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    1. It was only good-natured teasing this time

    2. newly beloved husband, teasing him in her withdrawal from physical contact

    3. Tahlmute and doostEr pretended to fall for it just to be polite until some of the local's started teasing them

    4. teasing without touching across wires,

    5. teasing without touching across stair rods,

    6. ’ He said with a gently teasing smile

    7. 'Nothing, our aunt once called her that, and I keep teasing her on it,' Ish said

    8. But he laughs and says that he’s only teasing me

    9. Most of the girls seemed to be saying they were familiar with most of these moves and there was a lot of easy laughter and teasing but no tense squealing

    10. There was teasing from nearby tables and occasional shrieks from anywhere in the room

    11. His lips were on her nipples, his fingers teasing slowly inside her while she did that

    12. “So, you think they're teasing us, this, whoever they are that's behind all this?”

    13. Even though she had done things Desa considered many times more degrading than admitting a mistake, Valla thought differently, maybe it was because she had grown up too fast out in that pass? If Desa could avoid teasing and prodding, Valla was going to come around

    14. "Teasing is that what you call it

    15. Barry Luck had been teasing a patron new to the area about his orange hair

    16. Once upon a time there was a wicked sprite; indeed he was the most teasing of all sprites

    17. smile at their teasing remarks as they called me ‘Jeejaji’

    18. Throughout the drive Liam continued to bait me with his remarks, which bothered me until I realized that his teasing was flirting

    19. The teasing of girls, the

    20. Shreya fighting with him for that teasing remark

    21. She laughs and hooks her arm through his as they continue walking while teasing each other

    22. Decide whether you are committed to this relationship or whether you first want to bed a few more of the willing young sluts out there!” With those words she jumped up and stomped out in a huff and a puff, a whiff of her sweet perfume teasing his nostrils

    23. Escort girls from the Godly Succubi roamed the halls of the factory, pleasing and teasing whatever man they came across

    24. To dream that you are teasing another person indicates that you are having a problem accepting an aspect of your own character as represented by the person being teased

    25. Philemon is merely teasing

    26. Carius shook his head, trying his best not to appear too flustered at the teasing

    27. The earlier thought teasing him had finally crystallized in his mind

    28. " I smiled at the teasing look Walt gave me, watching his fuzzy eyebrows wiggle

    29. His thumbs dipped below her waistline, teasing

    30. ” He said, with his teasing grin

    31. ” His voice was stern, but he grinned, which convinced me he loved the teasing

    32. Even with teasing, he refused to say anything until we ate and Jesus was in bed

    33. Leah took all the flirting and teasing in stride, driving the boys crazy, Mother told me

    34. ” He loosened his arms as our children started teasing him for hugging their mother

    35. He could see that she was teasing him

    36. He pulled her into the water, teasing and playing as

    37. "Danny, will you stop teasing the

    38. “Of course, I was only teasing, Jean Fairsythe

    39. He was teasing, of course

    40. “Herb, can I call you Herb? After all, we go back what, 5 years? All those times I busted your balls for being incompetent? How you never seemed to actually solve anything but somehow managed to take the credit for everything? The way I treated you with such disrespect every time I ran into you? The practical jokes, teasing you about your social ineptness, I know I’ve been an asshole to you and I’m sorry

    41. The pair fought to control the boat as it keeled over until one gunwale was teasing the water

    42. brother, with his twinkling eyes, his drolleries, his teasing; of

    43. ‘This too shall pass,’ Evelyn said as we walked to our cars to head out for the day, holding onto our skirts as a gust of wind circled the parking lot, teasing our garments willingly

    44. How would you like to learn the ropes in the layout and design section? I know you have your degree in journalism and all that but I figured you won’t get lost in the streets anymore,’ he paused with a teasing smirk on his face, ‘and you might find it interesting

    45. How can it be happening? Maybe he’s just teasing me?

    46. ” Frank gave William a teasing glance as if to indicate he would hold back the knowledge William was so anxious to learn

    47. three hours ago” in his teasing mood then head to a cabinet and

    48. dreadful teasing of this incident for the whole year

    49. A teasing orgasm that rippled heat through me, not nearly enough, leaving my senses burning in its wake and promising more to come

    50. His eyes narrowed with the realization that I was teasing

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