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Technicians в предложении (на )

  1. The technicians exchanged weary looks.
  2. Many of the technicians were in their.
  3. Doctors and technicians flooded inside.
  4. Technicians from the ships who had been.
  5. The mortuary is manned by two technicians.

  6. The sound technicians had started laughing.
  7. LAN technicians are often tinkerers by trade.
  8. The technicians turned some keys and the back.
  9. Before I knew it the ambulance technicians were.
  10. Next, the technicians tested a detonating trigger.
  11. Of course, Shen knew, the technicians probably did.
  12. My technicians have refueled and refitted your ship.
  13. The NASA technicians meet and shake hands with their.
  14. Our technicians do not think your ship is safe to fly.
  15. Whilst technicians could use the latest equipment and.

  16. The most common signal technicians look for is reversal.
  17. There are only a handful of scientists and technicians.
  18. The technicians are busy with other things and they go.
  19. A short while later the emergency technicians arrived at.
  20. Only then did the technicians turn around to stare at me.
  21. White-suited technicians were swarming over the corridor.
  22. Your other technicians can wait here and film our takeoff.
  23. The NASA technicians are still dressed in their 1960's look.
  24. Hopefully, there’ll be a couple of brave technicians who.
  25. My technicians examined the machine for hours, he said.

  26. I told the ambulance technicians that I had to stay in till.
  27. Technicians are especially interested in spotting reversals.
  28. Kurt looked like one of the technicians with his girlfriend.
  29. Magics technicians installed their thinking machines in his.
  30. The coyote and human flight station technicians are calm and.
  31. They are astonished upon seeing the coyote member technicians.
  32. The technicians think I’m inside the game space, nothing more.
  33. I should have asked Boom for a couple of good radio technicians.
  34. Al Wong knows, Butterfield repeated, and his technicians.
  35. The technicians panicked and started firing their pistols wildly.
  36. He had his lab technicians carbon date both the scrolls and the ink.
  37. Egyptian TV technicians all yelling at me at the top of their voices.
  38. The leader told his men to release the captain, technicians and Max.
  39. Since then the technicians were able to make a complete power hook up.
  40. Jesse Brinkman asked one of the technicians to hook up the phone plug.
  41. Video technicians at SBS, some of the best in the world I.
  42. Once the Nuclear power plant was on line the technicians from the ships.
  43. Heim’s body was rolled to one side of the pit by a pair of technicians.
  44. He left the technicians and their fiery insanity and entered the elevator.
  45. One of the technicians suddenly appeared, carrying some kind key fob device.
  46. Before Simla could reply, one of Elfi’s technicians ran up, her face ashen.
  47. Elfi had already set up a lab with her best technicians for the task at hand.
  48. Several of the most skilled computer technicians in the force and three I.
  49. First, I will go give my recordings to our team of analysts and technicians.
  50. My kindred are superb technicians and will convey us to the city with care.
  51. One of the computer technicians approached the robots with a device in her hands.
  52. Boyd smiled with satisfaction as he observed the technicians working on the XC-10.
  53. Every hour, he entered Ash’s chamber, and the technicians ended her nightmares.
  54. Two technicians in bulky protective suits met Mona and Nancy as they stepped out.
  55. If the equipment was technically-based, the scientists would serve as technicians.
  56. My technicians are presently busy building a secret production line for that agent.
  57. The Soviet killer satellite technicians tried once again to fire at War Club, this.
  58. The lab technicians analyzed the small gray clay material found in Santiago‘s sink.
  59. He could hear the usual sounds of computers, printers and technicians rushing around.
  60. One of the robot technicians even thinks the CKF might be a big hit at the local bars.
  61. Three weeks after the impact, the communications technicians on the ship, who were as.
  62. Looking down below, he watched with Ortega as technicians, dressed in full sanitation.
  63. The two technicians took a short break before preparing the second casing for its deadly.
  64. Within minutes, the technicians of the facility were being smoothly escorted to the main.
  65. University of North Carolina technicians cut the toes off mice with scissors as means of.
  66. My present yes-men, my factory and foundry foremen and technicians, the good and the bad.
  67. The technicians shook their heads and Grane got out her mobile and called Kraft again.
  68. Over the next few days’, Grimes organised teams of surveyors, engineers and technicians.
  69. Deep space probes were continuous with two technicians always on duty monitoring activity.
  70. It's sort of known that on the whole inventors, technicians and engineers don't make good.
  71. The technicians say that the new batch of ships look to be on schedule, Rush reported.
  72. Two technicians who had helped fit the replacement hull devices, volunteered to go with her.
  73. Technicians look for confirmation, but a danger in this is that divergence may be overlooked.
  74. Their technicians maintain the entire system and you never have to worry if it has problems.
  75. Without the aid of backstage technicians, they delivered a moving and expressive performance.
  76. We had no idea that the technicians would send you an empty machine with only basic firmware.
  77. They’re in the cargo you brought, and the technicians to assemble them are still up there.
  78. The lab technicians had been all over the place; surfaces were smeared and sticky and smudged.
  79. Ingrid glanced at the XC-10, around which a small army of technicians were working frantically.
  80. Many experienced technicians track price movement by the minute or hour rather than by the day.
  81. His main duties were to tidy and secure the premises when the technicians had left for the day.
  82. They lobbied the State legislature to order the technicians to work for what they wanted to pay.
  83. Colonel Harlingen checked with his sensor technicians who verified the existence of the column.
  84. Trent queried the technicians, with one hand on GeeBee’s shoulder, unconsciously squeezing hard.
  85. The forensic technicians and investigators from the Violent Crimes Division arrived only at 3.
  86. Poll-takers do it to help their clients win elections, while technicians do it for financial gain.
  87. Rather than just saying, We’ve been in business since 1928, we have 25 technicians available.
  88. These included pilots, navigators, electronic and computer technicians, cooks, laborers, and others.
  89. That total includes the field agents, the aircrews, ground crews, technicians and the support staff.
  90. Your technicians will have to lodge in communal dormitories, like the rest of our enlisted personnel.
  91. Electricians and technicians scurried around with plans, monitor screens and various, other equipment.
  92. This, Elfi announced as two technicians wheeled in what appeared to be an ancient suit of armour.
  93. Twelve minutes later two technicians were busy cutting between the crack of the door and the doorframe.
  94. There were technicians, engineers who would know how to patch in with this equipment without hesitation.
  95. Sweeny was left speechless for a moment, while the jaws of the technicians in the room dropped wide open.
  96. These technicians were called Angels, because they were always watching over your shoulder and advising.
  97. Male and female technicians face each other, making sure that none of either side gets to see the other.
  98. As they hammered through the song, Danny saw the sound technicians wincing out of the corner of his eye.
  99. They treated the whole population the way technicians are in Paradis, 'This is what God meant all along.
  100. While some technicians have limited success with this, Petainen thinks it can lead to portfolio disaster.

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