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    touch on

    1. He did quite well, hitting the fears of the average pater familias but wasn’t a touch on Bunty

    2. Billy feels the lightness of the girl's touch on his arm

    3. Something needs to connect the two energy sources so they can touch one another and bring the needed balance

    4. ' A light touch on her shoulder

    5. Had Shelagh gone to bed? She felt a light touch on the back of her hand

    6. By means of an interpreter I talked with many of them freely on other topics; but one had only to touch on anything connected with fetish or sacrifice, and they instantly glanced round much disturbed

    7. "It is said that there is a place where the stars fall to earth, and here the trees reach out to touch one another

    8. He put a hand on my shoulder, and I could feel the unnatural strength of him through his arm even though his touch on me was light

    9. If I reach out, I can touch one,” I said in a matter-of-fact manner despite the sheer terror at the thought of touching something that wore flip-flops as if they were real shoes

    10. “Then we’ll touch on what Hartle is doing now, and then talk about strategies for the future

    11. He felt a touch on his arm

    12. If you touch one, you touch all

    13. She was roused from her unpleasant reverie by a timid little touch on her shoulder

    14. sprayed a little in the air as well as a touch on her clothes

    15. There came a touch on his arm

    16. Since I was a student in the journalism school, I decided it was appropriate to write it: Credo for a Journal If this journal can Bring to just one person, As well as to many, A single slender ray of The sharp, cleansing beam Of Wisdom, If it can help us here To pass on a small fragment Of Faith in the good, And the clean, And the pure, Or to touch one lonely, Unnoticed heart With a tiny crystal of Laughter, If it can represent Courage That holds up in the face of Pain and evil and death, Clean Moral defiance at Corruption and fraud, And the concealed Beauty of The tiniest things… If it can project one sharp, White, Thunder-bolt Of unprejudiced, clarifying Truth Into the world around us, Unblind one eye, Or unlock one heart, Anywhere, Then it has done its job

    17. A light touch on her arm and she glanced around to see the Lost One

    18. A touch on her arm, accompanied by an echo in her mind, drew her attention back to the present

    19. She felt a brief touch on her arm

    20. Impatiently, Simon brushed a hand over his eyes and felt Ralph’s brief touch on his arm

    21. The coolness of her touch on his skin

    22. course, for your Coming of Age we’ll only touch on the surface of

    23. So once again the greatest thing we could possibly know and understand is the nature of God’s love! Even so, we will touch on pretty much all of these foundational revelations at least a little bit in this chapter

    24. Now I know I mentioned this Scripture earlier as being to massive to go over right now, but I do want to touch on it just a little bit to help us understand the incredibleness of what Christ has already done for us to make us sons and daughters of God

    25. The truck handled well, responsive to a touch on the steering, the brakes and tires in good shape, the rear wheels sufficiently loaded by his tools and clothing

    26. If Ulysses remains in touch only with his bestiality,

    27. I was thinking I would like to try and touch on the subject of magic a bit

    28. Besides, we will touch on that later

    29. touch only if I think it's necessary

    30. resisted my touch only briefly then she took my hand

    31. ” I said as Terry smiled then reached out to touch one of my forepaws

    32. Gently David consoled his son and gave him a gentle touch on the back, letting him know that everything would be okay

    33. Sam wanted to reach out and touch one, but the hawk nipped at his hands

    34. Once his closest friend, Ee-ya-a, had gone to touch one of the dead moons, trying to prove his bravery more so than he was just being curious

    35. "You touch one hair on my child’s head, and I will see to it that you never see the light of day!" shouted Sam to Mr

    36. I had a couple stories I wanted to tell, a few stats and research studies I’d touch on, and a joke or two that would keep the audience entertained


    38. I closed my eyes and just felt his touch on me

    39. Raymond was almost like a son to Mr Clay which meant that he too could not touch one without the one being touched feeling that their life was being drained

    40. physically touch one another will be a sensual experience that

    41. “But you can read his touch on me,” he argued

    42. The casual budgie owner interested in breeding a few budgies probably has little interest in the details of avian genetics, so this section will touch on it only lightly

    43. The armed robbery was really just us squashing some up coming dealers in our area and I have already written about in a blog titled “The case and conviction that got me a 5yr sentence” so I wont touch on old ground

    44. We stay in touch on the phone though and coincidentally Dug and his girl had a baby shortly before my daughter was born so we are now both proud fathers of beautiful baby girls and life has changed for both of us

    45. Barry Martin may touch on this, it is his work that President Kennedy influences and is not outwardly available or recognized in mainstream press

    46. There are many definitions in religious texts that touch on this information

    47. “Touch one hair on either of their heads and you will experience the real meaning of pain! Are they… engaged?”

    48. This does not even touch on minor ones or those we don’t know about

    49. Now we are going to reveal a side of the Godly wisdom beyond banning the flesh of swine, and we shall touch on the most important side in the proper site later

    50. Herakles Sirtis was putting the final touch on his breakfast, a humongous sandwich made with two fried eggs, bacon, cheese slices and two sausage patties

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