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Suffice в предложении (на )

  1. I hope this will suffice.
  2. This will have to suffice.
  3. Let it suffice, that the.
  4. This will amply suffice to.
  5. And suffice to say, neither.

  6. And suffice it to say, I can.
  7. Suffice it to say that several.
  8. That will suffice, Garcia said.
  9. Suffice it to say that there is a.
  10. The following example will suffice:.
  11. It was a rough job but would suffice.
  12. Any room in this house might suffice.
  13. Suffice it to say that after Josh’s.
  14. Even to see and to show does not suffice.
  15. One example out of the many will suffice.

  16. That would suffice for most men, he knew.
  17. Those would suffice, considering the man.
  18. Mere suspicion typically will not suffice.
  19. Whoever relies on God-He will suffice him.
  20. They would suffice to break off the match.
  21. The planet known as Gepharl will suffice.
  22. Any two of the above documents would suffice.
  23. Suffice it to say, it was something Stallman.
  24. When you’re starving, crumbs will not suffice.
  25. Some general indications will therefore suffice.

  26. It would suffice to say, ‘The teacher turned.
  27. To illustrate, this simple example will suffice:.
  28. But in my mind, her or she would suffice for now.
  29. Suffice it to say the situation was most unusual.
  30. To remain in his former uprightness did not suffice.
  31. Suffice it to say that we had a most fantastic trip.
  32. Suffice it to say that I had other duties before me.
  33. Suffice it to be observed, our situation is insecure.
  34. Ah, Rakad sighed, that will suffice, for now.
  35. Suffice it to say, Marilyn is stunning in every scene.
  36. A few words may suffice to tell the little that remains.
  37. We’ll have to mythologize something that will suffice.
  38. Suffice to tell, it’s why older men chew mastic resin.
  39. Suffice to say Rowan loves Michael with her entire soul.
  40. Suffice to say, Petrarca’s skills are needed elsewhere.
  41. Most of these portions would suffice for a couple of people.
  42. It wasn’t the Kelvan bracelet, but it would suffice as a.
  43. Suffice it, that you are not here qualified to discriminate.
  44. That is why just a post office box number would not suffice.
  45. If God afflict your enemies, surely that ought to suffice you.
  46. However, at this point in the narrative, it will suffice to say.
  47. Simply being reassured by a promotional film wouldn’t suffice.
  48. Suffice it to say, sleeveless wear is not an option for Octavia.
  49. Suffice it to say that we fell very deeply in love, very quickly.
  50. Suffice to say that within a year she had Frank up for transport.
  51. Suffice it to add here that they did follow up and do it often.
  52. Suffice to say, I have returned home with a rather groovy machine.
  53. Self-expansion in power, distinction, or pleasure does not suffice.
  54. We now fight entire wars where a small scale attack would suffice.
  55. The stitches weren’t the best he’d ever done but would suffice.
  56. Numerous proofs of this fact can be adduced, but a few shall suffice.
  57. Suffice to say, it was later in the afternoon before we were nearly.
  58. When the preceding notices cannot be obtained, the first will suffice.
  59. Suffice it to say that he’s dedicated his life to working for Gotte.
  60. The Nephilim is a study in and of itself, but suffice it to say that.
  61. With me, a simple vocalization stating a desire to abort will suffice.
  62. Surely lines from some half-remembered late late show would not suffice.
  63. I know a couple of recipes that will suffice over the next few turns.
  64. Giving couple of visas would suffice for now Michael said laughing.
  65. But the first family that comes to hand does not suffice to make a dynasty.
  66. Suffice it to say, however, that this is a Death Wish waiting to happen!.
  67. Suffice to say, I used the pastry brush to write upon the bedroom walls in.
  68. Yes, an electronic brain, said Frankie, a simple one would suffice.
  69. The longest piece of glass should suffice to stab something through the eye.
  70. A full night’s sleep would be perfect but a couple of hours would suffice.
  71. Of course, two weeks do not suffice for a conclusive opinion of the country.
  72. Suffice to say that I do my work through the Internet, so I’m free to travel.
  73. He says there are many other reasons for cancer but these will suffice for now.
  74. Let it suffice to say that anything you desire shall become readily affordable.
  75. He figured if he had to sacrifice one thing, a stroll in the sun would suffice.
  76. I’ll show you EXACLY how to produce the ebook later, but let’s just suffice.
  77. A half-ass propaganda ministry could always cook up something that would suffice.
