisible, dissolving all, except that geometrical point, the I; bringing everything back to the soul-atom; expanding everything in God, entangling all activity, from summit to base, in the obscurity of a dizzy mechanism, attaching the flight of an insect to the movement of the earth, subordinating, who knows? Were it only by the identity of the law, the evolution of the comet in the firmament to the whirling of the infusoria in the drop of water.
  1. His whole life is subordinated to.
  2. With this fear they can remain subordinated.
  3. Garth's meals were much subordinated to business.
  4. The others are subordinated to it and listen to it.
  5. You women of the earth subordinated at your tasks!.
  6. There, everything should be subordinated to the shortest road.
  7. All other considerations were subordinated to those key resources.
  8. Fiske played a non-star part, and subordinated herself to the others.
  9. From the vantage point of the common stock, subordinated debentures are debt.
  10. The notes were subordinated to $400,000 of bank loans, which were later paid.
  11. Subordinated debt holders may receive any where from 20 to 70 % depending on the.
  12. Subordinated debt : Debt that is either unsecured or has a lower priority than that.
  13. The balance was in subordinated notes of varying terms, all of which had equity privileges.
  14. Even to the bitter end he invariably subordinated his sovereign will to that of his heavenly Father.
  15. Subordinated debentures are a good example of a security that ought to have more than one definition.
  16. His judgement cannot be subordinated to that of an uneducated person, no matter how brave and admirable she may be.
  17. In my view, all those thinkers have subordinated their analysis and reasoning to a wish and to sentimentalism.
  18. Typically, the issuer’s right to voluntarily call a publicly held subordinated debenture with equity privileges is pervasive.
  19. I had hesitated stupidly and alone when I might have murdered myself, I stood there dumbly, my will subordinated to a stranger.
  20. The seven financial institutions had two reasons for investing $65 million into Corporation’s senior notes and subordinated notes.
  21. Your duties as a citizen cannot but be subordinated to the superior obligations of the eternal life of God, and cannot be in opposition to them.
  22. Then, either the indenture trustee, or usually 25 percent of the subordinated creditors, can accelerate the debt, declaring it due and payable.
  23. In certain academic circles, it has been argued that little justification exists for issuing preferred stocks rather than subordinated debentures.
  24. In G&D and MCT analyses, everybody’s interests are structurally subordinated to those of the OPMI; that is, structural subordination is a significant factor.
  25. It is in the larger unity of your composition that the imaginative faculty will be wanted, and variety in your forms should always be subordinated to this idea.
  26. But he did teach that the material and temporal must be subordinated to the welfare of the soul and the progress of the spiritual nature in the kingdom of heaven.
  27. All in Nature is subordinated to the endless rhythm of initiations which are rolled on the beach of Universe in their own only to them known order again and again.
  28. The usual public issue of subordinated debentures or notes, or even preferred stock, tends to have protective provisions that are few and generally not too meaningful.
  29. The more intimate interest in the personal character of the sitter is here subordinated to the interest of his public character and attitude of mind towards his office.
  30. Modern artists, particularly in the nineteenth century, often attempted to copy nature, the medium being subordinated to the attempt to make it look like the real thing.
  31. The reasoning is that interest payable by the corporation on subordinated debentures is tax deductible, but dividend payments on the preferred stock are not tax deductible.
  32. All things are sacred in the lives of those who are spirit led; that is, subordinated to truth, ennobled by love, dominated by mercy, and restrained by fairness -- justice.
  33. A 12 percent 12-year subordinated debenture with a bullet maturity may be (and probably is) much cheaper money than a margin loan bearing a current interest cost of 6 percent.
  34. The equity privileges of all of these subordinated securities were protected by antidilution provisions similar to those usually found in publicly held convertible securities and warrants.
  35. The second set of happy clients were the seven institutions that purchased corporation senior and subordinated notes with equity privileges, which by themselves seemed a reasonable investment.
  36. Under the terms of the purchase agreement, Corporation had arranged to borrow $20 million from the Schaefer family trusts, to whom $20 million of junior subordinated debentures were to be issued.
