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    1. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken

    2. him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken

    3. threefold guilt washed over him – the memory of the

    4. How can you not believe that you will not have all that back? Everything you give, Ainatstiella, come threefold again

    5. threefold increase in CO2 emissions, and has been rising since

    6. 12 And if one prevails against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken

    7. Karma may be broadly categorized under a threefold division: mental karma (created by the mind), verbal karma (created through speech), and bodily karma (created through physical actions)

    8. The four watchtowers shall lay their eyes and minds there shall be fear and guilt and bad blood there shall be submission and no pity I point the threefold law against thee against thee it shall be pointed

    9. threefold, a hundred fold is the cost for my anger and pain Thee shall be blinded by the fear

    10. a Trinity in man, his Spirit, his Intuition and his Intelligence; which represent the threefold qualities of will, wisdom and activity

    11. O God, save us from the threefold ruin of hell -- lust, wrath, and avarice! O soul, gird yourself for the spirit struggle of immortality! When the end of mortal life comes, hesitate not to forsake this body for a more fit and beautiful form and to awake in the realms of the Supreme and Immortal, where there is no fear, sorrow, hunger, thirst, or death

    12. 2 In the days of John and Jesus the more learned Jews had developed an idea of the coming Messiah as the perfected and representative Israelite, combining in himself as the "servant of the Lord" the threefold office of prophet, priest, and king

    13. The upshot was that membership to the Southern Star increased threefold

    14. These inhuman and shocking experiences which Jesus was called upon to endure in the final hours of his mortal life were not in any sense a part of the divine will of the Father, which his human nature had so triumphantly pledged to carry out at the time of the final surrender of man to God as signified in the threefold prayer which he indited in the garden while his weary apostles slept the sleep of physical exhaustion

    15. 11 Since the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth, man is subject to the teaching and guidance of a threefold spirit endowment: the spirit of the Father, the Thought Adjuster; the spirit of the Son, the Spirit of Truth; the spirit of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit

    16. His smug arrogance increased my rage threefold

    17. these threefold uses in the Bible

    18. The answer is threefold

    19. " The answer to this question is threefold, and demands the serious attention of all who hope that they are really sincere in their Christian profession

    20. Who can tell the comfort of this threefold wall of enclosure! Believers are enclosed by election, enclosed by washing and intercession, enclosed by calling and regeneration

    21. Great is the consolation of these threefold bands of love around us, the love of God the Father, the love of God the Son, the love of God the Holy Ghost! A threefold cord is not easily broken

    22. Does any reader suppose for a moment that all this was not needed? I believe that nothing short of this threefold enclosure could save the Lord's garden from utter ruin

    23. Custom becomes second nature, and its chains are threefold cords not easily broken

    24. I didn’t fancy an encounter with Wille, whose belligerence had probably multiplied threefold at Tem’s letter, or Hal, who knew something about where the letter had come from

    25. And a threefold cord is not easily broken

    26. First, he predicted in the Upanishads his threefold incarnation in the epoch of technics



    29. “The threefold types of penance undergone with utmost faith by

    30. knowledge, and the knower constitute the threefold inspiration to ac-

    31. tion, the doer, the agents, and the action itself are the threefold con-

    32. preceptor is again emphatically stated in Chapter 18: " Whereas the way of securing knowledge, the worthwhile knowledge, and the knower constitute the threefold inspiration to action, the doer, the agents, and the

    33. deed itself are the threefold constituents of action

    34. of whole milk) was associated with a greater than threefold increase in the risk of developing morning sickness

    35. threefold decrease in the incidence of vaginal yeast infections and a reduction in the

    36. onein which the threefold measure predominates

    37. The source of her venom was threefold: first, she was jittery as all get out, dreading her coming-out party; a second factor was her rough upbringing and hard life; and part stemmed from Smitty’s absence

    38. A threefold repetition of positions automatically results in a draw

    39. The favorite Pharisaic threefold partition of mankind into the good, the moderately righteous, and sinners is unsanctioned by the apostles of Christ, much more the quite modern classification, which regards humanity as a unit, with principles of good and evil acting in every man

    40. 31) “When the One becomes Two, the Threefold appears, and the Three are One; and it is our Thread, O Lanoo, the Heart of the Man-Plant called Saptaparna” (Stanza 7

    41. The Spirit is born in a Third Aspect, in the Soul – the Threefold appears, and the Three are One

    42. The main obstacles to the success of the analyst’s work are threefold, viz

    43. The threefold classification of enterprises—as railroads, public utilities, or industrials—was intended to reflect inherent differences in relative stability and consequently in the coverage to be required above bond interest requirements

    44. Investment in Common Stocks Based on Threefold Concept

    45. We thus see that investment in common stocks was formerly based upon the threefold concept of: (1) a suitable and established dividend return, (2) a stable and adequate earnings record, and (3) a satisfactory backing of tangible assets

    46. In the face of all this instability it was inevitable that the threefold basis of common-stock investment should prove totally inadequate

    47. As we see it, the difficulties attending this idea are threefold: First, although the general pattern of the market’s behavior may be properly anticipated, the specific buying and selling points may turn out to have been badly chosen, and the operator may miss his opportunity at one extreme or the other

    48. But behind this innocent statement lie complications of a threefold character

    49. Viewing the picture from another angle, we note that in the thirty years the actual investment in United States Steel Corporation was more than doubled and its productive capacity was increased threefold

    50. That move was a threefold move, and it is likely the stock should have built a longer, more constructive base of at least six weeks in order to properly digest the prior upside move

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