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Substantially в предложении (на )

  1. When q is substantially above 1.
  2. Values of q substantially above 1.
  3. At times, a firm can substantially.
  4. This helps Wattpad substantially in.
  5. It was, substantially, a history of soot.

  6. He poured three, one substantially fuller.
  7. But on one point they were substantially agreed.
  8. It is substantially this: That the moment of the.
  9. Most Wall Street forecasts were substantially lower.
  10. Their fare is substantially better than turnip soup.
  11. The situation in 1927 was substantially the opposite.
  12. In many cases that would substantially increase the.
  13. He believed this rule would help his odds substantially.
  14. The crowd of people have grown substantially in numbers.
  15. Substantially nothing—but just by way of conversation.

  16. It was substantially revised for the second edition (1819).
  17. Their percentage risks are substantially different, however.
  18. They were fortunate that it had not been substantially worse.
  19. Crude oil and natural gas offer substantially more liquidity.
  20. However, they are substantially different in their structure.
  21. Note that the shapes of two distributions differ substantially.
  22. At this moment the substantially heavier Paddy Cronin approached.
  23. However, live auctions and Internet trading differ substantially.
  24. El Paso is almost one mile high, and it cooled down substantially.
  25. When we returned, the tumor, of course, had enlarged substantially.

  26. That is substantially better than the base rates earned by decile 1.
  27. Not without taking it apart and changing the design substantially.
  28. Well Proxima 2 is substantially warmer than here, almost too warm.
  29. Looking at 2009, the expectations for growth drop substantially to 2.
  30. The stations slow down substantially before we reach the field, though.
  31. As they are substantially the same as those expressed in your letter of.
  32. In this case we might sell a put that is substantially out-of-the-money.
  33. As a result, those who drink green tea can substantially increase their.
  34. However, in reality, the value of KP is substantially higher (equals 15).
  35. Watching the stock move substantially higher can be extremely frustrating.
  36. The price spread is much the same, but the volume is substantially lower.
  37. The incidence of yob crime has gone down substantially since we set it up.
  38. However, they differ substantially in many other important characteristics.
  39. I have reflected this by cutting my asking price substantially as you are.
  40. The Economist forecasts, however, for inflation to drop substantially to 5.
  41. Now there’s two of us, we need to substantially increase our supply of food.
  42. Taken together, the total was substantially more than the cost of a TDS share.
  43. He concluded that success rates rise substantially when a new business targets.
  44. Hit ratios were substantially higher for short straddles than for long straddles.
  45. He had substantially cut the sarcasm after the trauma of Libby’s disappearance.
  46. I cannot understand really and substantially to signify otherwise than corporally.
  47. As you'll see on the enclosed Enrollment Form your investment is substantially less.
  48. His cholesterol level was lowered substantially, and the xanthalasma (fatty plaques).
  49. All the quotations in the book are substantially correct but some may not be verbatim.
  50. He was older than Raven, around 40 years old and supported by substantially more bulk.
  51. The Milky Way is substantially more philosophical about the situation than its yellow.
  52. If you edit the video substantially, and come up with a video that is better, make it.
  53. To choose a state of enslavement is substantially different than being condemned to it.
  54. However, things have substantially changed and neither option is currently on the table.
  55. Needless to say, the insurance payout has grown substantially over the intervening years.
  56. If you have a substantially large package you can’t bring it on the plane as a carry-on.
  57. We should have substantially more numbers by now especially as apartheid is so rigid here.
  58. Some of your stocks can drop substantially and maybe never come back or take years to do so.
  59. On the other hand, Home enjoyed substantially better profitability on both sales and capital.
  60. The 22/24 collar isn’t substantially different from the 23/24 collar we looked at initially.
  61. Each type of node requires substantially more computational resources than the previous type.
  62. This proclamation is substantially the bill under discussion, except that it goes much further.
  63. The converse is true if the common stock is selling at PEG ratios substantially higher than one.
  64. In most cases, if the option has decayed substantially in value, we recommend doing exactly that.
  65. Everything she ever told Alan, that we've ever been able to verify, has been substantially correct.
  66. By July, it became apparent that autumn production estimates would have to be substantially reduced.
  67. These highly leveraged companies are generally of lower quality and carry substantially higher risk.
  68. Some need the underlying stock to really move; these have been struck substantially out-of-the-money.
  69. Put sellers as a whole would have fared substantially better than futures traders in this type of move.
  70. The profit would be the same, but I would have substantially decreased my risk during the first 30 days.
  71. Dixie’s loneliness drove her to increase her drinking substantially over what it had been in AZ and CA.
  72. In late September I reduced my stock market exposure still further, to substantially below-normal levels.
  73. At the start of a new bull market, the overbought/oversold index can become substantially over-bought.
  74. She ended up with five thousand a month, escalating to ten if Jenks’s earnings substantially increased.
  75. He accepts the fact that his options could increase substantially in value during the course of the trade.
  76. Hit ratios of the short straddle were substantially higher than those of the long straddle for all sectors.
  77. Second, his valuation of Chase may not have been perfect, but it was substantially better than management's.
  78. Detroit’s grasp had slackened substantially and with a huge effort Oak used his head to head butt Detroit.
  79. This meant that the signal could be substantially degraded by angulation such as we encountered on the hill.
  80. You have attained a high-end piece of jewelry at a substantially reduced price; and a nice presentation box.
  81. Options are very speculative and involve substantially greater risks and price volatility than common stocks.
  82. Management may be tempted to write down the value of assets substantially during years when earnings are lean.
  83. His position, in fact, was substantially the same as that taken up by Professor Summerlee at the last meeting.
  84. If you feel that the new initiatives are going to improve the earnings substantially, you can act accordingly.
  85. It was substantially less than they had paid for it but under the circumstances she had no option but to accept.
  86. If the profitability is greater than the cost of debt, the profit attributable will be geared up substantially.
  87. If the strike price was substantially out-of-the-money then we need the underlying stock to move substantially.
  88. By our suggested method the effect of the dilution is to increase the P/E ratio substantially, as it should be.
  89. Most important of all, the number of both print and electronic advertising channels has substantially increased.
  90. Moreover, the magnitude of possible profits and losses varies substantially between different option strategies.
  91. If they’re extremely sensitive, you may be better off at a much lower price with substantially greater volume.
  92. A 10Base-T/100VG-AnyLAN NIC, however, was a substantially more complex device than a 10/100 100Base Ethernet card.
  93. They had jumped at the deal and by mixing the drugs with their own were able to improve the quality substantially.
  94. A 20% gain in three to six months is substantially more productive than a 20% gain that takes 12 months to achieve.
  95. Moving the lamp as the man moved, I made out that he was substantially dressed, but roughly, like a voyager by sea.
  96. Since the option is struck substantially out-of-the-money, the amount of premium received will likely be very small.
  97. This complexity is one of the main reasons why Token Ring NICs were substantially more expensive than Ethernet NICs.
  98. For a start, because VIX peeks only 30 days ahead, its current reading can differ substantially from its forward value.
  99. The substantially bigger and less dense grenades couldn’t reach out as far as bullets from the same weapons, however.
  100. Terry would earn substantially more by working for The Front than he ever would by working for a conventional company.

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