  37. The $1,000 cash needed to close is obtained by having Newco sell, for $1,000 cash, a new parent company issue of $1,000 principal amount of nonamortizing 10-year, 8 percent subordinated debentures.
  38. The notes held by the institutional investors, by contrast, contained protective provisions that were far stronger than those found in any publicly traded subordinated debenture of which we are aware.
  39. In the second type of bankruptcy, cash and securities can consist of a bewildering array of paper: senior debt, senior subordinated debt, mezzanine debt, junior debt, preferred stock, and equity.
  40. He cries ‘non possumus!’ In my opinion the Roman Catholic religion is not a faith at all, but simply a continuation of the Roman Empire, and everything is subordinated to this idea—beginning with faith.
  41. Schenley Industries’ cash was worth a substantial premium over stated value to Glen Alden in 1968 and again in 1971 when Glen Alden acquired Schenley securities mostly by the issuance of subordinated debentures.
  42. Socrates expressly subordinated beauty to goodness; Plato, to unite the two conceptions, spoke of spiritual beauty; while Aristotle demanded from art that it should have a moral influence on people (κάθαρσις).
  43. For example, a typical 20-year publicly owned subordinated debenture might have a sinking fund provision that becomes operative after 10 years and provides thereafter for annual redemptions of 3 percent of the issue at par.
  44. Indeed, if anything, these notes were less well protected than the typical public issue, since they were fully subordinated not only to the senior notes, but also to the subordinated notes held by the institutional investors.
  45. Thus, the private investor may be forced to agree to changes adverse to his interests in order to avoid bankruptcy of the issuer, whereas full service may be continued on subordinated debentures because they are publicly held.
  46. So near can oil paint approach an actual illusion of natural appearances, that much misdirected effort has been wasted on this object, all enjoyment of the medium being subordinated to a meretricious attempt to deceive the eye.
  47. And just as your duties to your family and to society are subordinate to your superior duties to the state, in the same way the latter must necessarily be subordinated to the duties dictated to you by the eternal life and by God.
  48. These loans, in the form of short-term notes, were issued in July 1969 and were retired within one year as the seven institutions invested their funds into Corporation in the form of long-term senior notes and subordinated notes.
  49. In certain instances, such as Chase Manhattan Mortgage and Realty Trust, senior lenders even invested new funds in the real estate investment trusts, part of which were in fact used to continue to fully service the subordinated debentures.
  50. While the antidilution protections accorded these subordinated notes are fairly standard, other features of the subordinated notes are quite different from those commonly associated with publicly held senior securities with equity privileges.
  51. As an aside, modern capital theorists seem to measure attractive finance solely by interest rates, deeming, say, a 6 percent margin borrowing by an OPMI stockholder as more attractive in a substantive consolidation context than a corporate issuance of 12 percent subordinated debentures.
  52. Unlike MCT, which views things as if all constituents are structurally subordinated to the needs and desires of the OPMI, in fundamental finance it is recognized that no one constituency is necessarily senior to others in all contexts, and no one constituency is necessarily junior to all others.
  53. When Leasco thought Reliance would oppose, it prepared to offer Reliance shareholders a package of securities consisting of subordinated debentures and warrants, which for tax purposes would be construed to be an installment sale, making it almost the equivalent of a tax-free transaction to Reliance shareholders.
  54. Phillips depends for the success of his narrative rather upon theme and plot than upon style and characterization; not that these two elements are slighted, or that they are not skillfully and masterfully handled, but that one feels that they are purposely subordinated to the subject-matter and to interest in the development of the tale.
  55. In a poorly financed company, would one prefer to have had the company issue subordinated debentures or a preferred stock, which is, of course, subordinated to the debentures? If there is a failure to pay interest or principal on a subordinated debenture, the one remedy available to the subordinated creditor is to declare an event of default.
  56. The emphasis is on understanding in depth, from the bottom up, the company and the securities it issues; and also the character and motivations of managements, other control entities, and others senior to the common stock, ranging from secured lending by commercial banks to trade creditors to holders of subordinated debentures to holders of preferred stocks.
