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Tabby в предложении (на )

  1. The little girl pointed at Tabby.
  2. One's a gray tabby, the other's a Bengal.
  3. A skin of tabby lined his winter waistcoat.
  4. Greta smiled sadly down at the orange tabby.
  5. I had a TV and a little tiny tabby kitten.

  6. The male tabby was long-haired with brown and gray stripes.
  7. But they won't want two tree houses, complained Tabby.
  8. Tabby was quite a happy little tree, apart from one problem.
  9. A tabby cat suddenly leaped onto the table and began to talk.
  10. A wise tabby, a blinking sphinx, watched from her warm sill.
  11. Tabby grew into a fine, strong tree, with big, sturdy branches.
  12. After that morning, the gray tabby came regularly to my window.
  13. So year after year, Tabby tried her best to grow big and strong.
  14. Curled inside a tire was a fat orange tabby cat having a snooze.
  15. I live with a friend called Robin and a tabby cat called Timothy.

  16. Out came Stripe, the tabby kitty, and Sally Anna, the black kitty.
  17. His tabby tigress twitched her nose and almost seemed to prowl around her.
  18. I left work that day with my purse in one arm and a yellow tabby in the other.
  19. Even if he did, he’s too old to enter the training, said an orange tabby.
  20. Misha, the silent little tabby with the heart of a tigress, lived her life well.
  21. A tabby with beautiful coloring, she had hazel eyes rimmed with gold and medium-length hair.
  22. Once upon a bright warm spring day, a young sapling called Tabby was busy growing in a garden.
  23. Unlike her mother, my fourteen-year-old daughter, Jessica, had no apprehensions about the tabby.
  24. He wheeled his chair up to his computer, lifted an old tabby cat down from his desk, and put her on his lap.
  25. Soon Tabby had her very own tree house, and over the years, more and more grand children came and played in it.

  26. The orange tabby showed up on the front porch of our Montana farmhouse in mid-October, looking quite pregnant.
  27. At this moment a second cat -- Hazel's tabby -- came round the further end of the farmhouse and made toward them.
  28. Hi there, I said to a tabby who’d brushed up against my leg before taking off to follow the other two cats.
  29. Tabby looked forward excitedly to when the grown-ups in the house would move the tree house across from Tindel to her.
  30. Half Pint even saved a much-loved tabby whose tearful elderly owner had brought her to the clinic to be put to sleep.
  31. Within minutes, a small, tortoiseshell tabby kitten nestled in my arms but I reminded myself I didn’t want or need a kitty.
  32. There was nothing particularly odd about the sitting room, except the giant framed picture of an obese ginger tabby which adorned the shrine altar.
  33. The cat, a tabby with white chest and paws, was at the further end of the little yard, walking slowly and deliberately along the side of a pile of logs.
  34. This scruffy, long-haired tabby enjoys sitting behind chairs or lying in the middle of the kitchen so he can hook your sock with his claws as you walk past.
  35. Hazel, whose talk with Fiver had ended by joining in himself, first as an attacker and then as the cat, staring and quivering for all the world like the Nuthanger tabby.
  36. And old Don Rodrigo’s toothless as a baby anyway, Fanny said, and fat and tame as an old tabby cat from having children climb all over him and feed him sweetmeats.
  37. The sun shone brightly when Feltus stepped off the train onto the spotless platform at the white tabby, slightly darkened with age over the many years it had been in service and since the last painting, in the train 358.
  38. Alfre, the Samoyed-retriever mix who’d come to us as an abandoned puppy with a shrunken tummy and bloody paws, formed a close bond with Autumn, and the two often napped together, the furry white dog curled around the full-figured tabby.
  39. The cat that he met as he reached the far end of the barn was not Hazel's tabby, but another; ginger, black and white (and therefore a female); one of those slim, trotting, quick-moving, tail-twitching cats that sit on farm windowsills in the rain or keep watch from the tops of sacks on sunny afternoons.
  40. There was also a piano, well littered with music, a sewing bag thrown down upon a cretonned window seat, and the generous fireplace was flanked by two huge baskets, one heaped with magazines, the other a perfectly round mound of yellow fur, which suddenly took form and life as a yellow tabby cat fastened hopeful topaz eyes upon them, blinked away a brief disappointment, and then yawned with ennui.

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