  78. It was like a fourth-dimension manifestation; no other explanation could suffice.
  79. You will say that I might have handed in my resignation, but that does not suffice.
  80. He was a short and frail man so two large black plastic rubbish bags should suffice.
  81. Suffice it that the captain and his crew paid the full penalty of their many crimes.
  82. The list could go on and on, but suffice it to say that there are sufficient grounds.
  83. It was the best he could come up with in such a short time and would have to suffice.
  84. He could’ve spent hours under the water, but for now, the quick shower would suffice.
  85. Suffice it to say, Venkat interrupted, it would be very difficult and dangerous.
  86. Suffice it to say that my wife and I have had a great year being in cash for most of 2008.
  87. As this gaze did not suffice, he tried to thrust it aside; he shook it, it resisted solidly.
  88. I doubt that I’ll ever duplicate that recipe but here is a recipe that I hope will suffice.
  89. There weren’t many objects around that could suffice as a weapon but Arnold had found one.
  90. For a limited type of family tree, they’ll suffice, but part of the picture will be missing.
  91. Words wouldn’t suffice for this occasion, so I decided to leave you something more concrete.
  92. Suffice to say the information unraveled from those regressions is both comforting and profound.
  93. It would never suffice for her to leave off with a foggy and disturbingly vague official.
  94. Suffice to say, not all that I am recounting of here about my father and paternal grandfather is.
  95. Suffice it to say that the margin requirement will correlate loosely with the value of the option.
  96. Suffice to say here that by mid-2002 it had become a very visible and dominating investment crowd.
  97. If Tammany Hall could furnish New York, then Indiana, or Connecticut and New Jersey, would suffice.
  98. I should have just put a bullet in their heads and let God’s judgment suffice for revenge’s sake.
  99. Suffice to say, no one can suppress his conscience, at this stage, for everything will be transparent.
  100. Suffice it to say that the initial rush of words and images and facts eventually turned into a torrent.
  1. But the senses afford no sufficing revelation to the soul.
  2. The memory of the singing birds still fresh in her mind, Chrissie, wasn’t tempted to try the vegetables when they were served, sufficing herself with a little chicken and some bread.
  1. It sufficed for us two.
  2. A look at the girl sufficed.
  3. Neither of those times, however, sufficed.
  4. The first glance should have sufficed him.
  5. So far, that has always sufficed for me -.
  6. A few hours had sufficed to bring this about.
  7. Fainting would have sufficed at this immediate moment.
  8. This pallor sufficed but too thoroughly to trouble Jean.
  9. She said, Oh, for want of anything better, but it sufficed.
  10. These breaths sufficed to trouble and to touch all nature round.
  11. A routine arrest without all the trimmings would have sufficed.
  12. The cake sufficed for lunch and I stayed until the sun lost its heat.
  13. He worked and slept in a curious rhythm that nevertheless sufficed him.
  14. In short, it sufficed for him to have an apparition of Cosette every day.
  15. Five minutes had sufficed to make a complete transformation in his appearance.
  16. A few words sufficed for a mutual understanding between the two officers of the law.
  17. The Ciceronian period, which hardly sufficed for Verres, would be blunted on Caligula.
  18. In no case, probably, has time sufficed for the utmost possible amount of development.
  19. With one of the clamps of my bedstead; and this very tool has sufficed me to hollow out.
  20. A single mark on the block sufficed to say that the letter was to be opened in standard form.
  21. With any other star, it would have sufficed to simply cross them out with a red grease pencil.
  22. This simple man sufficed for Cosette's thought, the same as the wild garden sufficed for her eyes.
  23. He crossed swiftly over to the bed and a moment's examination sufficed to tell him that it was empty.
  24. He labored and toiled until he had amassed 250,000 francs; six years sufficed to achieve this object.
  25. Cosette, who was rather less dreamy than Marius, was gay, and that sufficed for Jean Valjean's happiness.
  26. But this unexpected, unhoped-for, unheard-of fortune sufficed you no longer when you once possessed it; you.
  27. In half an hour they were in Amalfi, which was more a city than a village, and sufficed as an elegant shopping mall.
  28. A glance out of the window sufficed to show him that he could see the back of the Montmartre and some of the houses.
  29. As three days in April suffice to cover certain trees with flowers, six months had sufficed to clothe her with beauty.
