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    1. Livingson, I have just been impressing upon Grundy and Mackie, that in my five years of tenure here, nor I might add, after counsel with Mr

    2. his tenure here at Collingston

    3. He knew, from his tenure at Malvern, I was an excellent marksman with the bow and deadly with a sword

    4. It is probable that it was partly upon account of this advantage, and partly upon account of the encroachments which the sovereigns, always jealous of the great lords, gradually encouraged their villains to make upon their authority, and which seem, at least, to have been such as rendered this species of servitude altogether inconvenient, that tenure in villanage gradually wore out through the greater part of Europe

    5. In the other English colonies, indeed, the right of primogeniture takes place, as in the law of England: But in all the English colonies, the tenure of the lands, which are all held by free soccage, facilitates alienation ; and the grantee of an extensive tract of land generally finds it for his interest to alienate, as fast as he can, the greater part of it, reserving only a small quit-rent

    6. But, in the French colonies, if any part of an estate, held by the noble tenure of chivalry and homage, is alienated, it is, for a limited time, subject to the right of redemption, either by the heir of the superior, or by the heir of the family; and all the largest estates of the country are held by such noble tenures, which necessarily embarrass alienation

    7. precarious tenure, and were liable to be turned out upon every slight disobligation either of the sovereign or of his ministers, it would perhaps be impossible for them to maintain their authority with the people, who would then consider them as mercenary dependents upon the court, in the sincerity of whose instructions they could no longer have any confidence

    8. Lands held by a noble tenure, at thirty-eight and one-third per cent

    9. Lands held by a base tenure, at thirty-five and one-third per cent

    10. In Silesia, lands held by a noble tenure are taxed three per cent

    11. higher than those held by a base tenure

    12. altogether upon the lands held by a base tenure

    13. Some of them acquired the property of landed estates, which they held by some base or ignoble tenure, sometimes under the king, and sometimes under some other great lord, like the ancient copy-holders of England

    14. In some countries, this tax was confined to the lands which were held in property by an ignoble tenure ; and, in this case, the taille was said to be real

    15. The land tax established by the late king of Sardinia, and the taille in the provinces of Languedoc, Provence, Dauphine, and Britanny ; in the generality of Montauban, and in the elections of Agen and Condom, as well as in some other districts of France; are taxes upon lands held in property by an ignoble tenure

    16. In other countries, the tax was laid upon the supposed profits of all those who held, in farm or lease, lands belonging to other people, whatever might be the tenure by which the proprietor held them ; and in this case, the taille was said to be personal

    17. " Any investigation of today"s American so-called institutions of higher learning and the influence welded therein by ex 60"s radicals protected by tenure and teaching, if anything, how to hate America, would seem to vindicate him

    18. Although, his tenure was rather short, his reputation, his impact and his legend lives on forever

    19. A number of (politically) prominent individuals have achieved historical repute for their providential and skillful management of exceptional events that defined their tenure in (public) office notwithstanding the reluctance of some who were neither willing or able to meet the extraordinary challenges that confronted them; provoked to action, however, by the enlightened examples of others before taking formal or appropriate action in response to such events

    20. Congress passed the Tenure of Office Act

    21. I was, I guess, mostly just taking advantage of the system…of tenure

    22. i would be judged for the shortness of my tenure within the church

    23. He prized and supported them and during his decade-long tenure, the college grew to five hundred students, as the scope of course offerings expanded

    24. He was jailed during the brief tenure of the Bear State Republic

    25. During his tenure, order and progress were emphasized, sometimes over personal liberty, and one of his slogans was, “Bread, or the club

    26. She was OK with the idea that his tenure with Duffy Investigations would end with the conclusion of the case

    27. Their combined tenure of more

    28. And, as Teachout observes, in the universities they have both tenure and patience

    29. After the Democratic sweep in 2008 Pelosi, as Speaker of the House, has sought from the beginning of her tenure to impose her radical “San Francisco values

    30. He was very proud of the association’s accomplishments, for not only did it increase from 16 teams to 62 teams within two years of his tenure as an officer but it became the most influential youth sports organization in the community

    31. ’s Administration building during our tenure

    32. This conferred tremendous power on the three elected commissioners, none of whom was a lawyer during my tenure, making the assigned assistant AG’s duties doubly onerous as both the legal advisor to the Commission on disputed points of law as well as an active participant in essentially tripartite hearings where the staff, usually the Tariff & Rates division, who were civil servants, put in an alternative case to that advanced by the carriers and shippers, respectively

    33. The Commission also was split with two Republicans, including the chairman who made no secret that he was running for governor (against my ultimate boss, the sitting Attorney General), and one Democrat, who had the longest tenure by far, but was mostly deaf and blind, hence his nickname, Mister Magoo

    34. Then I went the rest of my tenure ending April 1974 without ANY step raises

    35. Towards the end of my tenure, after the airport runway conversation with Garfield in Kingman, Frank set up a lunch meeting at a Mexican restaurant on far South Central Avenue where Nelson lived

    36. Another interesting twist of fate, of which the Navy was ignorant when they recruited me, and for most of my tenure, was that I had been interviewed by telephone by Ingalls’ GC, George Washington Howell, before the Navy hired me—then on its third try, assigned me to Pascagoula

    37. and c) Dave James’ quitting two months into my tenure

    38. I had to have been between 32 and 36 (from 1975-79) during my MS tenure

    39. Late in my tenure, Mike had me working with his lawyer buddy in Sacramento and a big Missoula law firm on $15m and $4m bankruptcies of Asarco (EI’s absolute largest customer anywhere) in Tacoma, WA, and East Helena, respectively

    40. Later during my brief tenure, he also took two or three weeks off to perform AF reserve duty at Colorado Springs in order to be promoted to Major

    41. For that reason, during my short tenure, DCAA Phoenix opened a branch office in Albuquerque, still 225 miles north along I-25, and no one had visited since that office opened

    42. Significantly, during my entire three-month tenure at PSL, despite my having hand carried numerous documents to the offices of Hottman and Hansen in order to secure their signatures on “routing sheets,” neither of them ever took even a few minutes to speak with me notwithstanding their secretary’s apprising me that both were in and did not have anyone in their offices behind closed, solid doors

    43. Fournier developed what was suspected to be colon cancer and was absent most of my tenure into mid-March

    44. Asked if he was able to fully exploit his experience and imagination during his tenure on Terrace Hill, where Park maintains corporate offices, Fink flatly replied “No

    45. Questioned on how he could possibly make the many necessary contacts needed at the many agencies in New York, his reply was, “You can’t expect to influence their buying decision, anyway, so why waste the time and money?” During his tenure, tobacco advertisers voluntarily removed themselves from TV, creating a huge influx of tobacco advertising into outdoor

    46. My father became a trustee of NC State in 1977, and during his tenure until 1985 worked closely with the governor’s Commission on Literacy

    47. As a reserve officer who coveted a regular commission that would assure him tenure beyond 20 years and probably a shot at full colonel, he knew doing a good job as CO would almost assure those goals

    48. property will actually improve during their tenure whether they

    49. I first met her there, when I had a professor's tenure at the Universite D' Auvergne in World History

    50. Frank is Assistant Professor of Historical Studies at Central Western Altgeld University, tenure track

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