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Teardrop в предложении (на )

1. Then the teardrop fell.
2. Dropped and smashed on a teardrop.
3. Then I wipe a teardrop by my cheek.
5. It’s a stained glass teardrop kind of day.
6. Hydrogen pointed to a blue teardrop rolling.
7. Sodium saw in the teardrop on Buddha’s face? They.

8. Rays of sunlight were catching the diamond teardrop.
9. It opened its cerulean teardrop eyes a fraction wider.
10. The viscera that used to be a girl with a teardrop tattoo.
11. Brown water stains make teardrop shapes around the plug hole.
12. Her necklace had a purple teardrop pendant and matching earrings.
13. Then, an unwelcome teardrop streamed down her face, and Alex saw it.
14. The beatings from Ed had never produced as much as a salty teardrop from.
15. When he saw the teardrop splash silently into her lap his decision was made.
16. He raised my hand, turned so that the teardrop was visible against my pale skin.
17. A night shot of an endless column in the garden of Steichen and an immense marble teardrop.
18. It was a perfect teardrop shape with upward slanted brows and shimmering irises of burgundy.
19. Yochanan was a great man, and he will be sorely missed, thinks Yeshua, unable to repress a teardrop.
20. The neckline came to a point between her breasts, framing a large teardrop diamond on a gold chain.
21. Wiping off the one teardrop that had managed to break through her resolve, Nerissa regained her composure.
22. Ahmed is so moved at the thought that his lower lip begins to quiver and a teardrop trickles down his cheek.
23. I glanced at Keturah in anger and was arrested by the sight of the trail of a crystalline teardrop making its way down her smooth cheek.
24. She glared at me through her teardrop glasses that were at the tip of her long pointed nose and which looked as though they were about to fall off.
25. In the center of the ceiling hung an enormous gold and crystal chandelier, with five gradated layers of circular curtains made of teardrop crystals.
26. She burst out crying hysterically once more, throwing her arms around me hugging me, holding me with such force that I felt her body jerk with each and every sob and teardrop.
27. Between the scallops hung teardrop pearls from a third, thinner golden band shaped in five large scallops along the front of the crown, and at the crest of each scallop was a single large diamond.
28. Rays of sunlight were catching the diamond teardrop earrings of a stunningly beautiful young lady in the opposite stand and it was these bursts of pure radiance that were catching Terry’s attention.
29. She was unguarded, she engaged in conversation with grace and laughter that exploded like fireworks, and her beauty was more radiant under the enormous teardrop chandeliers: once again, Alice had gone through the looking glass.

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