  30. The Temple lamps miraculously burned for seven nights on a supply of oil that should only have sufficed for one night.
  31. His sister was in receipt of a yearly income of five hundred francs, which sufficed for her personal wants at the vicarage.
  32. All the magnificence of these humble parishes combined would not have sufficed to clothe the chorister of a cathedral properly.
  33. He didn’t like not knowing where he stood with her, he’d rather face her anger than try to be sufficed with a little ‘Oh’.
  34. A hasty but searching glance sufficed to tell him that, though Uncas still remained where he had left him, David had not reappeared.
  35. Little things recall us to earth; the clock struck in the hall; that sufficed; I turned from moon and stars, opened a side-door, and went in.
  36. They certainly could have walked away from the danger if they had started well in advance of the storm – sometime in July would have sufficed.
  37. At all events, Blanche bought herself articles to the tune of eighty thousand francs, and the rest sufficed just to meet our expenses of living.
  38. Mason, he found, had a son and daughter; and he learned from him that he could and would give the latter a fortune of thirty thousand pounds: that sufficed.
  39. In order to realize his thought, the Emperor should have had porphyry, brass, iron, gold, marble; the old collection of planks, beams and plaster sufficed for God.
  40. He did not raise his to her often: a quick glance now and then sufficed; but it flashed back, each time more confidently, the undisguised delight he drank from hers.
  41. To the tender eye of a father or a lover, the first glance would have sufficed to reveal Valentine's condition; but to this hireling, Valentine only appeared to sleep.
  42. At this moment, and as though the utterance of Villefort's wish had sufficed to effect its accomplishment, a servant entered the room, and whispered a few words in his ear.
  43. The simple transliteration of these words by the translators of the revised editions of the Bible has not sufficed to appreciably clear up this confusion and misconception.
  44. As it turned out, it only took ten minutes to review the faces of the sworn, as a quick glance at each one sufficed for the spell, if they were concentrating intensely enough.
  45. I had not a very large wardrobe, though it was adequate to my wants; and the last day sufficed to pack my trunk,—the same I had brought with me eight years ago from Gateshead.
  46. His presence in Jerusalem at the feast of tabernacles, even in opposition to the advice of his followers, sufficed forever to put an end to all whisperings about fear and cowardice.
  47. This inequality of conditions sufficed to assure some advantage to Jean Valjean in that mysterious duel which was on the point of beginning between the two situations and the two men.
  48. I believe she was happy in her way: this routine sufficed for her; and nothing annoyed her so much as the occurrence of any incident which forced her to vary its clockwork regularity.
  49. Obviously, at some point of time in the growing process, the organic self-secretions would not have sufficed to sustain the overall plunamic health, not to speak of the qunamic growth.
  50. I bit my fingernails in nervous anxiety the way I always did when faced with a massive problem, and Adrinius and Zacchaeus wanting to rid the world of the few good vampires left sufficed.
  51. FTER many days, when time sufficed for the people to arrange their thoughts in reference to the foregoing scene, there was more than one account of what had been witnessed on the scaffold.
  52. A very few of them, in fact, passing, in constant sight of my pupils, without a fresh incident, sufficed to give to grievous fancies and even to odious memories a kind of brush of the sponge.
  53. And it sufficed for the government by means of bribes and rewards to keep these officials and this gentry in their power, in order that the masses might obediently do what was demanded of them.
  54. The pronunciation of a few words, the name, no doubt, which her husband had whispered in her ear, had sufficed to rouse this huge, somnolent woman, and from being repulsive she became terrible.
  55. He was somehow circumnavigating the point in question, never directly touching it, uttering generalities and giving cryptic hints, as if his annotations alone sufficed to make himself understood.
  56. His mouth was curled in a perpetual smile as though he were merely satisfied with being alive after witnessing such pain in the world and sufficed in giving a warm, consoling expression to his visage.
  57. Mason’s arrival? Why had the mere name of this unresisting individual—whom his word now sufficed to control like a child—fallen on him, a few hours since, as a thunderbolt might fall on an oak?