  57. He realized that the world was filled with physical distress and overrun with material difficulties, and he contemplated the great danger of being compelled to devote so much of his time to the care of the sick and afflicted that his mission of establishing the spiritual kingdom in the hearts of men would be interfered with or at least subordinated to the ministry of things physical.
  58. Your obligations, which result from your belonging to the state, cannot help but be subordinated to the higher eternal duty, which results from your belonging to the infinite life of the world, or to God, and cannot contradict them, as Christ's disciples said eighteen hundred years ago: "Whether it be right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than unto God, judge ye" (Acts iv.
  59. Second, Corporation consolidated with Brewing was a profitable, growing business with operating earnings in excess of $1 million per month, a substantial balance-sheet cushion behind these notes in the form of about $12 million of subordinated notes, $20 million of junior subordinated notes and a stockholder’s equity (including over $50 million of nonamortizing good will) of about $37 million.
  60. Second, the seven institutions obtained very significant equity kickers in the form of the discount purchase of 150,000 common at $1 and of warrants to purchase between 84,866 and 130,563 common at a price that could be 75 percent below the market price three years later; they also gained the right to convert $1,151,340 of subordinated notes into common stock at a price that could be 75 percent below the market price three years later (or $6.
  61. The union of the drama with music, devised in the fifteenth century in Italy for the revival of what they imagined to have been the ancient Greek drama with music, is an artificial form which had, and has, success only among the upper classes, and that only when gifted composers, such as Mozart, Weber, Rossini, and others, drawing inspiration from a dramatic subject, yielded freely to the inspiration and subordinated the text to the music, so that in their operas the important thing to the audience was merely the music on a certain text, and not the text at all, which latter, even when it was utterly absurd, as, for instance, in the "Magic Flute," still did not prevent the music from producing an artistic impression.
  62. Our Life has Reached the Extreme Limit of Misery and Cannot be Improved by any Systems of Organization—All our Life and all our Institutions are Quite Meaningless—Are we Doing what God Wills of us by Preserving our Privileges and Duties to Government?—We are put in this Position not Because the World is so Made and it is Inevitable, but Because we Wish it to be so, Because it is to the Advantage of Some of us—Our Conscience is in Opposition to our Position and all our Conduct, and the Way Out of the Contradiction is to be Found in the Recognition of the Christian Truth: Do Not unto Others what you Would Not they should Do unto You—As our Duties to Self Must be Subordinated to our Duties to Others, so Must our Duties to Others be Subordinated to our Duties to God—The Only Way Out of our Position Lies, if not in Renouncing our Position and our Privileges, at Least in Recognizing our Sin and not Justifying it nor Disguising it—The Only Object of Life is to Learn the Truth and to Act on it—Acceptance of the Position and of State Action Deprives Life of all Object—It is God's Will that we should Serve Him in our Life, that is, that we should Bring About the Greatest Unity of all that has Life, a Unity only Possible in Truth.
