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Toughened в предложении (на )

1. We toughened up the character of Donna.
2. His stern face had been toughened in his early.
3. Steel straightened her spine and toughened her emotions.
4. And his hands have become incredibly toughened from such work.
5. That wasn‘t so bad; I had toughened up enough to deal with him.
6. You’d be surprised how being single has toughened up this old woman.
7. As an Overseer, he had to defend his new masters and their toughened policies.

8. He was very wiry, and toughened himself by chasing after sheep and goats that would.
9. Then slaves would hang onto a rope, while vigorously jumping on these toughened grapes.
10. As a result, his feet had toughened up so much that he no longer felt any heat beneath them.
11. At length, the toughened sinews of the white man prevailed over the less practiced limbs of the native.
12. Its people are a hardy, war-like race, toughened by continual wars with the Picts, Zingarians and Cimmerians.
13. But old Benjamin Thompson was not to know Fred’s soft white stomach was more delicate than their toughened black stomachs.
14. Door limiters, made from toughened steel, are stronger than chains and can act as an additional bolt when the door is closed.
15. The Bamiyan sun had toughened his skin, and turned it several shades darker than I remembered, and he had lost a few of his front teeth.
16. Had he pulled the trigger the supersonic, Uranium tipped bullet would have passed straight through the toughened windscreen of the Sea King and hit the Prince in the centre of his chest.
17. Pounding maize corn was the most strenuous of these activities but, once Unica’s back had toughened up a little, she enjoyed working with Liloe at the rhythmic lifting and pounding in turn of her timber pestle into a large wooden mortar of corn.

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