  58. From the time the law of Copernicus was discovered and proved, the mere recognition of the fact that it was not the sun but the earth that moves sufficed to destroy the whole cosmography of the ancients.
  59. From time to time, a hitch arose somewhere in the procession of vehicles; one or other of the two lateral files halted until the knot was disentangled; one carriage delayed sufficed to paralyze the whole line.
  60. Had it not been so, people would have gathered in one area and the living would have been impossible and unthinkable because the plant would have not fulfilled or sufficed the needs of the many of population.
  61. I had entreated him to keep quite clear of the house till everything was arranged: and, indeed, the bare idea of the commotion, at once sordid and trivial, going on within its walls sufficed to scare him to estrangement.
  62. Cosette sufficed for his happiness; the idea that he, perhaps, did not suffice for Cosette's happiness, that idea which had formerly been the cause of his fever and sleeplessness, did not even present itself to his mind.
  63. For I came to town still, like a friendly Indian, when the contents of the broad open fields were all piled up between the walls of the Walden road, and half an hour sufficed to obliterate the tracks of the last traveller.
  64. Independently of our not finding fossil remains of such infinitely numerous connecting links, it may be objected that time cannot have sufficed for so great an amount of organic change, all changes having been effected slowly.
  65. His vocabulary in Swahili over the time of the safari from Arusha sufficed for his commands and by the end of the journey to Dongobesh, Kokopoulos was able to understand what was being said about him by the men to whom he was a hero.
  66. Occasionally he came in, stirred the small fire which sufficed for the increasing mildness of the spring, and went out again; sometimes pausing at the front door, going on to the drawing-room, then returning again to the front door.
  67. Why was it more strongly fortified than any other post? And why were all efforts exhausted and six thousand men sacrificed to defend it till late at night on the twenty-fourth? A Cossack patrol would have sufficed to observe the enemy.
  68. Not even the convulsions of all the dimensions could break the iron Law of the Conservation of Energy, and Rjinswand's brief journey in the plane had sufficed to carry him several hundred miles horizontally and seven thousand feet vertically.
  69. The whole tragedy was due to the fact that this man came into our house at a time when an immense abyss had already been dug between us, that frightful tension of mutual hatred, in which the slightest motive sufficed to precipitate the crisis.
  70. Can we not see the changes which public opinion is now preparing? Twenty-five years ago it sufficed to destroy the snare which justified serfdom, and public opinion changed its attitude as to what is praiseworthy, and what is shameful, and life changed.
  71. At certain moments, all these beings of the past, returned and present, formed a circle around him, and overshadowed him; then he thought of Cosette, and recovered his serenity; but nothing less than this felicity could have sufficed to efface that catastrophe.
  72. In the famous contested election for President in this House, eight or nine years ago, he gave the vote of a State, which sufficed to decide the contest; and more especially so, if the blank votes of the State of Maryland could have rendered that vote doubtful.
  73. The ascension of Enoch, the promise of an everlasting inheritance, and of the eternal God Himself as a 'Reward’ to Abraham, even if they stood alone, sufficed to shatter the wretched system of the Sadducees, and to establish the hope of Eternal Life for the just.
  74. Then, a thinly veiled reference to his shuffling of data to keep hidden the propriety of certain loans won his complete, undivided attention and an overwhelming degree of cooperation which sufficed to wipe clean the trail of the checks and ignore any interest on the loan.
  75. Whatever we may think of the reasonableness of these explanations, they once sufficed for a believing Christian, as similar explanations satisfied a Jew or a Mohammedan, and men were not obliged to renounce all reason for living according to a law which they recognized as divine.
  76. In some cases compulsory habit alone has sufficed to produce inherited mental changes; in other cases compulsory habit has done nothing, and all has been the result of selection, pursued both methodically and unconsciously; but in most cases habit and selection have probably concurred.
  77. Instead of employing this diamond in attempting to bribe his jailers, who might only have taken it and then betrayed him to the governor, Dantes carefully preserved it, that in the event of his getting out of prison he might have wherewithal to live, for the sale of such a diamond would have quite sufficed to make his fortune.