  1. This is true of subordinates.
  2. His subordinates made way for him.
  3. My subordinates warned me that Mr.
  4. A dictator's subordinates have to be.
  5. In this way, leaders and subordinates.
  7. Often times, subordinates reject the status.
  8. Take them away, he ordered his subordinates.
  9. Many of his subordinates had their quarters there.
  10. If there is infighting among subordinates, the boss may.
  11. He had given instructions to that effect to his subordinates.
  12. He paused, and both of his subordinates grinned broadly at him.
  13. They’d have more power to influence subordinates, I imagine.
  14. Realize that subordinates are people with feeling and emotions.
  15. He talked down to his subordinates, was cocky as Hell, and was.
  16. His two subordinates looked grim, and more than a little anxious.
  17. The communications he wrote to his subordinates were magnificent.
  18. Honesty is sure to be noticed and appreciated by your subordinates.
  19. Conflict breeds conflict and if chewing out subordinates is not a.
  20. A type of the police, of the submissive subordinates, je m'y connais.
  21. But he failed to ensure that his subordinates carried out his orders.
  22. He had a group of very capable subordinates and there was always the.
  23. Assess the personality of the CEO and his or her immediate subordinates.
  24. The rule against sex with subordinates applied to him most strongly of all.
  25. Wade’s code did not permit his guests to be insulted by his subordinates.
  26. So perhaps his subordinates weren’t being quite as unreasonable as it felt.
  27. His perplexed subordinates stared in wonder until he told them his deduction.
  28. Agreeing, the war god raised an open palm indicating for his subordinates to.
  29. He took with him several of his subordinates, and amongst them Dantes' jailer.
  30. Lisa saw alarm immediately appear on the faces of Hauser and of her subordinates.
  31. Surrounding the huge building housing him and his subordinates, convinced he was.
  32. Suddenly rulers all over the room were hurriedly communicating with their subordinates.
  33. We also left them the five Compulsion stones, and they’re tagging their subordinates.
  34. Make sure your subordinates and coworkers know that you are someone who is approachable.
  35. Murray had reacted totally unlike his two subordinates to the very idea of audit comment.
  36. When the officers left for the private sector they often took many of their subordinates.
  37. Foche looked up at his subordinates, his eyes filled with tears and awe and he realized the.
  38. Against the advice of his subordinates, he had ordered the army to be arrayed in a single line.
  39. What! yelled Darci, drawing the stares of her subordinates and nearly choking on her coffee.
  40. I was told by my subordinates, You do not want to know when I inquired about these matters.
  41. Moreover, he has no assurance that his subordinates may not at the last moment refuse to obey him.
  42. He remembered with dissatisfaction the agitation and fear he had betrayed before his subordinates.
  43. Borros Onn sat in his command chair on the main deck and observed as his subordinates went to work.
  44. Not complicated… Usually I just mess around with interns and subordinates I meet on the case.
  45. Mostly they were autocrats who demanded absolute and unquestioning loyalty from their subordinates.
  46. That wasn’t something he could have taken for granted from all of his subordinates, unfortunately.
  47. If I am a manager, I have to be able to let my subordinates stay at home to work, if that is possible.
  48. That day the minister's clerks and the subordinates had a great deal to put up with from his ill-humor.
  49. The plane landed and after few moments, Doppler and his subordinates got down the plane, highly armed.
  50. He was also a skilled and shameless liar, rude to subordinates, scheming towards his boss and quickly.
  51. Yet today, the civilian leaders of this country and their senior subordinates – responsible for the U.
  52. These fellows get the money and the work is done by underpaid subordinates whom the world never hears of.
  53. There frequently are regulatory and rating agency reasons for issuing preferreds rather than subordinates.
  54. Roger started by laying into Nick in front of his subordinates, tearing him off a strip for not phoning him.
  55. He is verbally abusive to his staff and officers and is even known to be physically rough with subordinates.
  56. Heaven has appointed many subordinates to assist in the instruction and uplifting of the inferior creatures.
  57. He sweated and wheezed his way around the building, pushing his subordinates around, and bullying his peers.
  58. Often she wondered if that story was no more than a child’s fable, spun to kindle awe I their subordinates.
  59. It seems that one of your subordinates has betrayed you, she commented to the coordinator of the police.
  60. Very well, then we’ll all leave together, he said, and waved his two subordinates towards the entry port.
  61. He would bark at his subordinates ineffectually from time to time, but more or less left them to their own devices.
  62. If I had wanted any of your subordinates briefed, they would have been here today, and I would have done it myself.
  63. We can assume that the whole manifested Universe – it is also a great body, and it also subordinates to this Rule.
  64. Herist took his time about the business, though, and he wandered around inquiring after the work of his subordinates.
  65. Temujin was prepared to reward and he had the betraying subordinates executed along with his childhood friend Jamuqa.
  66. His father, a military officer, demanded the same obedience from his children that he required from his subordinates.
  67. I was fully aware of the methods my subordinates employed, if not the specifics of their actions, and I did approve of them.
