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    1. He thought it was tiresome and tried to cut through it when he could

    2. 'Anyway, what else is there? And please don't start off with your tiresome moral platitudes

    3. of this tiresome game

    4. “But she’s SO tiresome with that woo-woo,” Luray said

    5. How the soldiers of both sides tried to cajole the unwitting by way of clever and flattering appeal was both amusing and tiresome – and all too often successful if attempted by a particularly silver tongue

    6. It was a tiresome circular exercise

    7. Yes indeed! Away with everyday traffic jams, be gone tiresome railway waiting rooms and congested bus terminals, with DOCTOR GLORIA PLANKTON's new flying course it's Hello Blue Skies as you soar gracefully through the heavens like something that soars gracefully through the heavens quite a lot

    8. Social ―improprieties‖ (I am being generous) are oftentimes conveniently sidestepped or (casually) dismissed by ―social-minded‖ reformers who, eager for ―root‖ causes, worsen matters by making (implausible) excuses like ―social disease‖ or introducing psycho-babble into the equation rather than holding these tiresome individuals responsible for their actions

    9. It is getting rather tiresome

    10. individual for that matter, is expected to respond to the same old, nagging questions calling for a personal assessment of that athlete‘s or individual‘s recent performances oftentimes finds many of them taking the path of least resistance by providing pat answers to tiresome questions

    11. Their journey south had been as slow and tiresome as before, with frequent side-tracking and much rocking and jolting over hastily-repaired roadbeds

    12. He was certainly not handsome and he was a very tiresome, pompous sort of person

    13. ” It was true that the weather was rarely as warm as we liked (the winters lasted almost half the year), and all the rain and snow were growing tiresome, as were the disconcertingly long days around the summer solstice and the irritatingly short ones around the winter solstice

    14. One can find the collection of debts a tiresome bore at times” he said in a faux-posh accent

    15. Restaurants and hotels serve good food, but the scarcity in variety gets very tiresome

    16. And then, of course, they couldn't find the way to the wooden door! It was most tiresome

    17. I've enjoyed pulling your leg but the whole thing gets tiresome after awhile

    18. the tiresome process of cooking, eating and digesting food is not a neces-

    19. „Peter, don"t be tiresome

    20. another without a long and tiresome training

    21. And even farther beyond it, the usual routine (still tiresome), based on knowledge acquired; beyond it the need for new and more tiresome knowledge

    22. Helga wanted compliments, affection and attention and when Joseph failed to deliver any one of the three she became frustrated then bored with him; she found him tiresome and a workaholic whereas she loved to drink fine wine and party as often as she could

    23. "Yes, twenty tiresome years

    24. Life in the rural areas is not as tiresome as in the city and is not as fast-moving as in the city

    25. It was only when this tiresome procedure had been completed that he was escorted to his quarters, which consisted of a large and very comfortable apartment overlooking the great lake to the west

    26. Wearing glasses again for just the uninjured eye would have been tiresome

    27. He could actually understand the reaction of Ann Shelton to Erigène’s religious rants: while a true master of theology, the monk could indeed become tiresome at times

    28. “What happened?” “Pranjit was not at home when I reached,” I replied with tiresome tone

    29. After a long tiresome waiting, he came back and started the Maruti van

    30. He was glad to be relieved of a tiresome stomach ache

    31. Charles had spent the morning hours in tiresome board meetings

    32. She had rid her shoulders of the most tiresome burden that she had ever bore, and it was

    33. grew tiresome of her constant pleadings to excuse herself from the table and, as she remarked to

    34. This was becoming very tiresome

    35. With her son as King she’d enjoy the benefits of royalty without assuming its tiresome responsibilities

    36. They are, of course, unable to make anything of such efforts, but their actions are distracting to the handlers and tiresome in terms of resource utilization

    37. She scribbled on the card and handed it and the pen back to its owner, before turning back to reengage Sean, the shrug of her shoulders deeming the tiresome chore of giving her email complete

    38. You are going through one of those tiresome soul-sicknesses that periodically overtake the too comfortable, and you must, apparently, tell somebody about it

    39. Somehow I think it might work out my soul's release from self-reproach and doubts if I can help you, as far as one creature can help another, over some of the more tiresome places of life

    40. I couldn't argue with you on the spot and prove anything, because the only _esprit_ I have is that tiresome _esprit d'escalier_, so brilliant when it is too late, so constant in its habit of leaving its possessor in the dreadful condition--or is it a place?--called the lurch; but, poetry or not, I knew I must always love him

    41. And students, though they are deeply interesting, easily lead to tiresome complications if they admire you, and if they don't that isn't very nice either

    42. And really after six days there was no more crying, and for the last three she has been looking at life with something of the critical indifference that lifts one over so many tiresome bits of the road

    43. These tiresome eyes of mine have often made me angry

    44. I heard a rumour that he was ill, or away or something, so that you would have your long and _extremely_ tiresome journey positively for nothing

    45. You said she was her friend too, you know--" and he could only reflect that both his parents-in-laws were showing themselves, that day, in very tiresome lights

    46. And she fell to thinking of another of her adorers--she hadn't been able to endure him for long, this one, because the moment he left off talking love she couldn't understand a word he said,--who used obstinately to assert that the past is really as present as the present, and that if only she were to approach it from the proper angle she would find she was still doing everything she had ever done; still, she supposed the tiresome man would have insisted, holding those flowers, still, awful thought, eating those plovers' eggs, and poor Jim still going through the dismal process of all but dying

    47. Also, she had been very tiresome at the end, he remembered, his memory getting clearer every moment

    48. Though it was so many years ago, he could remember how tiresome she had been, holding him by her loveliness, once the first worship was over, while at the same time not taking the smallest trouble to be adequately intelligent

    49. There is surely nothing in the world so tiresome as being questioned, as I now was, on one's household arrangements and personal habits

    50. What had she been doing?--(the awful innocence of the question)--how perfectly miserably seedy she looked; poor little Ingeborg; was it really just that tiresome tooth?

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