  78. What!" he continued, "can I have been following a false path?—can the end which I proposed be a mistaken end?—can one hour have sufficed to prove to an architect that the work upon which he founded all his hopes was an impossible, if not a sacrilegious, undertaking? I cannot reconcile myself to this idea—it would madden me.
  79. Not an intermitting spring! Perhaps on that spring morning when Adam and Eve were driven out of Eden Walden Pond was already in existence, and even then breaking up in a gentle spring rain accompanied with mist and a southerly wind, and covered with myriads of ducks and geese, which had not heard of the fall, when still such pure lakes sufficed them.
  80. How far the labors of a dozen living men, all Frenchmen but two or three, may have sufficed during the past score of years to change the public mind in this matter, I am not ready to say; but, surely, it has not been the general thought that sculpture is anything more than an expensive and perfunctory way of doing one’s duty to a great occasion or a great man.
  81. Oh, do not place any reliance on that, madame; one drop of that elixir sufficed to recall life to a dying child, but three drops would have impelled the blood into his lungs in such a way as to have produced most violent palpitations; six would have suspended his respiration, and caused syncope more serious than that in which he was; ten would have destroyed him.
  82. Leonela, as he told her, stanched her lady's blood, which was no more than sufficed to support her deception; and washing the wound with a little wine she bound it up to the best of her skill, talking all the time she was tending her in a strain that, even if nothing else had been said before, would have been enough to assure Anselmo that he had in Camilla a model of purity.
  83. The appearance of this man had sufficed to suffuse with light that matter which had been so obscure but a moment previously, without any further explanation: the whole crowd, as by a sort of electric revelation, understood instantly and at a single glance the simple and magnificent history of a man who was delivering himself up so that another man might not be condemned in his stead.
  84. Without being in the least in the world what is called Voltairian or a philosopher, or incredulous, being, on the contrary, respectful by instinct, towards the established church, he knew it only as an august fragment of the social whole; order was his dogma, and sufficed for him; ever since he had attained to man's estate and the rank of a functionary, he had centred nearly all his religion in the police.
  85. He obtained it without much difficulty, for a large amount of painful experience had not sufficed to make Caleb Garth cautious about his own affairs, or distrustful of his fellow-men when they had not proved themselves untrustworthy; and he had the highest opinion of Fred, was sure the lad would turn out well—an open affectionate fellow, with a good bottom to his character—you might trust him for anything.
  86. Noirtier's hair was long and white, and flowed over his shoulders; while in his eyes, shaded by thick black lashes, was concentrated, as it often happens with an organ which is used to the exclusion of the others, all the activity, address, force, and intelligence which were formerly diffused over his whole body; and so although the movement of the arm, the sound of the voice, and the agility of the body, were wanting, the speaking eye sufficed for all.
  87. On the other hand, habit alone in some cases has sufficed; hardly any animal is more difficult to tame than the young of the wild rabbit; scarcely any animal is tamer than the young of the tame rabbit; but I can hardly suppose that domestic rabbits have often been selected for tameness alone; so that we must attribute at least the greater part of the inherited change from extreme wildness to extreme tameness, to habit and long-continued close confinement.
  88. As for fixed abode, he said he had no other than that which chance offered wherever night might overtake him; and his words ended in an outburst of weeping so bitter that we who listened to him must have been very stones had we not joined him in it, comparing what we saw of him the first time with what we saw now; for, as I said, he was a graceful and gracious youth, and in his courteous and polished language showed himself to be of good birth and courtly breeding, and rustics as we were that listened to him, even to our rusticity his gentle bearing sufficed to make it plain.
  89. The fiery Biscayan was the first to strike a blow, which was delivered with such force and fury that had not the sword turned in its course, that single stroke would have sufficed to put an end to the bitter struggle and to all the adventures of our knight; but that good fortune which reserved him for greater things, turned aside the sword of his adversary, so that although it smote him upon the left shoulder, it did him no more harm than to strip all that side of its armour, carrying away a great part of his helmet with half of his ear, all which with fearful ruin fell to the ground, leaving him in a sorry plight.