  68. Murray was already collecting information from other sources and, James surmised, was questioning the ability of subordinates.
  69. No doubt some of his subordinates wondered why his temper had been so short, why his attention had seemed to stray so readily.
  70. He took one of the office typewriters home, his subordinates joking good-naturedly: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
  71. Those results are not acceptable, Major, General Paterson was not used to having subordinates report their failures to him.
  72. Afterwards Ishtar took the opportunity to publicly disclose that the Apsaras were being held hostage by Indra and his subordinates.
  73. Cutting the radio link with Burnside, Yonan then hurried to pass his instructions to his subordinates and prepare for a missile salvo.
  74. There’s a military command spell for contacting your subordinates that Ria gave me, but it’s not really sorted out in my mind yet.
  75. And now Andre was sweating bullets, telling thinly veiled lies to his subordinates, and had tossed his career completely in the toilet.
  76. Martin thought Carson was cowardly and would delegate anything remotely dangerous to his subordinates, including freshly trained recruits.
  77. At one time David had personally escorted important visitors down into the mines, but he had long since delegated that task to subordinates.
  78. The four monarchs of our race, including myself, could never be tempted to war against the others, nor could any of our close subordinates.
  79. He, with fatherly concern, took care of and worried about all his subordinates and always helped them and their families as much as he could.
  80. We realize that there will be a manhunt for you and that your associates and subordinates will conduct a thorough search for your whereabouts.
  81. Until recently in heavenly history all its seven regions had been the principal abode of King Vasuki and his serpentine subordinates the Nagas.
  82. I prevent slavery and my governors and subordinates are obliged to prohibit exchanging men and women as slaves within their own ruling domains.
  83. Around him his subordinates busied themselves with monitoring the advancement of the enemy, the ship’s weapons and the damage it was sustaining.
  84. I may say I find refreshment in this little coterie, in thus meeting my old acquaintances and subordinates, who worship me still, in spite of all.
  85. You needed books, if only to remind the subordinates who would be the only people to see the inside of your office that you knew more than they did.
  86. Still, I shouldn’t have hit the ceiling, dressed him down in front of his subordinates, or told others that he was fired without telling him first.
  87. Some managers have a higher turnover among their subordinates than others do, sometimes embarrassingly so and often, it is the better people who leave.
  88. One final difference between Corporation’s subordinates and similar publicly held issues that is worthy of note is that they were private placements.
  89. Montana, one of his subordinates tried to impress on him that there wasn’t any fault on their side, when Donovan Pedro kept quiet lost in thought.
  90. Then the thought occurred to him that this, too, was nonsense, and that if he adopted greater severity with his subordinates it might all be set right.
  91. Khapahr must have known suspicion would fall on the rest of Thirsk’s most trusted subordinates if he was caught, however innocent they might be.
  92. In fact, I want you to spend some of that winter quietly putting the pieces in place for Thirsk to accompany his loyal subordinates to Zion next summer.
  93. So this new process will allow subordinates to challenge an order based upon their sense of right and wrong and to have the support of a higher authority.
  94. Not tonight, however, as he sat with his direct subordinates one hour before midnight in the operations room at central and considered lost opportunities.
  95. Her subordinates and Sarah followed her out, to soon see her go into the morgue’s cold storage room, a few doors down the main corridor of the infirmary.
  96. I began investigating Chofsky and, since then, have been shot at, had subordinates tied up and beaten, and my office was burglarized by his cousin’s men.
  97. His reputation for discipline was legendary in the embassy and he wasn’t someone to trifle with because he didn’t suffer fools or subordinates lightly.
  98. My duties were to choose my subordinates, to use freely the power which money gives, and to make certain that Monsieur Caratal should never arrive in Paris.
  99. Why was he not as clever as those subordinates who were put over his head? she asks with dangerous tranquillity; and nobody can answer a question like that.
  100. I was thinking, sir, that very few masters would trouble themselves to inquire whether or not their paid subordinates were piqued and hurt by their orders.

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subordinate subsidiary underling subdue dependent

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