  90. So, he offered them from the money house (treasury) of Muslims a sustenance which sufficed them to support their life and made them live at ease, but according to the normal general case, when the Almighty God drove away the epidemic of plague, starvation and drought from the country, he became sure that the money-house (treasury) of the Islam states was enough to meet the life requirements of all the Muslims and non Muslims and sufficed them for a good level of life, therefore, according to this case, if a thief was arrested, the Muslim Judge would give him a sentence of cutting off his hand, applying and submitting to God’s order.
  91. One would approach at first warily through the shrub oaks, running over the snow-crust by fits and starts like a leaf blown by the wind, now a few paces this way, with wonderful speed and waste of energy, making inconceivable haste with his "trotters," as if it were for a wager, and now as many paces that way, but never getting on more than half a rod at a time; and then suddenly pausing with a ludicrous expression and a gratuitous somerset, as if all the eyes in the universe were eyed on him—for all the motions of a squirrel, even in the most solitary recesses of the forest, imply spectators as much as those of a dancing girl—wasting more time in delay and circumspection than would have sufficed to walk the whole distance—I never saw one walk—and then suddenly, before you could say Jack Robinson, he would be in the top of a young pitch pine, winding up his clock and chiding all imaginary spectators, soliloquizing and talking to all the universe at the same time—for no reason that I could ever detect, or he himself was aware of, I suspect.
  92. It was of no avail that the pavements of Paris were there on every side, the classic and splendid hotels of the Rue de Varennes a couple of paces away, the dome of the Invalides close at hand, the Chamber of Deputies not far off; the carriages of the Rue de Bourgogne and of the Rue SaintDominique rumbled luxuriously, in vain, in the vicinity, in vain did the yellow, brown, white, and red omnibuses cross each other's course at the neighboring cross-roads; the Rue Plumet was the desert; and the death of the former proprietors, the revolution which had passed over it, the crumbling away of ancient fortunes, absence, forgetfulness, forty years of abandonment and widowhood, had sufficed to restore to this privileged spot ferns, mulleins, hemlock, yarrow, tall weeds, great crimped plants, with large leaves of pale green cloth, lizards, beetles, uneasy and rapid insects; to cause to spring forth from the depths of the earth and to reappear between those four walls a certain indescribable and savage grandeur; and for nature, which disconcerts the petty arrangements of man, and which sheds herself always thoroughly where she diffuses herself at all, in the ant as well as in the eagle, to blossom out in a petty little Parisian garden with as much rude force and majesty as in a virgin forest of the New World.
  1. God suffices as Knower.
  2. God suffices as Witness.
  3. God suffices as Manager.
  4. Nothing suffices for love.
  5. Not the light suffices, nor the.
  6. To love, or to have loved,—this suffices.
  7. Strange to say, the infinite suffices them.
  8. Say, God suffices as witness between you and me.
  9. It suffices to renounce oneself and love will arise.
  10. It suffices that it be blessed by a priest and worn.
  11. To John—hopefully this suffices for that part of my life.
  12. It’s not nearly as good as Skyrim’s home brews, but it suffices.
  13. He suffices as the All-Informed Knower of the faults of His creatures.
  14. It suffices to say that I am not much different from anyone else you might meet.
  15. The spirit of each is sovereign, jest suffices to open the field to the unexpected.
  16. The thought suffices them, without investing itself in the flesh and blood of action.
  17. God, who is on high, looks down on what I am doing at this moment, and that suffices.
  18. Suffices to say that there’s been some violence nearby and he appeared shortly after it.
  19. These sudden congealments in the state of revery, which a single word suffices to evoke, do occur.
  20. It suffices to be conscious of the love, and moreover to rejoice in it—and there is an end to it.
  21. The will of man acting through the medium of the power of God suffices to overcome 'all that is in the world.
  22. Contact with an evil man sometimes suffices to corrupt a good action and to cause evil things to spring from it.
  23. The ordinary troupe suffices neither for event nor for men: among men geniuses are required, among events revolutions.
  24. Oh! how grand is liberty! And what a splendid transfiguration! Liberty suffices to transform the monastery into a republic.
  25. I’m not sure where the term, flat file originated, but why do we need the designation when the term sequential file suffices?
  26. As we have said, the great city resembles a piece of artillery; when it is loaded, it suffices for a spark to fall, and the shot is discharged.
  27. At recreation hours it suffices to have a ball roll aside, to send them all hither, in spite of prohibitions, to hunt and rummage for it all about here.
  28. Whenever there is something difficult, painful, then it suffices to remember this, and all this difficulty, this pain, will vanish and only the joyous will remain.
  29. New Testament, taken apart from the rest, suffices, if it he in any sense a divine book, to set before the reader the grand issues of human life, in words which naturally and forcibly express those issues.
  30. Not that it suffices to study the Principles of Geology, or to read special treatises by different observers on separate formations, and to mark how each author attempts to give an inadequate idea of the duration of each formation, or even of each stratum.
  31. The deliverance proceeds, in the first place, from the Christian's acknowledgment of the law of love, as revealed to him by his Teacher, which suffices to determine the relations of men, and according to which every act of violence seems superfluous and unlawful.
  32. There comes an hour when protestation no longer suffices; after philosophy, action is required; live force finishes what the idea has sketched out; Prometheus chained begins, Arostogeiton ends; the encyclopedia enlightens souls, the 10th of August electrifies them.
  33. But, in order to be superb, it is not necessary to wear, like Yvon, the ducal morion, to have in the fist, like Esplandian, a living flame, or, like Phyles, father of Polydamas, to have brought back from Ephyra a good suit of mail, a present from the king of men, Euphetes; it suffices to give one's life for a conviction or a loyalty.
  34. At this point it suffices to affirm that there is no scientific reason for declaring a priori that, in case of man's existence originally under the circumstances supposed, it is impossible that God should permit the possession of a serpent by some hostile Intelligence, or the employment of unfit organs to produce the effect of speech.
  35. It suffices that the bees should be enabled to stand at their proper relative distances from each other and from the walls of the last completed cells, and then, by striking imaginary spheres, they can build up a wall intermediate between two adjoining spheres; but, as far as I have seen, they never gnaw away and finish off the angles of a cell till a large part both of that cell and of the adjoining cells has been built.
  36. That chief answered and said My Lord I am not worthy that my roof should shade you; but it suffices that you speak a word and my lad shall be healed; And I also am a man in obedience to authority having under my hand soldiers and I say to this one Go and he goes; and to another Come and he comes; and to my servant that he do this and he does it; And when Jesus heard that he marvelled at him and turned and said to the multitude that were coming with him Truely I say to you I have not found in Israel the like of this faith.
  37. I have seen it, that suffices, this is civil war, and I shall take my leave!" Should he abandon his friends who were expecting him? Who were in need of him possibly! who were a mere handful against an army! Should he be untrue at once to his love, to country, to his word? Should he give to his cowardice the pretext of patriotism? But this was impossible, and if the phantom of his father was there in the gloom, and beheld him retreating, he would beat him on the loins with the flat of his sword, and shout to him: "March on, you poltroon!".
  38. This suffices to prove (1) that the radical meaning of these words is not endlessness, but a hidden duration, and (2) that the question whether they are to be taken in a limited or unlimited sense depends on the nature of the subject to which they are applied, Unless, therefore, the absolute eternity of misery can be established from extrinsic reasons, such as the immortality of the sinner, or from the nature of the doom threatened involving consciousness, the adjective of duration connected with the sinner’s punishment would not alone suffice to prove his endless misery.
  39. But now, when the masses for the most part can read and more or less know of whom their government is composed, and what nations surround them; when the men of the masses constantly move about with ease from one place to another, bringing to the masses information about what is going on in the world, a mere demand to carry out the commands of the government no longer suffices: it becomes necessary to obscure the true conceptions which the masses have concerning life, and to impress them with improper ideas concerning the conditions of their life and concerning the relation of other nations toward them.
  40. Thinkest thou that the Amarillises, the Phillises, the Sylvias, the Dianas, the Galateas, the Filidas, and all the rest of them, that the books, the ballads, the barber's shops, the theatres are full of, were really and truly ladies of flesh and blood, and mistresses of those that glorify and have glorified them? Nothing of the kind; they only invent them for the most part to furnish a subject for their verses, and that they may pass for lovers, or for men valiant enough to be so; and so it suffices me to think and believe that the good Aldonza Lorenzo is fair and virtuous; and as to her pedigree it is very little matter, for no one will examine into it for the purpose of conferring any order upon her, and I, for my part, reckon her the most exalted princess in the world.

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